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Chainsaw Terror kindle â Paperback read Ê [Ebook] ➩ Chainsaw Terror By Nick Blake – Edward Briggs seems like a normal enough man Not very friendly perhaps but then who wouldn't after witnessing that bloody family tragedyEdward still lives in the house where it all happened Now that's Edward Briggs seEdward Briggs seems like a normal enough man Not very friendly perhaps but then who wouldn't after witnessing that bloody family tragedyEdward still With feverish sweat rimed hands already staining the pages of the paperback he began reading His loins demanded the satisfaction of wet wanton sex while his heart craved the blood the thick splashes of hot fluids the reek of deathsex like a grey industrial cloud floating corpse like in the dingy river of the sky The cover had promised fresh delights the crudely rendered chainsaw on the front preparing to rip out into the real world as if the prison of print could not contain the killer's lust for carnage The blade practically throbbed the viscera of spent life dripping from its hundred tiny claw like blades TERROR THAT CUTS DEEP the cover screamed He hoped there would be screaming than just the cover Beside him a stack of VHS tapes threatened to topple over submerging the bag of Baked Wotsits beneath their plastic cases The Driller Killer might be really thrilling he had thought but it had been a bore something for those art school types who wanted to be on the edge but not wade into the abattoir and sift through the real guts Video nasties weren't nasty enough He wanted something where he could whiff the rich fetid scent of a body's bowels loosening with the spasms of death When he snapped the book closed he felt for the first time in his life a primal satisfaction All that boring shit in books plot character motivation was cut out leaving only the bloody chunks whirling across the room from the ripping power of the McCullough chainsaw This was a real book when people weren't being slaughtered they were only a page away from sex or vomiting Blood Semen Feces Vomit Fluids oozed on every page dripping until the blood drenched finale Every butchered bowel expelled its foul cargo and every time the scent was described in terms he could understand Too many books thought he should be a doctor to get what was happening to some lovely's pink intestines but Chainsaw Terror knew how to paint its scenes in blood without making him consult a textbook So what if the people in the book were too stupid to consult the police regarding their suspicions and chose to bait the killer themselves It made sure people were sliced 'n' diced So what if it all it took to initiate a lesbian sex scene was a backrub after a hard day's prostituting It seemed real enough to him Probably happened all the time just like psychos with tools went around doing a bit of the private wetwork on unsuspecting beauties Sure it was a little bit like a crap episode of Taggart directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis but who cared It was a real nasty piece of work and he enjoyed it when the nasties went deep into the sewers right into the reeking entrails of life like a fat black rat feasting on the decaying bits of the world above He flipped back to the first page The prostitutes in the book had kept offering a half and half Chainsaw Terror gave him a different kind of half and half Half titillation half mutilation He couldn't wait to get thrilled again He ate his Cheese Wotsits by the fistful devouring them as he devoured every word again the pages becoming gummy with orange thumbprint stains This he thought is what The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was supposed to be like Now if only he could find a copy of Garth Marenghi's Black Fang so he could see if a rat really can drive a bus I hope that rat bloody well suishes the guts out of some people he mused Meanwhile Edward Briggs's toolbox fury would sufficeAs he re read the spicy bits he hoped his mum would remember to bring him some ginger beer home from the store

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Lives in the house where it all happened Now that's a little strange So is his love for his sister He doesn't like it much when she goes out He'd muc This review first appeared on scifiandscarycom ‘Chainsaw Terror’ is a book with an interesting history In fact the story of the book’s genesis and publication is in many ways entertaining than the actual novel It’s also a nice illustration of the conflict in the UK at the time between a public who were hungry for horror and a nanny state that was eager to protect them from the perceived dangers of itThere are various versions of the book’s history available online from what I can tell it goes something like this Budding horror novelist Shaun Hutson is approached by his publisher to write a novelisation of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ He happily agrees but the publisher fails to secure the book rights to the film and so changes his brief to just writing something horrible with the word chainsaw in the title Hutson obliges with ‘Chainsaw Terror’ and it is published in 1984 under the pseudonym Nick Blake The book is soon taken off the shelves of high street giant WH Smith although it’s not clear whether that is because of the title or because anyone there had actually read the book Some versions of the story suggest the book was “banned” but I suspect that’s not the case What seems likely is that once the largest bookseller in the UK refused to sell the book the publisher Star books decided it wasn’t worth printing any copies The story continues with Star heavily censoring the book some say by up to 25 pages and re issuing it under a new title ‘Come the Night’ in 1985 I’ll come back to that last part at the end of the review You see dear reader I have both versions so I can give you the low down on exactly what the differences are between them The book’s plot is pretty bare bones almost to the point it isn’t worth talking about A young boy witnesses his father murdering his mother Years later as a young man he lives with and lusts after his sister Eventually he kills her and then a number of other women As you might expect the killings are brutal and explicit and involve power tools Hutson throws in some incestuous necrophilia for good measure Around the midway point a rugged journalist gets introduced and starts investigating the disappearances It would be a stretch to call him the hero it feels like Hutson suddenly realised he needed to write about than just the sweaty brain of his villain‘Chainsaw Terror’ is a book that has a pretty clear purpose and achieves it I wouldn’t call it good but it is nauseatingly and memorably violent The gritty scenes of murder and the London vice scene are reminiscent of the dark crime books Hutson has come to write later in his career than the horror we was writing at the same time as this book It’s certainly an interesting entry in his canon even if it isn’t his best book The controversy around its publication means the book is hard to come by I’ve seen people asking £150 for a copy on eBay So rare is it that rather than doing a google search and downloading a cover image for this review I had to take one myself The reissue ‘Come the Night’ is also pretty rare although tends to be cheaper when it does come up for sale It’s also available in an omnibus published by Pan in 1999 that bundles it with two alien abduction novels Hutson wrote under the pen name Frank Taylor This is by far the cheapest way of buying the book You can pick up a copy from UK for 33p plus postage Of course if you did that you’d be getting the “heavily censored” version right I have all three versions of the book the original paperbacks of ‘Chainsaw Terror’ and ‘Come the Night’ and the omnibus version so let me give you a blow by blow rundown of the differencesThere are none Aside from the titles and covers the books are identical How the myth about ‘Come the Night’ being bowdlerised has come about I’m not sure There is certainly evidence of a longer manuscript Hutson has referred to it in interviews but it was never published Lesson don’t believe everything you read online

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Chainsaw TerrorH rather she stayed indoors with him Always In the cold soundproofed house with the cellar workshop with the big bloodstained workbench And the tools Chainsaw Terror is not a great book but I sure as hell enjoyed the process of reading about it seeking a copy out and finally reading it