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On Persephone's Island reader ✓ Hardcover ↠ eyltransferservices È ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ On Persephone's Island: A Sicilian Journal ❤ Author Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk An American woman residing in Sicily for the past twenty years portrays the SicilUrbanfrom the perspectives of both a foreigner and a reside I was going to Sicily and this book was recommended to me It far exceeded my expectations so much so that now that I have spent time in Sicily I want to reread it It is a well written account of an ex patriate's life abroad She is a very sensitive woman to all her surroundings

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An American woman residing in Sicily for the past twenty yea I bought this book because I plan to travel to Sicily next spring and am currently reading up on it so that I have as much understanding about this fascinating place as one can gain from an armchair and also to prepare me for the actual experience of going thereI was delighted to see that Mary Taylor Simeti had done a travelogue of Sicily because I remembered her charming tale of ueen Constance and her various travels around Italy that I read some years ago I was not disappointed in this book Simeti plans her book around a year starting with the old New Year that occurred November 1st with the Feast of the Dead and gradually working her way around the seasons so that the end of the book finished one year laterAlthough she spends much time discussing her garden and her various meanderings around the Sicilian countryside with her family this book is also a snapshot of life in Sicily during 1982 1983 I was a young woman then freshly married and her vivid prose enabled me to go back in time nearly thirty years ago to re remember events that I had completely gotten such as the Italian government's successful attempts to divert the lava flow of Mount Etna so that it did not go into populated areas They did this using dynamite But I loved this book because of Simeti's relentless uest for the shadow of Persephone and the Greek civilization that existed on Sicily so many years ago Highly recommended Four stars

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On Persephone's Island A Sicilian JournalRs portrays the Sicilian landscape and customsboth rural and The author paints a lovely portrait of what life is like for an American expatriate who is also wife and mother in SicilyEvery aspect of daily Sicilian life is recounted the feasts and celebrations the rural traditions the city routines Knowing Sicily well I knew all these depictions to be trueI did feel that the book went on a bit too long however and seemed at times considerably repetitive and a bit too langorous Yet the writing is beautiful and intelligent and the writer is enjoying painting her Sicilian life in all its detailWere it slightly concise it would be a perfect read