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doc Mistaken Identity Two Families One Survivor Unwavering Hope

Mistaken Identity Two Families One Survivor Unwavering Hope doc ´ Paperback read Ç don van ryn Ò [Reading] ➷ Mistaken Identity Two Families One Survivor Unwavering Hope By Don Van Ryn – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Laura Van Ryn e Whitney Cerak duas jovens universLaura Van Ryn e Whitney Cerak duas jovens universitárias foram vítimas de um trágico acidente de viação Uma foi sepultada sob o nome errado a outra ficou em estado de coma e a ser tratada por uma família ue não era a sua Troca de Identidades é uma história sem preced Not what I expected at all I was really excited to read this book I love true stories and what a crazy chain of events that led one family to believe that they were caring for this girl who is their daughter sister friend only to find out after 5 weeks that their daughter died in the car accident and this is a girl they don't even know And the other family thinking their daughter is dead holding a funeral and burial for her only to find out 5 weeks later that she is alive How does that happen??? As it turns out though these families wrote this book to get a religious message across Every single page of this book has a prayer a bible verse or some mention of their faith Everytime they get in the car they mention the christian cd playing on the radio They talk about their 2 hour family praying sessions every morning and often refer to how they are just reading their bible There is nothing wrong with that and if thats what got them through the horrible times then good for them But as a reader I didn't want to hear about it on every single page I just wanted the story

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Entes de duas famílias traumatizadas ue ao descreverem a bizarra provação a ue foram sujeitas descobrem o laço ue as une enuanto enfrentam a reviravolta de uma vida perdida e de uma vida redescoberta Enuanto as famílias tentam lidar da melhor forma com a chocante revela? The story itself is fascinating I remember it from the news when it happened and as soon as I saw there was a book about it I knew I had to read about it from the families' viewsBut but but Ugh I would have LOVED the book if it hadn't been so preachy I'm a religious person but I don't believe in the same way that they do And that was like 34 of the bookI can understand that they used prayer and their faith as the way to dealmy son was in the hospital and I did too But it was just SO over the top in this EVERYTHING is about God It was just annoying after a little while I found myself skimming until I read an actual FACT or part of the real story instead of all the fluff religious parts And in parts the conversation seemed alteredlike people don't really talk that way in a normal situation in some places it just struck me as oddStill the underlying story was goodI felt for the families and what they went through and I did cry several times I just wish it would have been about what actually happened

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Mistaken Identity Two Families One Survivor Unwavering Hope?ão Whitney Cerak a única sobrevivente luta por um novo começoTroca de Identidades tece uma envolvente narrativa de perda esperança fé e amor perante uma das mais estranhas ironias do destino ue se possa imaginar e celebra as dádivas e os mistérios insondáveis da vida First of all I marked that this review has spoilers but in actuality you will get all of this information from reading the back of the bookanywaysI remember watching this story on a dateline type show and it was so interesting Five people from Taylor University were killed in an auto accident and one of the young women was taken to the hospital in a coma One of the families in this story the Ceraks buried their daughter The other family Van Ryn kept a constant vigil at the bedside of their daughter as she started to recover She came out of the coma and started having physical therapy and then they noticed a few strange things like that she kept calling herself by a different name which can be common in accident victims After five weeks of caring for their daughter they discovered that she was actually the Cerak's daughter the two girls had been misidentified at the accident scene This true story takes you through so many emotions You are excited for the Cerak family to have their daughter back especially after going through their emotion of losing her but your heart breaks for the Van Ryn family I cried many times throughout this storyAt times it was hard for me to keep the characters straight but overall it was a touching book and it was good to see how these families relied on God and put all their faith and strength in him Their testimonies are uplifting and you just get a sense for what wonderful people they all areI especially loved the epilogue written by Whitney Cerak I like the way she is handling this event in her life She talks about how she may not accomplish something giant for God but she'll let him whisper gently through her life like the story of Elijah in 1 Kings What a mature way to make sense of these events I wish her the best in her recovery