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Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun Emily Windsnap #5The New York and the PDFEPUB #10003 Times best selling series continues with the half mermaid embarking on an icy and perilous journey to the Land of the Midnight SunStrange storms are blowing up from the ocean caused by the nightmares of Neptune King of the Sea Convinced that his dr. This enchanting truly magical fantasy tale will find a special place in your heart I concider myself to have been extremely privileged and lucky to have won this delightful and wonderful book through a giveaway on ‘Chicklish’ book site and take this opportunity of thanking them Emily Windsnap is no ordinary girl as she is also a mermaid Emily takes the reader on the most exciting and extraordinary journeys and adventures to far away lands that one can only imagine in your wildest dreams and places beneath the deep sea In this tale Emily is sent on a top secret mission for King Neptune who has been having the most shocking nightmares He sends her to a strange and remarkable kingdom where everyone has turned to ice Having understood why the nightmares have terrified him so along with her friend Shona Emily sets out to complete her mission amidst the frozen ice and freezing land However Shona is miles away busy with her boyfriend Aaron uninterested in helping her friend complete the immense task that is laid out before her Will her friend help her so that they can return the sun and melt the ice Will they work together to save the world and also save their relationship too In this thrilling new adventure Emily Windsnap is not also faced with an enormous task and a perilous uest to save the world once but she is also tested to the limits with her relationship with her best friend This delightful tale is about deep lasting friendship and boys alongside a great adventure that will take your breath away This has to be the most spectacular children’s tale I have read in a long time with its gorgeous and colorful cover catching my eye instantly The book is adorned with lovely illustrations that bring the story to life as you loose yourself in a fantastic tale that is heartwarming sincere and which contains uite a poignant message Many young readers will love Liz Kessler’s imaginative and inspired creation that is so simple in its design and yet when executed makes for such a compelling and absorbing read I was truly impressed by this book as I lost myself within Emily’s adventures and her world hence I can envisage many readers wanting to collect other books within this series This Christmas don’t forget to add an Emily Windsnap tale to your list

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review Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun Emily Windsnap #5 × eBook or Kindle ePUB Î ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun Emily Windsnap #5 By Liz Kessler ✐ – The New York Times best selling seriWaters of the frozen north Deep within an alpine lake where magical reflections show what could be rather than what is the two discover a trove of stolen memories and Neptune’s darkest secret Double crosses and double takes abound in Liz Kessler’s fifth magical mermaid adventure. Emily Windsnap part human part mermaid thinks there's something strange with the weather Every morning harsh storms rock Brightport but even so the storms can't wreck her mood She's blissfully happen with her new semi mer boyfriend Aaron Once the storm subsides one morning the two set off into the ocean When they can't find Emily's best friend Shona Emily decides to take him to a place almost no one knows about The two have fun frolicking in the water until everything goes black Emily can feel a blindfold and a net What's happeningWhen she opens her eyes she sees an ornate cave and two hulking mermen They refuse to tell her anything and say that they have to wait for the boss to show up They let Aaron loose and the two silently make a plan to swim for it But when the boss shows up they realize they have no choice It's Neptune and he's reuested their help He knows that they still possess some of his power and he says they must go on a secret mission for him Confused they ask what the mission is He can't tell them but asks they meet him at his palace the next morning at six am when he wakes up It'll all start to make senseNeptune has been having nightmares Nightmares that are causing the storms up above His memories are missing and he needs Emily and Aaron's help to retrieve them and stop the awful fate that awaits them all If they can go to the land of the midnight sun and catch the falling tears they would be able to make sense of what's happening and help prevent a world submerged But something else isn't right The people surrounding them aren't exactly who they seem and neither is the situation It's a race against time and their own will to save everyone they loveI so badly wanted to love this book I really did I ripped through the first three in a day and a half and kicked someone out of my house when the fourth book came out However this one just didn't do it for me I wasn't really invested in it and it almost felt like it was another book for the sake of another book I didn't feel the heart and the adventure of the first four I wanted from this and I just didn't get it It was good but it wasn't great

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Eams herald an approaching threat Neptune enlists half mermaids Emily Windsnap and Aaron for a top secret mission to find and eliminate the source of Windsnap and the Land of PDFEPUB or the trouble But Emily and Aaron uickly get in over their heads Emily Windsnap PDF or in the frigid. This was a nice light read with a hint of romance It's good for tweens because there's really nothing too adult but it's a uick and fun read for teens too I would suggest reading the other 4 books before you read this one Emily is a semi mer She has legs on land and a tail in the water Her boyfriend Aaron is a semi mer too After Neptune lifts the memory drug off the town of Brightport he starts getting memories in the form of dreams memories he didn't know he had He sends Emily and Aaron on a top secret mission to find out why he feels these memories are so important Along the way they encounter twists turns and betrayal Emily has to decide who to trust and what's really important