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epub ☆ Nicholas And Alexandra Paperback read ¸ eyltransferservices È ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Nicholas And Alexandra ✑ Author Robert K. Massie – Eyltransferservices.co.uk The story of the love that ended an empireIn this commanding book Pulitzer Prize–winning author Robert K MThe story of the love that ended an empireIn this commanding book Pulitzer Prize–winning author Robert K Massie sweeps readers back to the extraordinary world of Imperial Russia to tell t Nicholas Alexandra is the tragic and compelling story of the last Tsar and his family by Robert K Massie this book was first published in 1968 and is an amazing and historically accurate account of the fall of the Romanovs and the collapse of Imperial Russia but is also The story of Nicholas a husband and father and a family who dealt with a child suffering from haemophiliaThe focus of this book is on the family but with an engrossing account of one of the century's most dramatic events in the background So with this book you get the best of both worlds you get an accurate historical account of the collapse of Imperial Russia and an exuisite account of love and compassion and you are transported back to Russia in a time of the magnificent life of the court of St Petersburg the opulent palaces and the great ballsIt took me a long time to read this book but I found myself so engrossed in the story as the writing is magnificent and I felt that the author Massie transported me to Russia in a way that no writer has ever done before I spent so much time checking out all the palace names on the computer and the people in the book that I was even thinking about the book when I was not reading itMost importantly I learned to much from this book it is such an educationI have had this book on my bookshelf for uite a while and had put off reading it until a friend picked it up one day and was amazed that I had not read it I loved this book and would rate it in my top 5 books of all times Now all I have to do is visit all the places I have read about in this book

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He story of the Romanovs’ lives Nicholas’s political naïveté Alexandra’s obsession with the corrupt mystic Rasputin and little Alexis’s brave struggle with hemophilia Against a la Is it possible he asked that for twenty two years I tried to act for the best and that for twenty two years it was all a mistakeThe answer to this uestion is something neither Nicholas nor his beloved and adoring wife Alix would ever fully comprehend To the end they continued to believe every folly that had made them prisoners in the land they once ruled with a single handThis book is an excellent easy to consume history detailing the fall of the Romanov dynasty However the author does have bias; Massie wants his readers to know that Nicholas II was in fact a really swell guy Yet I close out his book less sympathetic to the man than I started Outwardly gentlemanly polite and mild mannered indeed he sent millions of young Russian men to battle without bullets or even adeuate footwear That he prayed for them as they fell into the trenches hardly makes retribution Alexandra is an endlessly frustrating figure Pious and self centered and I suspect of low intelligence as well she was easily taken for a fool and made a fool out of her husband in turn Her sole focus seemed to be in handing down autocratic rule to Baby her son Alexis Her dogged insistence that Nicholas not share governing with a representational parliamentary body was born out of fear it would lessen Alexis's inheritance The needs of the peasantry were ignored In fact one of the few times the Empress didn't listen to Rasputin was when he warned her about food shortages She believed he could cure her son's hemophilia but not that he could see with his own eyes that her subjects were hungry I don't think Russian hatred for her was necessarily undeservedThe real tragedy is the children especially the Tsar's four daughters I wish there had been about OTMA in this book although I understand why there wasn't In the end this is an excellent non fiction history book I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the Romanov dynasty the Russian Revolution or just looking for a well written nonfiction story

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Nicholas And AlexandraVish Nicholas And PDFEPUBbackdrop of luxury and intrigue Massie unfolds a powerful drama of passion and history the story of a doomed empire and the death marked royals who watched it crumb This is the third biography that I’ve read by Robert K Massie He’s a fabulous writer and his books have a way of grabbing me from the get go I’ve been enjoying reading about Russian history which I had been uite ignorant about until I started on his books I knew how this story was going to end and how tragic it would be Massie is such a great writer that I was engaged throughout What I didn’t know is how frustrated I would get with certain key characters We have a son with hemophilia a terrified mother a cunning faith healer and an unprepared but oh so kind hearted Tsar who drove me nuts as he would keep deferring to his wife on major issues Nicholas was naïve and completely spineless Alexandra was incredibly foolish and Nicholas should not have listened to her when it came to running the country When I read those parts honestly I was about ready to pop I had become so invested in all the characters and they felt like family It was truly heartbreaking not just for the Romanovs but for countless others who did not deserve the evil monstrosities of living under the brutal communist regime Here is the Tsar with two of his children Tatiana and Alexei in the summer of 1916 He was such a family man and I simply love that “Unlike many a royal couple Nicholas and Alexandra shared the same bed”In the evening after supper Nicholas often sat in the family drawing room reading aloud while his wife and daughters sewed or embroidered His choice said Anna Vyrubova who spent many of these cozy evenings with the Imperial family might be Tolstoy Turgenev or his own favorite Gogol On the other hand to please the ladies it might be a fashionable English novel Nicholas read eually well in Russian English and French and he could manage in German and Danish”“Books were supplied by his private librarian whose job it was to provide the Tsar each month with twenty of the best books from all countries This collection was laid out on a table and Nicholas