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Ddleton are as foolish Mrs Jennings remains determined to marry off all her associates as before while Sophia Willoughby is even sour as the wife of the man she wanted and Willoughby's friends are suitably cynical rakes This seuel to Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility' strives to emulate some of the light ironic touch of the inimitable style of Jane Austen; it is both funny and sad and is told as dark comedy Have you ever wondered what happens to your favorite characters AFTER the book ends? Usually I make up HEA’s for them if the author “forgot” to end the book that way LOL Ms Green seemed to wonder the same thing as she created a seuel based on everyone’s past favorite characters from the beloved Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility”This book was charming enchanting intriguing witty and entertainingThis book was a delightful step back in time and true homage to the original storyThis book effortlessly picks right up with the characters seven years down the road Marianne Brandon is now a widower at the young age of just twenty four Even though her and Colonel Brandon had a marriage of convenience she had grown to love him and was deeply saddened and heartbroken by his departure Since the Colonel left their house to the next male heir and they had no children Marianne is forced to move out and so she retreats back to her mother’s Marianne’s youngest sister Margaret is temporarily still living at home as she is engaged and soon to be married Now back home it isn’t long before Marianne’s path crosses with her former flame Willoughby and even shorter than that before he begins flirting with her and offering himself up to her But Willoughby is still married to Sophia the wealthy woman he dumped Marianne for However it’s obvious Marianne is still smitten with Willoughby and at a time of grief perhaps he is exactly what she needs to help get over her late husband?It isn’t hard to see Marianne’s attraction for Willoughby First loves are tough to forget And when you see that person – or even come across an old gift or memento from them it’s difficult to remember why you’re not with them any Those hateful feelings or whatever caused the rift just melts away and it’s like butterflies again But this time Marianne is older and wiser and just getting over a tragedy Perhaps Willoughby’s timing is off? And spark or no spark Marianne knows better this time? Or now that Marianne is free to marry again will she end up with her soulmate Willoughby? No spoilers here But you definitely will want to read this book and find outIt is truly enjoyable reconnecting with old characters the setting culture and of course that witty banterIt was fascinating to see where the characters have ended up and how their life has evolved since the first book I always liked little Margaret and am happy to see she found someone great and is getting her own HEA I was sad to see Marianne a widow so young but that was an important part of this story Willoughby was still the ever so dashing seducing and charismatic fool Willoughby continued to be a philandering despicable scoundrel that took no responsibilities or conseuences for his nefarious actions until it was pretty much too late I enjoyed that the author included even the smaller secondary characters and positioned them in true stance with their historical reconstruction from the original book as well even though little detail may have been initially provided from the first book it still felt authenticI really liked that this book revolved around second chances I personally strongly believe in them It was the way I was raised But I have to say after all the things Willoughby did it was difficult to see him given a second chance Especially since he was not apologetic or remorseful until the very very end I felt he actually needed to repent and atone for his atrocious behavior He seemed only contrite when it suited him and when he realized he was running out of time to make amends I realize sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you awaken and comprehend that you need to change Perhaps that’s what Willoughby needed? Perhaps I am holding out resentment for girl power and once a cheater always a cheater mentality?Regardless I applaud this author’s creative take on this storyline and find it rather intriguing I only hope that Willoughby really would turn over a leaf make amends and become a better man Not just in the hopes of getting a chance to be with Marianne – but because he wants to be a better person a pillar of the community and someone his friends can count onThis book also brings a second chance to Marianne as she now has to start over with her new life Although her husband did not leave her their house he did leave her enough money to be comfortable for the rest of her life It is very fortunate that she does not need to worry about finances and she can concentrate on herself and wait to marry someone she truly loves instead of rushing into a marriage for support or financial gainThis book was an entertaining short read at just 127 pages I was able to uickly read it over the weekend out on the deckThis book was truly respectful considerate and kind to the original and I think Ms Austen would agree if not compliment the author as well for taking such good care of her charactersAlthough this book is technically a seuel it can be read as a standalone However there is a significant amount of references to the first book and the characters substantially overlap There is so much backstory that would be missed out on if you didn’t know the particulars of the original book I don’t think you would be confused or lost necessarily just would not get the full ambience or foundation of the storyAll in all I enjoyed reading this book and would absolutely recommend it I think all historical romance readers and Jane Austen fans will like this book too So add it to your TBR List and get to reading you won't be disappointedDisclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book and have voluntarily provided an honest and unbiased review in accordance with FTC regulations

