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The Perfect Match doc ↠ reader ¹ [PDF] ✐ The Perfect Match By Lory Lilian – “The Perfect Match” is a seuel to “Pride and Prejudice” that takes place a year after the events of Jane Austen’s novel Her beloved characters are approaching their first wedding anniversary “The Perfect Match” is a sS the Darcys and Bingleys experience somewhat different marriagesIn addition Elizabeth Darcy has the burden of organizing her first ball while she encounters the challenges of the high circles of Regenc Originally posted on My Kids led Me Back to Pride PrejudiceThis book is what I would call an understated little gemYou need look no further than the last chapter in Austen's Pride and Prejudice to understand Lory's vision for this book and to my sheer delight her inspiration is the 1995 PP with Firth and Ehle sueakFor me the last chapter in PP conveyed so much yet gave so little I selfishly wanted and this little darling of a book does precisely that When I was speaking to Lory about this book she said Elizabeth and Darcy are meant to be the happiest couple in the world right? And I could not agree Therefore if you were expecting Elizabeth and Darcy to be anything other than happy or for the Colonel to get horrifically injured or for some other ghastly mishap to take place then you will be sorely disappointed However if like me you believed Darcy and Elizabeth would have their happily ever after then I am certain you will appreciate and enjoy this story as much as I didFollowing Elizabeth and Darcy for little over a year their first Christmas is spent at Pemberley along with the Bennets the Gardiners and the Bingleys yes including the Bingley sisters You will be pleased to know that Mrs Gardiner's wish to tour the grounds in a small phaeton were realised Between June and August Darcy takes Elizabeth on a tour of EnglandReturning to London in November to spend the season we catch up with the two lovebirds at Darcy house The Bingleys are to host a joint anniversary dinner and Lady Matlock displeased that the Darcy's forewent the previous season is eager for Elizabeth to throw a ball and be properly introduced to societyDarcy helped Elizabeth sit near Georgiana then took a place right across from her as he always did She had asked him some time ago why he did not sit beside her at the table and he had answered that he preferred to have a full view of her beautiful face and to enjoy her smiles her fine eyes and all the small gestures that for such a long time he had admired only from afar Now than ever before she could feel his eyes caressing her while the servants brought the first course and the others asked Darcy about his journey Lory LilianI loved this story for too many reasons to mention but what I liked most was that Lory tried to keep the characters as close to Austen's as possible in regards to how they might behave For instance Mrs Bennet was kept how I like her a little over the top but sensible enough not to ruin her daughter's marriages and reputations amongst the ton or the Matlocks for that matter Lets not forget the business of her life was to see her daughters married and I am sure she would do nothing to jeopardise thatLory does a exceptional job in addressing and expanding on the brief glimpse of the future Austen left us I liked how the gradual change Bingley undertakes is conveyed as he tries to gain his assertiveness in his new found position as husband and his conflict of interest in light of how his sisters behave How would it have been? Although Caroline would not have been insensible in preserving her right to visit Pemberley it does not follow that she would be so altered that her manner would soften towards Jane As Mr Bennet observed Bingley and Jane are so easy and generous that It came as no surprise that their marriage would run into a few problems Darcy and Elizabeth had their fair amount of trials and tribulations in PP but I felt Bingley and Jane's were on the horizon After all Elizabeth gained a sweet and loving sister in Georgiana but the same could not be said for Jane Elizabeth was not settled too near her family Yet Jane was just a stones throw from LongbournMr Darcy’s “ten thousand a year” his estates and his wealth meant little to her His best ualities—those for which she felt herself blessed—were his generous nature his kindness his honesty his fairness his intelligence and knowledge of the world his love of books art and everything beautiful—and his love and passion for her His dark gaze and small hidden smiles when he looked at her his soft low voice whispering to her his strong yet tender hands that offered her safety warmth caresses and Her own thoughts made her tremble Lory LilianThe details for me are what Lory does best every uestion I had she answered For instance did Mr Bennet tell Mrs Bennet the truth about what Darcy had done for Lydia? It is these little details I appreciate because they are important to me and I think every Janiete can relate to thatKeeping details realistic adds to the depth of a story how did the Matlocks take to Elizabeth? How was she received by the ton? How did Darcy handle the fact that Wickham was part of the family? Lory pulled off a wonderful job in all aspects that mattered Each of her Characters old and new I adored and I freuently had a satisfied grin on my faceMy favourite scenes were Elizabeth's repartee with the Countess of Jersey a patroness of Almack's Jane and Bingley's enlightenment to how they had misunderstood one another Mrs Bennet's heart to heart with Elizabeth and Darcy's worry and