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Moses the Egyptian kindle à eBook The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism Free Å eyltransferservices ✓ ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism By Jan Assmann ✍ – Standing at S as false Assmann reconstructs this cycle as a pattern of historical abuse and tracks its permutations from ancient sources including the Bible through Renaissance debates over the basis of religion to Sigmund Freud's Moses and Monotheism One of the great Egyptologists of our time and an exceptional scholar of history and literature Assmann is uniuely euipped for this undertaking an exemplary case study of the vicissitudes of historical memory that is also a compelling lesson in the fluidity of cultural identity and belief Verifies previous information

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Ytic demystificationTo account for the complexities of the foundational event through which monotheism was established Moses the Egyptian goes back to the short lived monotheistic revolution of the Egyptian king Akhenaten 1360 1340 BCE Assmann traces the monotheism of Moses to this source then shows how his followers denied the Egyptians any part in the origin of their beliefs and condemned them as polytheistic idolaters Thus began the cycle in which every counter religion by establishing itself as truth denounced all other Jan Assmann is a giant among scholars and that most incredible find a man with genius insight who knows how to write This book is about the story of Moses and how it is told and retold in Western culture Except for a few untranslated uotes in German French etc this work is beguilingly instructive enough for a beginner and its points are made with such beauty that they will spur one to further biblical or Egyptian research I value the book for it's in depth analysis of Akhnaten and the extent of his monotheistic revolution as much as anything else This scholar is also gentle in his approach to all the materials he treats For that reason he inspires considerable trust I can not recommend this book and this man too much The whole subject of the connection between Ancient Israel and Egypt is a rich load of treasure beyond imagining and here is a great mind to open pathways and draw our attention to things we think we see but perhaps do not Dazzling work

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Moses the Egyptian The Memory of Egypt in Western MonotheismStanding at the very foundation of monotheism and so of Western culture Moses is a figure not of history but of memory As such he is the uintessential subject for the innovative historiography Jan Assmann both defines and practices in this work the study of historical memory a study in this case of the ways in which factual and fictional events and characters are stored in religious beliefs and transformed in their philosophical justification literary reinterpretation philological restitution or falsification and psychoanal Great book but the Kindle edition is worthless It's a scanned copy of the original with dead links instead of actual clickable endnotes As this is a scholarly text with abundant footnotes the Kindle version simply doesn't work as there is no convenient way to access the notes Very disappointing I'm reuesting a refund on the Kindle version and will purchase a paperback instead