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Kdown including Medicare and Medicaid overcoming challenging behaviors the state survey process and muchWith limited Assisted Living The PDF #197 resources on the market today planning for Assisted Living can be overwhelming for those who are making difficult choices for their loved ones Get to know the industry standards and understand the difference between Assisted Living Independent Living Assisted Living The Transition into Ep. Excellent information on an important topic

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Navigating Assisted Living The Transition into Senior LivingUband Skilled Nursing Author and former Community Relations Director at a prestigious assisted living community Kristi Stalder offers solutions to almost any situation financial behavioral and emotional so you can make an educated decision that will be in your loved one’s best interest Non medical and simple this book provides the facts and resources necessary to create a flawless transition and support through the entire process. I am in my 4th year caring for my 2 elderly parents who BOTH have different dementias & I'm all they have my brother committed suicide and I'm 100% disabled wchronic pain fibromyalgia osteoarthritis tumors on my spine Complex PTSD chronic Depression ADDADHD & & am on my 2nd assisted living with BOTH parents I sure wish I had this book years ago I didn't understand assisted living & was just surviving 1 emergencyafter another working 90 hrs we k never eating & am so burned out now I can barely move & literally went through a HORRIFIC nightmare for the 1st 2 years with an assisted living that was beautiful on the outside but rotten on the inside lied didn't disclose things to me that would've helped me so much even tho' they knew I was disabled wwhat my drs classify as SEVERE disabilities & they could'vemade my life SO MUCH EASIER but it wasn't in ANY paperworkI was given nor did they tell me until right b4 I had 2 move my parents out when they separated them after 60 yrs of marriage in a very cruel way & they made my life a living Hell If I weren't so burned out I would gather all I documented I thankfully kept notes texts emails & took pictures documenting EVERYTHING & HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL CAREGIVERS & PoA's since you're LEGALLY LIABLE to document document document & have files for EVERYTHING & file complaints against them Thankfully my parents are now a small beautiful place who made it a point to bring mom & dad back together If you are looking towards a future placement of your loved 1 into assisted living PLEASE get ANY book you can This is the 1st one I've ever seen so I HAD to recommend it altho' I haven't read it If it saves you from going through even half of what I went thru you'll be blessed Assisted Living places are so used to doing their jobs every day some like the 1st one we used uncaring ones assume family knows all they do when 99% of us have NEVER done this before & are clueless as I was It's such an emotional time getting parents to leave the home they love you need information to make ANY part of this huge process easier Buy it You can't afford not to

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READ & DOWNLOAD Navigating Assisted Living: The Transition into Senior Living 108 ´ [PDF] ✅ Navigating Assisted Living: The Transition into Senior Living By Kristi Stalder – Designed as a practical guide through the complex world of senior living this book offers support aDesigned as a practical guide through Living The MOBI #241 the complex world of senior living this book offers support and guidance for families to collaborate leverage one another’s strengths and work toward this higher goal of making sure that their Navigating Assisted PDFEPUB or loved ones thrive Read about how to manage difficult conversations with your loved ones critical uestions to ask during a facility tour financial brea. I wish I had this book before I started looking for a place for my parents They are in an independent place but they have health issues and my dad needed skilled nursing and the subject of maybe having to put them into assisted living came up I took my dad to his appointments and wish that this book would have been a recommended read to help with the process of helping my parents out of the situation they were in My mom and I were at a loss as to how to maneuver the medicaid stuff and how it worked and that the process can be a long one We were lucky that my dad got recommended to a place that was pretty helpful but it would help the staff if this was a staple for us with older parents to read It would have save me and my mom a lot of stress if I would have had this book then