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Download Book í Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart 208pages ´ Eyltransferservices Á [KINDLE] ❅ Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart: The Fundamental Spiritual Exercises of Rudolf Steiner ❦ Florin Lowndes – “We can find an authentic modern way Rotect the individual from dangers posed to normal consciousness by meditation practice These exercises offer such protection by helping to develop inner certainty and strength This is achieved for example through the first exercise by concentrating and intensifying the powers of thinking through the second by developing control of one’s volition through the third by mastering the outer expressions of the feeling life and so on Florin Lowndes describes the fundamental exercises in thorough detail giving suggestions as to how they can be practiced He also relates an important and hidden aspect―that the exercises embody a means for developing and strengthening organic and “living” thinking which is intimately related to enlivening a new organ of perception―the heart chakra or “lotus” In this popular guidebook Lowndes sheds new light on many aspects of this subject and off I have read this book several times over the past five years I believe the author understands Steiner and provides valuable lessons for the reader

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Ers encouragement and stimulus to those looking for a modern path of spiritual development CONTENTS Part One The Chakras The MethodThe Traditional Chakra TeachingRudolf Steiner’s Chakra TeachingThe Heart ChakraThe Exercises for the Heart Chakra―“Subsidiary” and Basic Exercises Part Two The Six Exercises StructureThe First Exercise Control of ThinkingThe Second Exercise Control of WillThe Third Exercise Control of FeelingThe Fourth Exercise The Fulfillment of Thinking in FeelingThe Fifth Exercise The Fulfillment of Thinking in the WillThe Sixth Exercise The Fulfillment of Thinking in ThinkingThe Etheric StreamsThe Exercise Plan Part Three The Heart Exercise OverviewThe Six PositionsThe Six GesturesThe Heart Exercise Part Four The New Heart Thinking Rudolf Steiner’s Heart ThinkingRudolf Steiner’s Two Paths of EsotericismSpecial Aspects of Spiritual Schooling Bridge Building Florin Lowndes clearly has travelled the inner path laid out by Rudolf Steiner sincerely and for many yearsThe six subsidiary exercises described by Rudolf Steiner and elaborated in this work by Lowndes ENLIVENING THE CHAKRA OF THE HEART ETCOTH are to be considered absolutely essential a safety measure without which no other exercises or meditations should be practiced All meditations and spiritual exercises can open one to undesirable influences or have undesirable effects and these 6 exercises are meant to stabilize and strengthen the etheric and astral bodies against this possibility The use of the description subsidiary by Steiner himself has led many to wrongly believe that these 6 exercises are supplementary or secondary in importance Not true Steiner himself is clear on this issue that other exercises or meditations must not be commenced without the simultaneous practice and protective benefit of these foundational exercisesThese six exercises are as follows very brief and incomplete description1 Control of thinking by concentration one's thoughts on a particular object2 Control of will by choosing an activity to repeat at a given time3 Control of feelings by developing euanity towards joy and sorrow4 Development of positivity5 Development of open mindedness6 Harmonizing all the foregoingLowndes elaborates on these practices in a very useful and pedagogical way My only caveat is that in ETCOTH Lowndes overlays his own experience and therefore interpretation on this work and one should really read how R Steiner himself describes these exercises uoted extensively in Lowndes' text also to be found in Guidance in Esoteric Training and Outline of Esoteric Science If any fault could be found with Lowndes' work here it is only that his way of working some of these exercises seems to me ponderous and difficult than Steiner himself described them Still I consider ETCOTH by Lowndes to be absolutely essential to anyone sincerely engaged in anthroposophical inner work and in my view represents a solid pedagogy and systematization which is less developed in Steiner's own presentation of anthroposophyRead also THE INNER PATH by Karl Koenig who describes these same six subsidiary exercises with the warmth and wisdom of one whose life has been devoted to this kind of spiritual work and teaching

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Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart The Fundamental Spiritual Exercises of Rudolf Steiner“We can find an authentic modern way of working on the chakras in the exercises created by Rudolf Steiner who on the basis of a new kind of thinking process recast certain yoga exercises in a form consistent with the modern and even future stages of spiritual development In this way he fulfilled a small and little known branch of yoga meditative practice the Gayatri Sadhana the goal of which was prophetic for it was focused on the reversed Kundalini awakening the energy of all seven chakras from top down instead of the usual upward method in a way that had become possible only at this much later historical time” from the preface Whereas meditation is the foundation of any spiritual path of development the seer and teacher Rudolf Steiner advised that specific “accompanying” or “fundamental” spiritual exercises should always be practiced in conjunction with it in order to p as ordered