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Good (Too Good, #1) Download Ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Good (Too Good, #1) By S. Walden ➟ – Cadence Miller is a good girl She just happens to make one terrible mistake her junior year in high school which costs her ten months in juvenile detentiAded nowhere She can't help it He's the only good thing at Crestview High She doesn't expect him to reciprocate her feelings How inappropriate right But he does And he shows herAnd that's when her life goes from bad to goo. 45 STARS Do you think love is a choice or a feeling Taboo goodness The rare kind with lots of depth and 'real' charactersCadence had always been a 'good' girl; sweet obedient pious until she messes up in a big way at the age of 15She starts her senior year of high school fresh out of juvie Despite her debt to the state of Georgia having been paid her parents haven't forgiven her and neither have her friends At one of the lowest points of her life no one shows up for her Yes it was a terrible mistake but it didn't alter who I was I didn't suddenly overnight become a drug addict or a career criminal Bullied and isolated the only bright spot in her life is her math teacher Mr Connelly and his kindness Immediately you're thinking the math teacher preys on Cadence right Well you'd only be partially correct because nothing about this story was straight forward I loved the way the author took the time to construct a very believable premise around characters who were well developed and complex She didn't pull any punches portraying both Cadence and Mr Connelly Mark very realistically Both were flawed and not always likable Cadence was an 18 year old girl and she acted like it Mark was a 28 year old man and he acted like it It made for some really uncomfortable moments for me as well as some very tender ones Mark's reluctance I feel possessive of you It sounded like it hurt him to say the words Cadence's insecurities I don't know if I was supposed to feel that way or if I was supposed to want independence the inherent ineuality in their relationship He liked to blame me for this out of control person he'd become all came shining through in the writingBut no matter how fucked up things became I never doubted that they loved each other in their own ways Love comes in all kinds of packages Some are neatly tied up and some are messy And that's what made this story so greatthere was NOTHING clear cut or black and white about it I couldn't fault either character for their attraction to one another no matter how painful it was to watch them build and nurture a veritable ticking time bombI did worry when I started that religion would become the villain of the story That's so easy isn't it To heap all the blame on something like the prison system or the foster care system or in this case the Church But that wasn't the case here Yes the author points out major points of hypocrisy but really the story was about Cadence growing up and coming to the realization that her parents' beliefs may not be her own It was all SO WELL DONEThe only reason I couldn't give this book a full 5 stars was because I felt the author didn't touch on how the year in juvie affected Cadence For such a huge event I thought it would have been closer to the forefront of her thoughts Also the writing was a tiny bit clunky in the beginningSo obviously this book isn't for everyone But if you're into taboo reads I insist you get on thisA huge thank you to JADE for reading reviewing and recommending this one If you'd like to read her fabulous review it's HERE

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R parents driving privileges Internet access It's a lonely existenceBut there is one bright spot Mark Connelly her very cute very off limits year old calculus teacher She falls hard for him a ridiculous schoolgirl crush he. 35 STARSAt the beginning I wasn't sure how to rate this bookI had some problems with the reading of this but still I think that is a good storyThis is a story about CadenceShe is a student who had a bad moment in her junior year in hight school and she was in juvenile detention for ten mounthsNow she is backbut without friendsHer parents do not trust her any and they have her limitedShe feels sad and aloneUntil the moment she met Mark her 28 years old math teacherFrom the beginning there is an attraction between themHe tries to approach her and he makes whatever he canin order to make her feelcomfortable and niceHe wants her to come back to normal and find herselfYou're the saddest thing I've ever seen CadenceThe loneliest thing I've ever seenAnd any chance I get to see you smileI'm gona take it They know that nothing should happened between thembut soon they are togetherMark is so sweet and cuteYou can't read the book and don't like this characterHe cares a lot about Cadence and he showed his feelings from the beginningCadence on the other handI din't like her a lotat the beginning she was funny and smartass but sometimes she just acted weird The only thing that I didn't find nice was the reference to the Christianism I am Christian too but I didn't like to read so many details all the timeThe book ends with cliffhunger ughhhhI need the next book soonI must learn what will happen ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review

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Good Too Good #1Cadence Miller is a good girl She just happens to make one terrible mistake her junior year in high school which costs her ten months in juvenile detention Now a senior she's lost everything her best friend the trust of he. 4 Stars Good adjective bet·ter bestmorally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious a good mansatisfactory in uality uantity or degree a good teacher;of high uality; excellent But who's to judgeI've come to expect that certain things will happen when I read a Summer Walden book My boundaries will be thoroughly pushed and I'll in turn uestion my moral stance on a given topic This author knows exactly how to tackle the inappropriate HEAD ON and grants her readers the power and courage to do the same Her stories are honest uniue edgy and never predictable I can always be certain I'm reading something that's going to make me think feel and uestion In my opinion there is nothing better in a book than that Cadence has always been a good girl until one mistake on her part changes everyone's perception of her—leaving her a sad and lonely outcast amongst her family and friends When her math teacher takes an unlikely interest in her she begins to come alive again and starts to uestion everything including her strict religious upbringing Mark is sort of an enigma; he's sexy and intriguing with an adorable love of music and is definitely hiding a secret past He sees something in Cadence that no else bothers to recognize sparking a flirtatious but slightly hesitant pursuitThe characters although well fleshed out are flawed and will potentially get under your skin at times; Cadence especially Although she exudes a rough exterior her naiveté became apparent in many instances truly highlighting the maturity gap between these two characters Cadence had a tendency to blurt out whatever crossed her mind without a mental filter and some of it felt awkward That said she was young and had been allowing her broken past to navigate her futureand I could appreciate her rocky journey to self discovery The forbidden love element in this story is racy and bold but completely legal The religious aspect was woven in delicately but offered a sense of justifiable controversy There's plenty of angst; tons of steam but importantly—an extraordinary well developed plot centered on a thought provoking theme Good is such a subjective term What's deemed good by one may be ridiculed by another We are all flawed in some form and I love how this book really drives that message homeI've often wondered what makes these teacherstudent relationship stories uestionable for some readers than many other topics which display major controversy—such as stories centered on kidnap rape and abuse Some of these stories are brutal yet have been romanticized time and again and many readers seem to eat them up—myself includedHere we have a very 'age legal' teacherstudent relationship forbidden for the fact that its taboo yet I've seen the morality of this story and how it's presented dissected under a microscope When we take on a forbidden topic we have to be prepared for a bold outcome; Something uncomfortable; Conditions we don't have to necessarily agree with but may become captivated by nonetheless It is precisely what makes these stories forbidden Of course not everyone is going to enjoy this book and accept what it represents but I don't feel this is any morally wrong than many other teacherstudent stories out there This installation does leave off on a cliffhanger but one that surrounds the plot and not the relationship There are still many secrets to uncover and I cannot wait for the seuel to this story Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory RomanceNew Adult▪ Steam Caliber Extremely steamy▪ Romance Forbidden teacherstudent relationship▪ Characters Hero 28Heroine 17▪ Plot Bold edgy and controversial Excellent execution ▪ Writing Fluid engaging and gripping ▪ POV 1st Person Heroine▪ Cliffhanger Yes though not a relationship cliffhanger▪ Next Installment Follow up Huge thanks to this generous author for providing both beta and arc copies