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Not Okay Epub µ 312 pages Download è Brett axel ´ ☉ Not Okay PDF / Epub ❤ Author Brett Axel – Alone scarred ill euipped sometimes brash Peter Wilson searches for healing from child sexual abuse and mental illness in the 1980's With the resources at his disposal inadeuate he tAlone scarred ill euipped sometimes brash Peter Wilson searches for healing from child sexu ‘I’m not OK Uncle Will was not OK The only reason I think the frozen lemonade girl is OK is because I don’t know her No one is actually OK’ Peter the articulate troubled narrator of Brett Axel’s novel Not Okay reconsiders and rejects popular 1970s self help advice while figuring out his own way to recover from child sexual abuse The strongest part of this title is his voice how he reasons everything out to himself in full sentences upfront about his trauma and his shortcomings He’s got the nonchalance of a survivor who knows he can’t be upset about what happened all the time if he’s going to function but who knows how to navigate systems to attempt to access the help he needs by letting on about some of his past at opportune moments The darkly humorous construct of this book is that the narrator who survives a truly horrific experience only has self help platitudes designed for people with smaller ‘regular’ problems for guidance That’s a valid critiue even today of some aspects of ‘wellness culture’ that haven’t caught up with the issues facing modern society I remember wondering after the police murder of George Floyd how as a white woman I could be ‘okay’ and ‘enough’ and ‘confident enough to not apologize for taking up space’ while simultaneously holding myself accountable to confront my role in violent and oppressive systems We see Peter evolve as a character as he figures out that women he dates and his female partner have minds and traumas of their own and how to have eual relationships In one memorable scene he realizes that if he can handle revenge he can most likely handle cleaning the apartment Later on he struggles with moral uestions of how to treat abusers who are genuinely sorry and with the unreliability of memory and his own fallibility The plot moves along uickly enough and I was surprised at times that characters who broke the law could escape detection for so long but then remembered that it was the 1980s before we had such advanced surveillance technologies The setting gave a good sense of NYCupstate NYNew Jersey in the 1980s showing our country and all its little uirks and imperfections such as the ‘F’ in ‘Freedom’ bursting after the rest of the word in a Fourth of July fireworks display We see the benefits and pitfalls of mental health care parking and driving in a big city first jobs and first loves and making your own sense in a world that offers little direction Overall a heartfelt and thought provoking read

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To the pop psychology self help book I'm OK You're OK wisecracks and a little bit of murde Excellent read Passing it on to a friend Would read again

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Not OkayAl abuse and mental illness in the 's With the resources at his disposal inadeuate he turns I was thankful to get a paperback advance review copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review Really a powerful book Funny dark and bitingly real Peter's is a fish taken out of water and then put back into water story It could be someone who went to school abroad and returned it could be someone who went to prison and returned it could be someone who went to sea and returned but no instead it is a story that as far as I know has never been told before Someone who was abducted and sexually abused who returns to society so altered that he doesn't even know how to find a placeHe smokes a little weed but he is hardly an addict he pilfers supplies from this therapy group but he's no hardened criminal He's kind of dorky kind of clueless about what is and isn't reasonable to do or say and shielded only by a uniue and slightly twisted sense of humorNormal people shy away from him but he makes a few friends from the fringe of humanity and they try to help him as best they can As much as he hopes he will find a socially acceptable role in the world there just isn't one for him Reluctantly he relents and becomes the undesirable person the world expects him to be Prepare to cry a little gasp a little and laugh a lot