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Book ´ On Difficulties in the Church Fathers Ò maximos the confessor Ò ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ On Difficulties in the Church Fathers: The Ambigua, Volume II (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library) By Maximos the Confessor ⚣ – Maximos the Confessor 580 662 occupiesRe transformed in a synthesis of Aristotelian logic Platonic metaphysics Stoic psychology and the arithmetical philosophy of a revived Pythagoreanism The result is a labyrinthine map of the mind's journey to God that figured prominently in the Neoplatonic revival of the Komnenian Renaissance and the Hesychast Controversies of the Late Byzantine period This remarkable work has never before been available in a critically based edition or English translation HIGHLY RECOMMENDED This is AN ESSENTIAL INDISPENSABLE book for any student to und

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T is impossible to trace the subseuent history of Orthodox Christianity without knowledge of his work The Ambigua or Book of Difficulties is Maximos's greatest philosophical and doctrinal work in which his daring originality prodigious talent for speculative thinking and analytical acumen are on lavish display In the Ambigua a broad range of theological topics cosmology anthropology the philosophy of mind and language allegory asceticism and metaphysics a Buy it now in hardbound while its cheap This will be a reference text on the work

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On Difficulties in the Church Fathers The Ambigua Volume II Dumbarton Oaks Medieval LibraryMaximos the Confessor 580 662 occupies a uniue position in the history of Byzantine philosophy theology and spirituality His profound spiritual experiences and penetrating theological vision found complex and often astonishing expression in his unparalleled command of Greek philosophy making him one of the most challenging and original Christian thinkers of all time So thoroughly did his thought come to influence the Byzantine theological tradition that i This is the second of two volumes that are beautifully produced good uality trans