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Natasha's Dance A Cultural History of Russia Book ´ 729 pages Download å [PDF / Epub] ★ Natasha's Dance A Cultural History of Russia Author Orlando Figes – History on a grand scale an enchanting masterpiece that explores the making of one of the world's most vibrant civilFiges's characters range high and low the revered Tolstoy who left his deathbed to search for the Kingdom of God as well as the serf girl Praskovya who became Russian opera's first superstar and shocked society by becoming her owner's wife Like the European schooled countess Natasha performing an impromptu folk dance in Tolstoy's War and Peace the spirit of Russianness is revealed by Figes as rich and uplifting complex and contradictory a powerful force that unified a vast country and proved lasting than any Russian ruler or stat I've been reading this book on and off for years often re reading the same passages since if you study just about anything related to Russia you can use this book in a paper It's an awesome book and it should be obligatory reading in any Russian class I love the way in which it is written which shows immense skill and planning on behalf of Figes Authors or composers are not just presented in the manner birth life death but interwoven in a specific time frame Each chapter jumps back and forth between a number of highly important characters placing them in their cultural and historical setting with great insight This is the kind of book you can read just for fun It's very easy to read the language is not particularly academic or heavy and there are no boring parts It is however uite long ;

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History on a grand scale an enchanting A Cultural PDFEPUB #189 masterpiece that explores the making of one of the world's most vibrant civilizationsA People's Tragedy wrote Eric Hobsbawm did to help us understand the Russian Revolution than any other book I know Now in Natasha's Dance internationally renowned historian Orlando Figes does the Natasha's Dance Kindle same for Russian culture summoning the myriad elements that formed a nation and held it togetherBeginning in the eighteenth century with the building of St Petersburg This is the third time I have read this and have enjoyed it again tremendouslyExpectedly with each read I come out with a greater familiarity with the very complex formation of the Russian cultural body Both in details and in the overall thesis that of a duality in its conception and developmentThis last time I scribbled notes in the margins signalling sections to which I may come back as I visit the various writers musicians and painters singly later on

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Natasha's Dance A Cultural History of RussiaA window on the West and culminating with the challenges posed to Russian identity by the Soviet regime Figes examines how writers artists and musicians Dance A Cultural Kindle #180 grappled with the idea of Russia itself its character spiritual essence and destiny He skillfully interweaves the great works by Dostoevsky Stravinsky and Chagall with folk embroidery peasant songs religious icons and all the customs of daily life from food and drink to bathing habits to beliefs about the spirit world Dance A Cultural History of PDF As a schoolboy I wrote to Orlando Figes as part of the project to write my graduation paper It was 1998 and the uestions I asked did not make much sense but ask I did before getting on with writing my piece I had read the recently published 'A People's Tragedy' and Figes could do no wrong in my eyesOrlando Figes is an interesting writer and one who should take a lot of credit for his part in steering mass published Russian history away from the cover all texts of a decade ago including the aforementioned 'Tragedy' Natasha's Dance which has been followed by his recent work The Whisperers veers away from the 1861 1953 period on which so much has been written and opens up new lines of investigation to the amateur readerNatasha's Dance is a richly interwoven and interestingly ordered work that charts the cultural development of Russia down the ages Russian literature theatre and art in general are well known outside Eastern Europe but the underlying foundation from which this creativity has sprung is not Figes does a good job of pushing less conspicuous cultural trends to the fore examining their recent development in a clearly written and engaging wayMy only real criticism of Natasha's Dance is that the scope of the book is too ambitious Figes has done a great job of writing about Russian culture since Russia became Russia in the post Mongol world but that leaves the reader wondering where the origins of these cultural artistic and attitudinal movements lie There certainly has been be a boundary for a study as broad as this to make sense and stay focused and the boundary from which Figes works is a sensible one but it leaves important uestions unanswered and the reader or precisely me wanting a preuel to Natasha's Dance How did what is now Russia look culturally before the Mongol invasions How did Mongol occupation affect local culture and did that local culture affect Mongol traditions and art The subject that Figes addresses cannot fully be appreciated in isolation which is where I was left by Natasha's Dance Perhaps I am being a little hard on Figes given that within his defined scope ND is extremely good but then perhaps I have felt isolated since I waited all those weeks and months for some guidance on my graduation paper all those moons ago