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My Life as a Country AlbumLways together All My Life PDF Cam needs is him at her side Even when he drives her crazy flirting with the girls that chase after him like he's some boy band star she never wants to be without him It's like she isn't uite herself until somehow their day brings them next to each other againBut what happens when they grow up and it isn't just the three years that separates them that's sl “You’ve always been his than mine” Oh where do I begin with my review It's going to feel and probably read a lot like rambling because that's how my thought process is right now after just finishing My Life as a Country Album I kind of had that foreshadowed 'oh no' vibe almost from the beginning and usually I would have put the book down but these characters wouldn't let me It's a coming of age YA story about Cami and Jake and each chapter is linked to a Taylor Swift song that correlates to CJ's relationship throughout their lives as Cami is narrating Literally from birth these two are together and I just love their friendship it comes clear off the page and envelopes you Oh how I felt Cami's angst at wanting Jake three years older than her to want to see her as than his best friend to be the girl he was kissing God I was biting nails hoping that would happen They felt destined all along Their bond and connection is special on every level When he helped her out with her first period and my heart exploded with love Eventually you’d have to really look at me  You were just used to not looking at me  I was always around so it was just like your arm  You didn’t always notice it but it was still thereThis book was so beautifully written every detail laid out for me to see and feel to witness love and loss to go through that same heartache and I truly did I was submerged in all that teen angst Cami was experiencing and oh my heart broke alongside hers I found myself wanting to rush every page to get to the next to find out what happened It was so easy to resonate with this sweet girl as she told the life of her and Jake It had beautiful lines It was kind of nice knowing there were people out there willing to look after me when you were looking the other way  I guess if I really looked around there were a lot people than even him that were willing to bat at my side  Truth was I just never really wanted them there I wanted my side empty until you chose to show up Jake giving Cami the necklaceCami taking Jake to collegeOh my tears were epic Really I fugly cried so many timesI cried for a good 10% of the last end of the book And then I started to smile again I rarely give 5 stars I wish I could give this 10 for the sheer fact of emotions it made me feel For a split second I wished we'd had Jake's POV to see and feel what he thought about Cami but then I realized it wasn't needed we knew already he was devoted and he loved her as much as the reader assumed I guess I was just being greedy I loved the premise of it being Cami writing down their life together Sometimes a simple story of a boy and girl with a friendship that stems from birth locks into your soul and becomes one of those truly unforgettable reads♡I will hold Cami and Jake forever♡view spoilerAnd I'll put this little PS into a spoiler so as not to ruin it for anyone reading reviews I'm pretty stringent with what I want from a book I stick to a certain mental list One hero One heroine No other manwoman involved Always a HEA And I loathe dead spouses as a ghostly third wheel While My Life as a Country Album doesn't uite swim against my criteria it does have a dead love of Cami's life and it eventually involves another man And it's Blake I was probably the most surprised I've ever been while reading and still sobbing did I mention this book completely broke my spirit And I was so waiting for a paranormal twist to happen for either Jake wasn't really dead or we saw his ghost in an epilogue to discover I really truly loved Blake's surprise return and to realize that I wanted him to make Cami smile again The author did it so subtly swift and lovely without it feeling forced at all that I couldn't help but feel satisfied that this book was not going to have the traditional HEA I long for in my stories my heart was broken for Jake just as Cami's but I could accept this new man in her life and be happy for her So if the author is reading this you're uite brilliant for taking me out of my comfort zones and giving me a whole new perspective on what is considered a happily ever after so thank you a big thank you for that I will love Cami and Jake always But Super girl and Blake I hope they're eternally happy together as well And bravo to Blake for having that kind of spirit and strength knowing the relationship between CJ to then pursue this brand new one What a sweet guy hide spoiler

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IAN Young as a PDFEPUB #234 Adult Outstanding Book of the YearAll I know is that I love you I've loved you my whole life This is where I belong This is home Tomboy Cam belongs to football hero Jake After all he announced she was coming before Cam's mama even knew she was pregnant And now whether they're out at the lake listening to crickets or in the tree house counting stars they're a I feel like my heart is going to burstWhat a beautiful friends to lovers story but so much than that Be still my uivering heartI’m still not over this This is only the second memoir type story I’ve ever read Just a story about a boy named Jake and a girl named Cami That were three years apart with Jake being the oldest but had been in each other’s lives since Cami was born basically I loved how LJ took you through all their life’s stages I especially loved the jealous 10 14 ish year old Cami that watched as her best friend grew muscles a deep voice and attracted all the girls she couldn’t stand Of course no one was ever good enough for her Jake She had given her heart to him probably as young as she could remember even though as most guys are totally clueless and realities have to smack them in their nether regions I knew going into this book that it was going to be a sad story Jake had T 1 diabetes and LJ didn’t shy away from the reality of what it’s like for someone that has that I don’t want to give things away but she broke my heart in pieces but carefully provided the healing balm to soothe the pain at the end You just have to read this I will be thinking about Cami Jake for days to come“You kissed me reaching down to the depths of my heart where you’d forever claimed every last tile on the walls of my soul”Read this book

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EPUB ☆ MOBI My Life as a Country Album î ↠ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES × ➷ [Reading] ➹ My Life as a Country Album By L.J. Evans ➬ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk 2017 IAN Young Adult Outstanding Book of the YearAll I know is that I love you I've loved you my whole life This isOwly tearing at the fabric of themWhat Life as a MOBI #241 happens when it's the illness he hides that's threatening everythingWhat happens when he kisses her and leavesHow will Cam came ever find where she truly belongs Inspired by Taylor Swift songs comes the AWARD WINNING novel about aching love and loss and learning to live againThe first novel in an interconnected standalone series You've always been his than mineOmg this book tore my heart out and stomped on it but I loved it I absolutely loved it There's a reason Indie authors deserve attention and this book is the perfect example why I wouldn't have even heard of it if I didn't see it was free on my kindle We all know I'm not the biggest fan of using my ereader but something told me to download it and save it for laterI gave it a shot this weekend and stayed up WAY passed my bedtime for two nights reading it I would have read it in one sitting but I had to adult and play motherIt's romantic but in an innocent first love sort of way It is also very southern and sweet Each chapter is named after a Taylor Swift song but if you aren't a fan of hers no worries It didn't really affect the story whether or not I knew the songsMy Life As a Country Album is moving stirring my soul and leaving me in tears for the last 50 pages This book will stay with me for a long long time and I'm so glad I found itI can't wait for the seuel to arrive in the mail along with the physical copy of this book that I orderedyes I loved this story so much I bought the book because having it on my kindle wasn't enough 😘