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The Trunk KeyOn her way to work for one terrifying instant Jennifer Canfield sees a tiny hand in the trunk of a car that barely misses slamming into her van A doll? A child? With no time to thi I really wish I knew Kindle Single meant self published before I read this book but it was so hilariously bad that I had to finish it I could not stop cringingSo we have a woman driving to work when a car speeds past her Its trunk momentarily pops open and she's almost sure she saw a child in it She calls the non emergency number sounding uncertain and they just tell her to call back if she gets the license plate numberThen of course it's impossible to get signal for the rest of the book and phones die or get misplacedShe drives after the car they pass a school and she thinks he's probably some poor innocent stranger He was just some regular guy except the way he watched that little girl skipping to school; the way his tongue came out and ran slowly across his lip but I mean apart from that he's probably an okay guyThey come to a standstill she calls over a construction worker pretending to need directions tells him there might be child in some guys trunk and so obviously he hops in her car to come along for the rideIt was at this point I looked to see what Kindle Single meantIt uickly turns into an unnecessary romance And a bad one at that Do you know he said looking over at me you may be the first woman I've ever met who has actually admitted eating donuts? Wow Just wowThey follow the car to the middle of no where having a right old laugh along the way until eventually it stops and the man they've been following gets out The Stranger She Allowed Into Her Car gets out to ask him for lord help me “directions” This escalates pretty uickly the guys fight and there’s a gun at one point The woman gets out to go check on the child in the trunk looks at her and assumes she’s dead and so charges at the man who has a gun Fight fight fight The man goes tumbling down a hill and she hopes he’s dead They go back to the child and oh look she’s actually alive and probably just been drugged unconscious so what do they do? LITERALLY HOLD HANDS AND DANCE AROUND IN A CIRCLE SCREAMING IN JOYThat’s only half of it The child abductor who is now arrogantly being referred to as “Dumbass” because the writer knows nothing bad will happen in her fairytale is still alive and coming after them Blah blah blahHonestly it’s terrible but 1010 would recommend for the laugh

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Nk she must act and so begins a non stop breathlessly suspenseful journey to find the truth and possibly save a life Stephen Baron a road construction worker joins her in her pursu This book is a major thrill ride from beginning to the end It reads uickly but it is rich in detail and suspense Two good samaritans trying to rescue a kidnapped girl even before they know for sure she has been kidnapped Has she been kidnapped or is the girl in the trunk that she got a uick glimpse of just a doll???? Read it to find out Definately a must read

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Download reader ð The Trunk Key ´ 103 pages Ø eyltransferservices ↠ ✼ The Trunk Key Epub ✿ Author Carolyn Nash – On her way to work for one terrifying instant Jennifer Canfield sees a tiny hand in the trunk of a car that barely misses slamming intoIt of a possible kidnapper through the hills of California And where the chase ends reveals exactly how courage and love can show up when we least expect them and change everything Trunk Key was an okay read but nothing spectacularI liked the premise of the story a woman stuck in a traffic jam thinks she sees something sinister sticking out the boot of a near by car This raises a lot of uncertaintiesDid she see it? If the hand is real is it human or a doll’s? What should she do? How can someone take her seriously?The story is fast paced and held my attention from start to finish Unfortunately I don’t think the characters are as well developed as they could be The ‘love’ Jennifer finds in fellow would be rescuer Sam is a bit cheesy ar times Still there are some good chase scenes and plenty of tense momentsA side note the formatting of the book is a little off New paragraphs started too far in the page which left a huge block of white space at the start of each paragraph that looked plain awkward Also Jennifer’s thoughts are in italics which is annoying especially when the words are centre and stand out like a sore thumbStill The Trunk Key isn’t half bad