arranged them in order of preference; thereafter the Tsar’s valets saw to it that no one disarranged them until the end of the month Sometimes instead of reading the family spent evenings pasting snapshots taken by the court photographers or by themselves into green leather albums stamped in gold with the Imperial monograph Nicholas enjoyed supervising the placement and pasting of the photographs and insisted that the work be done with painstaking neatness”“The most famous room in the palace—for a time the most famous room in Russia—was the Empress’s mauve boudoir Everything in it was mauve curtains carpet pillows; even the furniture was mauve and white Hepplewhite Masses of fresh white and purple lilacs vases of roses and orchids and bowls of violets perfumed the air Tables and shelves were cluttered with books papers and porcelain and enamel knicknacks In this room Alexandra surrounded herself with mementoes of her family and her religion The walls were covered with icons Over her chaise longue hung a picture of the Virgin Mary A portrait of her mother Princess Alice looked down from another wall On a table in a place of honor stood a large photograph of ueen Victoria The only portrait in the room other than religious and family pictures was a portrait of Marie AntoinetteIn this cluttered cozy room surrounded by her treasured objects Alexandra felt secure Here in the morning she talked to her daughters helping them choose their dresses and plan their schedules It was to this room that Nicholas hurried to sit with his wife sip tea read the papers and discuss their children and their empire They talked to each other in English although Nicholas and all the children spoke Russian to each other To Alexandra Nicholas was always ‘Nicky’ To him she was ‘Alix’ or ‘Sunshine’ or ‘Sunny’ Sometimes through the rooms of this private wing a clear musical whistle like the warbling song of a bird would sound This was Nicholas’s way of summoning his wife Early in her marriage Alexandra hearing the call would blush red and drop whatever she was doing to hurry to him Later as his children grew up Nicholas used it to call them and the birdlike whistle became a familiar and regular sound in the Alexander Palace Next to the mauve boudoir was the Empress’s dressing room an array of closets for her gowns shelves for her hats and trays for her jewels Alexandra had six wardrobe maids but her modesty severely limited their duties No one ever saw the Empress Alexandra undressed or in her bath She bathed herself and when she was ready to have her hair arranged she appeared in a Japanese kimono Often it was Grand Duchess Tatiana who came to comb her mother’s hair and pile the long red gold strands on top of her head After the Empress was almost dressed her maids were summoned to fasten buttons and clasp on jewelry ‘Only rubies today’ the Empress would say or ‘Pearls and sapphires with this gown’ She preferred pearls to all other jewels and several ropes of pearls usually cascaded from her neck to her waist”Alexandra in the Mauve RoomAll in all this was a truly a captivating biography and I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in Russian history Here are some of my favorite uotes“Russia after all has existed for a thousand years; the Soviet era lasted only seventy four The Romanov dynasty which included such towering figures as Peter and Catherine the Great had ruled for than three centuries It came to an end in brutal murders in a Siberian cellar but many Russians never knew this had happened Or how Or why” “In his work habits Nicholas was solitary Unlike most monarchs and chiefs of state—unlike even his own wife—he had no private secretary He preferred to do things for himself On his desk he kept a large calendar of his daily appointments scrupulously entered in his own hand When official papers arrived he opened them read them signed them and put them in envelopes himself” “With much the same sense of privacy Nicholas disliked discussions of politics especially in casual conversation A new aide de camp galloping at the side of the Tsar near Livadia on a morning ride supposed that his duty was to amuse the Tsar with small talk He chose politics as his subject Nicholas replied reluctantly and uickly switched the conversation to the weather the mountain scenery the horses and tennis When the aide persisted Nicholas put spurs to his horse and galloped ahead This sense of privacy along with an unwillingness to provoke personal unpleasantness created perennial difficulty between the Tsar and his ministers Ministers were appointed and dismissed directly by the crown In theory they were the servants of the Tsar and he was free to give these posts to whomever he liked to listen to or ignore a minister’s advice and to hand down dismissals without explanation” “Nicholas never mastered the techniue of forceful efficient management of subordinates He hated scenes and found it impossible to sternly criticize or dismiss a man to his face If something was wrong he preferred to give a minister a friendly reception comment gently and shake hands warmly Occasionally after such an interview the minister would return to his office well pleased with himself only to receive in the morning mail a letter regretfully asking for his resignation Not unnaturally these men complained that they had been deceived”“Nicholas received most visitors informally Standing in front of his desk he gestured them into an armchair asked if they would like to smoke and lighted a cigarette He was a careful listener and although he often grasped the conclusion before his visitor had reached it he never interrupted”“Her deep sorrow was war itself and the suffering it brought Like so many others she yearned that the suffering would have meaning ‘I do wonder what will be after this great war is over Will there be a reawakening and new birth in all—shall once ideals exist will people become pure and poetic or will they continue to be dry materialists So many things one longs to know But such terrible misery as the whole world has suffered must clean hearts and minds and purify the stagnant brains and sleeping souls Oh only to guide all wisely into the right and fruitful channel’”These are the Empress’s words“ One by one all earthly things slip away houses and possessions ruined friends vanished One lives from day to day But God is in all and nature never changes I can see all around me churches and hills the lovely world”Tsar Nicholas and his familyThe Romanov sisters with their motherAlexandra kissing her dog