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Download eBook Ô Klepto AUTHOR Jenny Pollack 288 pages è Jenny Pollack ✓ ✯ [PDF] ❤ Klepto By Jenny Pollack ✼ – Julie Braverman is the coolest person Julie Prodsky has ever met During their freshman year 1981–1982 at the High School of PerformiS her own closet full of stolen clothing and a new boyfriend Then Julie P’s conscience catches up with her She wants to stop shoplifting but Julie B doesn’tWithout stealing can this friendship survive Reviewed by Samantha G for TeensReadToocomJulie Prodsky is absolutely thrilled yet anxious to start at the famed High School of the Performing Arts in New York City Julie feels like such a loser compared to all the talented and smart students in her freshman class not to mention the upperclassmen She worries about fitting in and can't believe her luck when popular pretty Julie Braverman notices her in the crowd and invites her to hang out at school The Julies' friendship starts to intensify which thrills Julie P because she hates hanging around her apartment with her dad her overbearing mother and annoying older sister Julie P is totally impressed with Julie B's fantastic wardrobe the girl always has the latest jeans and the best brands At first Julie P can't understand how she can afford everything and then she learns the truth Julie B loves to shoplift And she wants Julie P to join in the fun What starts out as a harmless adventure begins to turn into an obsession for both the girls The risks carry over into their social lives too Worried about being too good and too nice Julie P begins to smoke and drink with Julie B at parties thrown for upperclassmen She is determined to get her first kiss and even if she can Just when Julie P thinks her life is about as good as it can get the bubble bursts How she handles this sudden crisis is about to change her life forever All she knows is that her parents do not trust her her friends are dropping her and she can't make any relationship work out Jenny Pollack brings the 1980's back with her debut novel set in New York City Pop culture references are everywhere and the retro tone will appeal to teen readers Regardless of the time setting teens will relate to Julie P's desire to fit in and how hard it is to resist peer pressure Give KLEPTO a try it's definitely addicting

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Nd fashion is revealed to Julie P through the eyes of her new best friend Learning the secret to Julie B’s collection of Fiorucci jeans shoplifting only makes Julie P admire her Before long Julie P ha Stealing expensive clothes in NY city is a rush for best friends Julie and Julie also Boy troubles family suabbles the usual teenage problems with shoplifting to tie it all together How far will you go to keep a best friend Can Julie stop stealing or is she a kleptomaniac for real Pressures from going to a prestigious school the school of the performing arts or PA pressures to fit in and have the best clothes to go to all the right parties and whether to give in to boy's pressure to have sex are typical issues in Juie's life She can't talk to her mother or her older sisteronly her friend Julie understands But Julie doesn't want to steal any and Julie is so mad at her she isn't talking so who can she confide in now This was an interesting look into teenage girls as they come to terms with their actions and deal with inner struggles to do the right thing

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Klepto AUTHOR Jenny PollaJulie Braverman is the coolest person Julie Prodsky has ever met During their freshman year – at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City the previously unexplored world of flirting freedom a Klepto by Jenny Pollack takes place in the 1980's The story is about Julie Prodsky the main character who meets a new friend named Julie Bravermanwho is The coolest girl I've ever met They meet on the first day of school at New York High School of Performing Arts Julie Prodsky feels lucky to have her new cool friend especially when it is revealed how she gets her stuff She and her sister Mandy are both expert shoplifters Before long Julie P is stealing clothes and jewelry as well first prompted by Julie Braverman then on her own When Julie P decides she doesn't want to steal any it creates tension between the two characters