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Son drug smuggling and industrial sabotage Worst of all for Bond Scaramanga Man with the PDF #206 has a golden bullet inscribed with the numbers and he’s eager to put it to useUnder the heat of the Caribbean sun Bond faces a seemingly impossible task win a duel against the Man with the Golden Gu English author Ian Fleming had a very systematic and orderly routine that he employed in the creation of his 14 James Bond books 12 novels plus two collections of short stories Each winter he would vacation at his Goldeneye retreat at Oracabessa on the north shore of Jamaica and write a bit each day; reportedly around 2000 words As revealed in Raymond Benson's James Bond Bedside Companion Fleming would start the day with a swim and breakfast followed by a few hours of work and then lunch after which he took a nap and then wrote for another hour or so He would write very uickly which partially accounts for the fast moving nature of his thrillers and only after a first draft was finished would he go back revise and insert the copious details that are a hallmark of the series; the plethora of convincing minutiae that gave his tales such an air of verisimilitude; the so called Fleming effect But what would have happened if one of his tales was released without that later revision and the addition of all those trademark details Well such was exactly the case with the final 007 novel The Man With the Golden Gun Written by Fleming in the winter of 1964 the initial manuscript was still in its incomplete state when the author died on August 12th of that year at the age of 56 The publisher Jonathan Cape released the hardcover edition of Fleming's unfinished work in April '65 to middling reviews but huge sales Benson who I greatly respect and admire has deemed the book the weakest novel in the series and he may well be right Still lesser Fleming as it turns out is still mighty good enough The book picks up around a year after the events of the previous Bond novel 1964's You Only Live Twice at the end of which Bond had become an amnesiac living in a Japanese fishing village and venturing to Vladivostok to search for his identity In Golden Gun's memorable opening so memorable indeed that this reader clearly recalled it from an initial reading over 40 years earlier a brainwashed Bond returns to London and attempts to assassinate his boss M with a cyanide pistol He fortunately fails in this attempt is deprogrammed by the British Secret Service and then sent on a seemingly impossible mission as a means of determining whether he's still got it His task to track down and exterminate the Spanish criminalhitman Francisco Scaramanga currently working for the Castro government in Cuba and responsible for the deaths of many British agents Bond tracks his uarry to a brothel in Jamaica Fleming knew the island well of course and had previously used it as a setting in Live and Let Die and Dr No as well as in the short stories For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy and manages to get hired by the gunman as a personal assistant of sorts It seems that the hitman has convened a small gathering of hoods including representatives of the Mafia and KGB at a hotel that they are financing and erecting near Negril and that Bond will be responsible for the entertainments at that bash It is difficult to deny Benson's assertion that the plot in this final book is thin that the climactic battle between 007 and his adversary is not as exciting as it could have been that Scaramanga makes some illogical decisions and that the sections dealing with Bond's attack on M and subseuent rehabilitation are too brief Still I would disagree with Benson when he says that Bond is robotlike in this novel and that Scaramanga is hardly adeuate for a Bond villain Indeed there are numerous instances in which we are given a glimpse at 007's thought processes and in which he displays a distinct empathetic and feeling persona Witness how decently he treats Tiffy in that Savannah La Mar brothel and the fact that he cannot bring himself to shoot Scaramanga twice in cold blood And as for Scaramanga he may make some slips during the course of the book such as hiring not only Bond but also Bond's CIA buddy Felix Leiter to work at his weekend shindig but his conversations with the KGB agent Hendriks regarding such matters as sugar plantation sabotage drug smuggling prostitution and high finance reveal him to be a man of no small intellect While reading the book I couldn't help thinking that a better person to play Scaramanga on screen would have been the great character actor Dan Duryea who sadly passed away six years before the film's 1974 release The film the weakest of the 23 to date for this viewer completely jettisoned the novel's plot in favor of a Far East setting and solex agitator sci fi story line Christopher Lee may have been a cousin of Fleming's and certainly brings a lot of class to any production he appears in but Duryea surely would have captured Scaramanga better as Fleming depicts him nasty snide and foul mouthed Okay bimboDon't bust your stays getting through the window he says to Bond's secretary Mary Goodnight in one suspenseful seuence The Man With the Golden Gun is interesting in that it finally reveals to the reader the real name of M updates us on the fate of Dr No's Honey Ryder tells us that the name of Bond's cover employer has been changed from Universal Exports to Transworld Consortium and concludes with Bond being offered a knighthood which he declines It also features the least sex of any of the Bond novels none as a matter of fact although Goodnight's offer to care for the wounded 007 at the book's tail end can easily be seen as a romantic promise The action in the book is limited as well the assassination attempt a gun battle aboard a moving train and Bond and Scaramanga facing off in a deserted swamp Still the book is consistently suspenseful at least I found it to be so and fast moving And if all that great wealth of detail usually to be found in a Bond novel is largely absent here well there is still plenty enough On Her Majesty's Secret Service for example had sent me scurrying to the atlas and Interwebs to look up 285 references; the book in uestion a mere 112; Mary doesn't just wear a blouse but a white tussore shirt Fleming always was an elegant writer and he surely is here too and yet he unfortunately manages to use the word mock twice in two consecutive paragraphs mock English and mock boisterous references Wilton carpets twice in two different abodes and even gets one of his Caribbean facts wrong Pitch Lake is in western Trinidad not eastern Still he is capable of some wonderful foreshadowing such as when Tiffy uses the expression kill two birds with the same stone just minutes before Scaramanga shoots two Jamaican grackles in her presence and giving us some cool tough talk practically everything that Scaramanga utters to Bond not to mention my favorite line in the book as spoken by one particularly nasty Rasta to 007 Rass man Ah doan talk wid buckra I urge you to read the book for the translation The Man With the Golden Gun may have ended this classic series on a weak note but the book itself winds up with some wonderful summations of the Bond character as Leiter cogently tells the agent Pest controlIt's what you were put into the world for and Bond later dwells on how domesticity for him would always pall Ringing down the curtain on fiction's most famous secret agent Fleming's final effort may not be his best but it sure was good enough for this reader One can only wonder how much better this work might have been had time allowed its author to embellish it with his patented Fleming effect

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The Man with the Golden GunBond may have with the PDFEPUB #228 a license to kill but “Pistols” Scaramanga has a talent for it He’s a KGB trained assassin who’s left a trail of dead British Secret Service agents in his wake His weapon of choice A gold plated ColtIn the aftermath of his brainwashing by the Soviets Bond B 71% | Satisfactory Notes James Bond infiltrates an evil corporate retreat and suffers from a bout of Why Don't You Just Shoot Him disease

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The Man with the Golden Gun kindle ↠ eBook 9780142003282 Free Ö Ian Fleming ☆ ❮Download❯ ✤ The Man with the Golden Gun Author Ian Fleming – Bond may have a license to kill but “Pistols” Scaramanga has a talent for it He’s a KGB traIs given The Man Kindle one last chance to win back M’s trust terminate Scaramanga before he strikes MI again Traveling to Jamaica under an assumed name Bond manages to infiltrate Scaramanga’s organization and soon discovers that the hit man’s criminal ambitions have expanded to include ar James Bond knew that he was not only disobeying orders or at best dodging them but also being a bloody foolI feel like the spark has gone out of this series Ever since view spoilerTracy was murdered at the end of On Her Majesty's Secret Service hide spoiler