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PDF ¿ BOOK Muslims in America Ò EDWARD E CURTIS IV Ò [Reading] ➿ Muslims in America: A Short History (Religion in American Life) By Edward E Curtis IV – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Muslims are neither new nor foreign to the United States They have been a vital presence in North America since the 16th century MUnited States by illustrating the way Islamic faith has been imagined and practiced in the everyday lives of individuals Muslims in America recovers the place of Muslims in the larger American story too Showing how Muslim American men and women participated in each era of US history the book explores how they have both shaped and have been shaped by larger historical trends such as the abolition movement Gilded Age immigration the Great Migration of African Americans urbanization religious revivalism the feminist movement and the current war on terror It also shows how from the very beginning of American history Muslim Americans have been at once a part of their local communities their nation and the worldwide community of Muslims The first single You can't study Islam in America without studying Curtis' work Essential reading

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Muslims are neither new nor foreign to the United States They have been a vital presence in North America since the 16th century Muslims in America unearths their history documenting the lives of African Middle Eastern South Asian European black white Hispanic and other Americans who have been followers of Islam The book begins with the tale of Job Ben Solomon a 18th century African American Muslim slave and goes on to chart the stories of sodbusters in North Dakota African American converts to Islam in the 1920s Muslim barkeepers in Toledo the post 1965 wave of professional immigrants from Asia and Africa and Muslim Americans after 911 The book reveals the richness of Sunni Shi'a Sufi and other forms of Islamic theology ethics and rituals in the I've been troubled by political statements that accuse Muslims of seeking to undermine American life Some people I respect have told me they think it is an evil religion that has a goal of eliminating all other forms of religious expression Against this backdrop this book was helpful though it did not answer all my uestions It is as the subtitle says a short history of Muslims in America It talks about the whats but says little about the whys and hows

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Muslims in America A Short History Religion in American LifeAuthor history of Muslims in America from colonial times to the present this book fills a huge gap and provides invaluable background on one of the most poorly understood groups in the United StatesReligion in American Life explores the evolution character and dynamic of organized religion in America from 1500 to the present day Written by distinguished historians of religion these books weave together the varying stories that compose the religious fabric of the United States from Puritanism to alternative religious practices Primary source material coupled with handsome illustrations and lucid text make these books essential in any exploration of America's diverse nature Each book includes a chronology suggestions for further reading and an inde Curtis' info regarding the so called immigrant Muslim Bilali is well researched But once again I think Curtis seems to believe the MST began 1925 26 and reached its zenith 1929 But I staunchly believe it originated as the Canaanite Temple in 1913 and evolved into the MST of America Curtis mentions the use of Turkish Fezzes but in actuality the fezzes worn by the MST were Egyptian or Moroccan not Turkish He also insists on relating MST dress to Black Shriners instead of the true Moors which dressed exactly like this in the past He also recycles Arthur Faust's account of MST from get this one meeting He gives decent info on James LomaxMuhammad Ezaldeen former mst member turned orthodoxThe biographies throughout the book were a pretty nice change The rest of the book is pretty basic info nothing really new