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Download reader ç Moonshadow Moonshadow #1 ✓ 335 pages ✓ Thea Harrison ß ❮Download❯ ➽ Moonshadow Moonshadow #1 ➽ Author Thea Harrison – From Book 1 From bestselling author Thea Harrison comes the first in an explosive new On for her takes root in what’s left of his soul Sophie has no intention of becoming anyone’s pawn yet the fierce Nikolas is so compelling she can’t deny the temptation that endangers her guarded heart As magic threatens Lyonesse ueen Isabeau unleashes her merciless Hounds and Nikolas and Sophie become embroiled in a race for survival Meanwhile the passion that ignites between them burns too hot to be denied and uickly turns into obsession Thank goodness they both know better than to fall in love I loved everything about this book It was freaking awesome 😍 Safety gang safe

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From Book 1 From bestselling author Thea Harrison comes the first in an explosive new trilogy set in the Elder Races world Her past is a blank her future uncertain Recovering from a shooting LAPD witch consultant Sophie Ross leaves her job and travels to the UK to search for answers about her childhood When she encounters a Daoine Sidhe knight of the Dark Court she becomes entangled in an ancient hatred between two arcane forces He has given his body and soul to fight for his people Barred from his hom ➦So I've read this to scratch my paranormal itch Yep Apparently that's a thing for me now Well consider it scratched➦Sophie our heroine knows a bunch of magic spells Some runes Or something Sorry people this book was 4 books ago for me #badtimemanagement ➦Anyways What's interesting is that Sophie doesn't come off as a badass in the magic department But she's sassy and doesn't take shit from anyone And her spells keep her safe IF ONLY SHE COULD HAVE A GUN TOO ➦She travels to UK to some house in hopes of opening it up Because apparently nobody else has been able to for ages And they've tried those clueless bastards➦See if Sophie does get inside this house she will be given the title to it and she likes the money Who doesn't? ➦But once Sophie gets to the countryside her car breaks down her cell phone dies and a whole bunch of other weird things start happening And then she runs into Nikolas at the bar where he goes completely asshole alpha on her And HE by the way IS A BADASS ➦No worries Sophie isn't intimidated And it appears that they have met before telepathically or some shit So she's all like ➦And so Nikolas starts stalking her because this woman has other stuff besides pussy to offer D She might know a spell or two that can help Nikolas in the war his fighting against something something May be he'll help her get into the house? Read the book people

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Moonshadow Moonshadow #1Eland along with his surviving brother knights Nikolas Sevigny is embroiled in a conflict that threatens everything he holds dear Only by uniting his people’s resources can they hope to prevail against Isabeau the deadly ueen of the Light Court He will do anything and use anyone to return home to Lyonesse When Nikolas encounters Sophie he sees a tool to be used The insouciant witch might be the key to unlocking every passageway that has been barred to the knights of the Dark Court even as a fascinati 45 Stay the course StarsTo say that I was impressed with this book would be an understatement Thea Harrison is a new author for me and Moonshadow gave me everything I am looking for in a story from this genreThe author set the scene extremely well and being the start of the Moonshadow series there were introductions aplenty through the first few chapters I think it highlights the uality of the writing and storytelling in that I wasn’t confused at any point about who everyone was For decades now they had been searching and fighting and dying I loved Sophie and Nikolas together the former a partial Djinn her magic and knowledge offers something up to the Knight of the Dark Court and his small band of Brothers that are left on Earth that is sorely needed an opportunity to travel back to their own realm Lyonesse to bring back to Earth warriors and supplies in an effort to defeat the ueen of the Light Court You might be the keyAs I said I haven’t read anything by this author before but the imagination colour and depth of development that she gave this story just kept me gripped to its pages right up to its end I just hope that the release of the next novel in the series; Spellbound is in early rather than latter summer 2017 because I literally cannot wait to get my hands on itI’ve lost so many people So many I thought I didn’t have it in me to care about anyone else again But now I do and yes I’m struggling because I don’t think I could take losing you tooNic and Sophie together were a force to be reckoned with this is a couple that literally look to have a disagreement just so they can spend time making up with each other Nic is old school chivalry commandeering controlling and when he tells you to do something he expects it to be done Sophie a woman of modern day is all about making her own decisions and not being told what to do so the rub between them caused some really great friction burns in regards to the verbal sparring and sexy times as the book progressed You’re still insufferable Just sayingAnd you’re the same mouthy broad you were last nightThis series I think is essentially going to be a battle of good versus Evil I am sure as it develops there will be triumphs as well as losses I am not sure whether the author will continue the series from this couples point of view or bring new andor secondary characters to the fore with each installment but I know I am looking forward to seeing how things develop as the story line progresses Its safe to say that Moonshadow is most definitely just the beginning of what I expect to be an absolutely outstanding series and I cannot waitI didn’t know I was looking for you but I wasARC generously provided via Netgalley and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review