outrage pertaining to Elizabeth's healthThere is something lovely about Darcy's protectiveness over Elizabeth it is so masculine yet heart warming because it conveys how much she means to him They both love each other without uestion but by closely keeping to the original characters we do not get the overly passionate or unbelievable Darcy We do not see a Darcy that cannot bare to be apart from Elizabeth for even a moment he still pursues his manly pursuits like visiting his mens' club while Elizabeth enjoys spending time with Georgiana Jane and Mrs Gardiner“So she went alone? Twenty servants in this house and she went alone? Where was everybody? Sarah Mrs Benson—and Stevens—I already had a decided discussion with him Does no one attend to their duties when I am away?” Lory LilianElizabeth is uite the lady and it was great to witness how she handled herself in her new station in life in one particular scene I loved how she pacified Darcy's displeasure with his aunt while still showing him the respect a husband like Darcy should garner without belittling him in the presence of company Another theme that ran throughout was Darcy and Elizabeth's connection through knowing glances they silently communicated with one another Remember the 1995 piano scene at Pemberley when their eyes meet at the piano while she turns the pages for Georgiana shortly after Caroline's thinly veiled attack if you do then you will know what I am talking about I was unhappy that the story was not longer I could have read another 100 pages covering Georgiana's coming out and Elizabeth's presentation to court but then it would be unfair to criticize a book that at 110 pages is described as a short story there goes my selfishness againCapital I was pleased with everyone and everything in this book Mr Bennet's wit Mrs Bennet's love for her daughters Mrs Gardiner's wise presence Caroline's disdain Lady Matlock's tender concern and family loyalty in promoting the reputation of the Darcy's and lets not forget Colonel Fitzwilliam's jovial manner Jane and Bingley were too sweet Elizabeth was kind loving and considerate Darcy was a great friend generous and most importantly a gentleman It should come as no surprise that both couples were most certainly a Perfect Match

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“The Perfect Match” is a seuel to “Pride and Prejudice” that takes place a year after the events of Jane Austen’s novel Her beloved characters are approaching their first wedding anniversary a “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart the place where love resides” Audrey HepburnRating the book blurb stated “This novella is light and very sensual with low angst and several scenes suggested for a mature audience There is no explicit sexual content” This was a delightful story I simply loved it I loved the characters Wickham and Lydia were off the page and in the north were they belonged Our couples the Bingleys and the Darcys each had a very different honeymoon period Darcy wisely took Elizabeth off so they could be togetheralone Bingley unfortunately stayed at Netherfield with his sisters Mr Hurst and with Mrs Bennet coming by two or three times a week Caroline and Mrs Bennet were both uick to give Jane advice and comments on how things should be at Netherfield Charles what is the deal letting everyone run over you and take advantage of Jane?When the Bingley and Darcy couples finally get together in London Elizabeth can see that Jane is unhappy The Bingley sisters are in rare form as they try to manipulate Elizacontrol Charles and downplay Jane’s authority in her own house Charles tries to walk a fine line between all the elements in his life and is not doing a very good job of it He can see daily that his wife is not happy Well let’s just say the straw that broke the camel’s back came during a dinner party given by the Bingleys celebrating their shared anniversary with Elizabeth and Darcy Yeah Caroline pulled a good one and Jane finally cracked and left the dining room in tears with Charles right behind her This was the beginning of a new relationship between Jane and Bingley It was really cute sweet and sensual This story showcased Elizabeth coming out in society as the new Mrs Darcy A small ball was to be given to select members of the ton with Lady Matlock as the guiding force This was the most prominent social happening within the ton and Caroline so wanted Elizabeth to fail Elizabeth’s health took a turn and after she fainted in the garden the doctor was called and Darcy was beside himself over his concernThere was a scene at the ball when Mrs Bennet made a speech within the hearing of only Mr Bennet I was so moved by it completely uncharacteristic of her and yet so profound I loved it and even Mr Bennet was impressed with it Wow such insight from Elizabeth’s mother who for years only saw Elizabeth as her least favorite daughter This little conversation with Mr Bennet soothed so much resentment on my part for this woman that I forgave her for her slight Now that is saying something There was an epilogue; and I do love a good epilogue It answered most of my uestions; however I was still left with a few threads unanswered

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The Perfect MatchY London not to mention a mysterious “affliction” that has Mr Darcy in a panic This novella is light and sensual with several scenes suggested for a mature audience There is no explicit sexual conte There are some scenes that I thought was out of character with Darcy and Elizabeth Love how Georgiana and Jane blossomed in the book