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CHARACTERS ê New Blood Ï ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ New Blood ⚣ Author Gail Dayton – In 1636 the last blood sorceress was burned at the stake More than two hundred years later her blood servant Jax has found her successor Amanusa at first turns down the opportunity to learn what she p In the last blood sorceressIed zones populated with strange creatures cobbled together of things left behind by the deadNeeding each other for their very survival Amanusa and Jax grow ever closer on their journey to discover answers – about magic blood sorcery the dead zones and even love. A good start to I’m hoping a new seriesJax has been looking endlessly for the previous blood sorceress’s successor one who would unleash the knowledge Yvaine had stored in his mind the magic in his bodyAmanusa lost her family at a very young age was raped and beated repeatedly since and has lost a huge chunk of herself When Jax approaches she doesn’t believe him and sends him on his way for a woman in Romania is forbidden to perform any sort of magic Jax has to find a way to convince Amanusa that she is a blood sorceress and when she unknowingly uses the biggest of spells against the men who hurt her killing them she has no choice now but to flee to France with JaxBetween “dead zones” and having to dodge those would wish them dead arriving in France should be a means of safety But none of it ends there From performing magic to contain a “dead zone” from becoming bigger to being face to face with the one man above all others who want her dead Amanuza and Jax face their biggest threat and challenge yetI’d have to agree with newuser’s review to read her review see all reviews in GoodReads under this title The relationship between Jax and Amanusa builds slowly with Amanusa needing to learn how to trust a man Period Jax learns that Amanusa is in no way like Yvaine who treated him as most treated servants Amanusa treats him with kindness than he even believes he deservesWatching their relationship grow was I think the highest point in the book They learn about themselves as well as each other and it grows from trust grudgingly to love until both realize they can’t live without the other regardless of a blood bond What they feel is incredibly much deeper and both deserve to feel that way And Amanusa teeters on that fine line between justice and revengeI did find that the scene at the rebellion camp to be a bit much it lasted way too long and I feared that the entire book was going to play out there While I could understand that their journey through “dead zones” were played out to keep themselves alive I wished there was sexual tension between Amanusa and Jax especially on her part Knowing what had happened to her until Jax came along I wanted to see a bigger fight of her feeling towards Jax in that aspect not just her heart and mindAnd while I could understand that in the past women had a much bigger fight to being eual to men in all aspects and not just magic I thing her speach at the end was a little overdone I think the story would have been just as good with a shorter speechAnd the “dead zones” I really liked that twist How not just magic but life seems to be sucked away until there is nothing left except mechanical machines that want to destroy everything that crosses their path and that seem to be created by something other than man; no bolts nuts soldering are keeping them together They are seemless While all sorts of magicks and spells are worked to contain the zones it took Amanusa’s blood magic to combine them to make the containment spell workAll in all I enjoyed the story and I sure do hope that this is the beginning of a series I’d snag the second book just to see what else Amanusa learns of her magic and about the “dead zones” like who how and what created them Ms Dayton I look forward to reading from you

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In the last blood sorceress was burned at the stake More than two hundred years later her blood servant Jax has found her successor Amanusa at first turns down the opportunity to learn what she perceives as an evil art But she craves justice and innocent blood cri. New Blood is my first steampunk For those who don't know steampunk is fiction involving an alternate vision of the Industrial Age 1800s usually with technology or as in this case the paranormal Envision the 1800s if magic had been a fact of life That's New Blood perhaps the first steampunk romance I've seen With all that said New Blood is a solid read particularly if character development unraveling mysteries and action are a priority for you A good part of the novel involves Jax and Amanusa on a cross country journey to escape the villains and while I don't usually enjoy that particular device in literature too much these moments with only Jax and Amanusa were some of the best in the book for me The relationship built between these two is natural and uniue to them We don't find here a generic romance formula but a case of circumstance revealing two people's strengths and innermost weaknesses Naturally the atmosphere of mortal danger helps to deepen their relationship as they rely on each other to survive Even as Jax and Amanusa travel together these characters undergo a personal journey learning about themselves and their demons and growing as they go on I thought this was well written too Their progress didn't feel contrived; the development was steadily paced as well it should be at nearly 500 pages LOL It was also interesting to read about the other magicians that Jax and Amanusa meet like Harry Elinor and Grey I thought the care that the author took to develop even these secondary characters and their dilemmas was very well done and by the end I was ready to read about their adventures I'll look for them in a seuel ;As far as the overarching plot I felt that the first phase the bandit camp did not uite set the scene for the audience I wasn't sure of the setting or the history between the characters and this phase seemed a little aimless when I saw no indication from the characters that they would eventually move on dialogue thoughts etc I was afraid for a little while that Amanusa and Jax would stay there indefinitely For me this portion lagged a bit but the book picked up uickly after this point I did like the world building It was easy to imagine the sinister anti magic creatures and their danger I appreciated all the detail taken with the infrastructure of the magicians' society conclaves and councils trials and presiding officers and so on This gave the world substance and I definitely liked that the author did not forget the times in which the story is set including hints of scandal when a magician took a female apprentice the mode of dress and of course the very Victorian title of the magicians' conclave The International Magicians' Conclave of All Magic I believe it wasConsidering the setting I could understand Amanusa's struggle for female magicians but I did feel it became a bit tedious at the end when the heroine debated with the villains about women's rights I thought that was a little over the top I generally prefer any messages or themes I'm taking away from the story to be a little subtle I also felt that as a romance novel the book could perhaps use a little heat or sexual tension perhaps a few of those delightful moments with the finger licking goodness and Jax's hot eyes LOL ; Overall however I enjoyed New Blood It read a little like an action steampunk flick put to writing maybe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen except with much better character development and I'm looking forward to work from this author


New BloodEs out for justiceWhen Amanusa looses magic on those who’ve harmed her she must flee for her life across a devastated Europe with Jax who is inescapably bound to her by blood and magic Their journey takes them through zones where everything including magic has d. I am a fan of good paranormal romances New Blood by Gail Dayton goes on my favorites shelf Set in the 1800's where magic is common place New Blood follows Jax and Amanusa as they travel on a journey filled with danger and discovery New Blood is a great start to a new paranormal series