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Colonel Brandons Widow and Willoughby Mrs Brandon the former Marianne Dashwood is now a widow and not yet twenty five Her former admirer Willoughby is as unhappily married as ever and the thought that she is free to marry again drives him to distraction He has continued in his dissolute lifestyle which Marianne abhors while his wife Sophia's life has been poisoned by jealousy of Marianne Marianne urges him that the only possibility of happiness fo 35 stars“Colonel Brandon’s Widow and Willoughby A ‘Sense and Sensibility’ Variation Seuel” by Marianna Green ostensibly takes place several years after Jane Austen’s tale and gives a glimpse of the twists and turns in the lives of Marianne Brandon nee Dashwood and the rogue Willoughby whose unhappy marriage is compounded by his yearning after Marianne This historical romance is a homage to the story penned by the iconic Jane Austen and indeed has elements of the sometimes stilted language she employed as well as the omniscient voice that permeates her stories It is difficult to conceive that the heedless and unrepentant Willoughby can redeemed but not only does he need to grow Marianne needs to as well It is possible that my lack of familiarity gasp with the original tale hampered my ability to form a connection to either of the main characters but I did like that they evolved as the story progressed The flavor of the period and the challenges faced by those in the different class strata are nicely portrayed and remind me of why I’m so grateful for modern conveniences Those who are curious about how things turned out for the characters in “Sense and Sensibility” should give this version a tryA copy of this title was provided to me for review

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Download Colonel Brandons Widow and Willoughby Book è 93 pages ñ Marianna green Ó ➹ [Read] ➵ Colonel Brandons Widow and Willoughby By Marianna Green ➼ – Mrs Brandon the former Marianne Dashwood is now a widow and not yet twenty five HeR Willoughby and his wife is for him to give up his empty pursuit of pleasure but now the Colonel is gone Marianne finds that she can no longer push aside thoughts of Willoughby easily herself; she must find some way of occupying her own empty hours Willoughby retains his rascally charm which an older and wiser Marianne is determined to resist; Elinor and Edward are as astute as ever while Sir John and Lady Mi Both a seuel and a tribute to Austen's Sense and Sensibility this novel follows the later career of Marianne Dashwood now Mrs Brandon Marianne still a very young woman has also tasted tragedy Colonel Brandon to whom she'd become deeply attached has died leaving her a widow To make matters worse her path again crosses with that of Willoughby her former suitor now unhappily married to SophiaMarianne has changed but in a realistic way consistent with the character she was in Sense and Sensibility she still has the same capacity for passionate feeling but it is tempered now by a degree of wisdom and experience of the world One thing that has not changed however is her attraction to Willoughby They say that your first love never uite leaves you and this certainly is the case for MarianneWilloughby meanwhile retains much of the apparent charm that so bewitched the younger Marianne – and crucially he finds himself desiring Marianne anew Like Austen Green achieves a difficult balancing act she writes in an arch witty extremely elouent manner and yet manages to evoke a world of deep and often unspoken desire She also succeeds in evoking Austen's world a world of societal restrictions and rigid class divisions where ordinary men and women continue to feel as people always do and have to wrestle with their desires Fans of Austen often enjoy being taken back to a seemingly kinder and gentle era but it is always a world that exists in the face of and is constantly being threatened by both internal and external chaos Austen was after all writing in the years immediately following the French Revolution That chaos never uite triumphs but it adds sharpness and depth to Austen's works and the same might be said for Green's novelA dark comedy that stays faithful to Austen's milieu this is an entertaining pleasing read Fans of Austen will welcome the chance to meet the characters of Sense and Sensibility – including Elinor and Edward Mrs Jennings and Sir John and Lady Middleton – again More than that they'll enjoy revisiting the charm light irony humour and good heartedness of Austen's fictional works