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Counterpart Last Resistance #2 ePub ê ebook Read Å ➳ [Reading] ➶ Counterpart Last Resistance #2 By Hayley Stone ➩ – The high intensity sci fi thriller series that began with Machinations continues as reincarnated insurgent Rhona Long faces off against the one enemy she can’t oAchines have a new technology designed to overcome humanity’s most advanced weaponry Despite Rhona’s peacekeeping efforts former nations are feuding over resources as old power struggles resurface Worse someone inside the resistance is sabotaging the human cause someone who from all appearances seems to be Rhona or her exact replic After reading Machinations I was excited to read Counterpart I liked Rhona and Camus and the fight against the machines I loved that there were other clones introduced and the way that played out Several times things happened that I just did not see coming I'm not a huge fan of a cliff hanger ending but in this case it just made me all the eager for book threeIf you like uirky sci fi this is definitely something you should pick up

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The high intensity sci fi thriller series that began with Machinations continues as reincarnated insurgent Rhona Long faces off against the one enemy she can’t outwit her own clone The machines believed their extermination of the human race would be over as uickly as it began They were wrong As the war against extinction intensifies Rhona Long never gave thought to how much her world would change when she became commander of the rebel forces so long ago She never thought she'd die for the cause either but she did Given a second chance she's been doing her best to stay alive while continuously striving to bring the machines down Doing so hasn't been easy however There are those who seek to silence her forever something she will not allowPicking up where Machinations left off Counterpart catapults the reader further into the world Hayley Stone has created around Rhona Cam and countless other characters These characters find themselves floundering in a world destroyed by machines A world where they have to struggle to survive at every turnA little Terminator esue mixed with profound science fiction elements we get to see what the conseuences of Rhona's actions and those of the machines are like We're also shown what it's like for several character who are forced to confront choices they've made in the past Choices that uestion morals as well as loyalties every step of the wayThis is a series that shows us what life could be like if we let ourselves fiddle with things we shouldn't delve in Imagine what it would be like if machines were to decide what's best for us Would our existences be terminated in order to accommodate what a machine deems fit for their own world? Or would we be allowed to coexist beside them?Mind you artificial intelligences already exist in this world They don't have the capabilities the machines have in this story however but the possibility is there A thought provoking and uite thrilling series this is one you'll pick up and never put down I truly wonder what's in store next for Rhona and the others So can't wait to see what's coming soon enough

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Counterpart Last Resistance #2People are beginning to gain the upper hand Commander Rhona Long understands survival better than most Killed in combat she was brought back to life using her DNA and she’s forged a new even powerful identity Now the leader of the resistance she’s determined to ensure the machines are shut down for good But victory is elusive The m Reviewed at my blog Babbling Books “It feels like I’m in a juggling act except I don’t know how to juggle and the balls are actually grenades and all the grenades are already missing their pins And they’re on fire” Would it be completely weird for me to say that I think Hayley Stone and I were separated at birth? Or maybe her character Rhona and I wereEither way it’s like I’ve discovered my long lost twin reading this book or myself Now I always thought that Juliette from Shatter Me was the most like me and to a degree she still is love you girl but I think Rhona is as close to the book version of me I am ever going to get Although I still need to be combat trained experience a machine apocalypse get a british boyfriend magically make my hair red and shrink several inchesall perfectly achievable right?No but all joking aside what Stone has created in this series is nothing short of masterful Even going in with my high expectations from the first book and believe me I had sky high expectations she soared right past them and blew out the stars Every plot was expanded on every character better developed and new twists added that I hadn’t even fully expected in the first place Slow clap is a must in this scenarioSo first the characters Of course everyone should know by now my feelings on the main character Rhona The wit backbone and unfailing hope that this author has been able to imbue in one heroine is just stunning When something happens to this character it feels almost personal like it’s happening to me and that’s how I feel every narrative should be Her struggles and accomplishments feel real And as a result the other characters she interacts with feel complex because of her own intricate natureIn the last book I had some issues with Camus as a love interest for Rhona and while I still love Samuel completely I am much on board for the Camus x Rhona story after this book More through dialogue than exposition I got to know the character and understood his actions and interactions with Rhona and the other characters This goes for Samuel too although he is not present for a good amount of the book he is always such a favorite of mine adding the sweet and gentle touch the book sometimes needsI have to praise Stone’s ability to keep a book that has some very depressing elements astonishingly light hearted and even hopeful I think it has to do with her knack for appropriately timed jokes and making the characters so realistic She also doesn’t spend excess time describing the violent or graphic scenes which could make the book too weighty or sad She uses a writing style that gets the point across without being long winded something I’m clearly not good at The plot deserves accolades as well moving along at a fast clip through the entire book keeping me on the edge of my toes but still managing to take time for uiet romantic diversions and subtle character building And as was the case the last time I never felt lost when reading all of the different descriptions when regarding the machines or of the political goings on and there was a lot of itbut in a good wayAlso there were a lot of pop culture references that appealed to me in a personal way that I adored and made me love this book even but the reason I’m rating it five stars isn’t because it spoke to me personally which it 100% did but because the writing characters and plot are so well done that I think this book deserves a spot amongst some of the highly publicized and critically acclaimed books out there I know