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EPUB Î MOBI Man Kzin Wars X The Wunder War Man Kzin Wars î 9780743498944 FREE ↠ ➸ [Reading] ➺ Man Kzin Wars X The Wunder War Man Kzin Wars By Hal G.P. Colebatch ➭ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk The first colonists from Earth named the planet Wunderland Generations latLy in time to prepare to fight back How the valiant human defenders turned to guerilla warfare in the Wunderland jungles and caves after the feline warrior race had destroyed or seized the cities How after the war ended in an ignominous defeat for the Kzin some humans and Kzin worked for good will between the two species their work complicated by humans wanting revenge and K As the series goes this is one of the better booksThe short stories link to each other in a chronological orderIt help frame and tie up some of the events in other stories and it felt like there was a bit of retconning going on with some of the storiesThe best example of that is the way it is repeated a few times that earth and Wunderland societies were very different before the first war ARM having had a much less secure grip on Wunderland Other things include references to Ringworld and a pretty satisfying explanation on WTF happened any intermediate civilizationsThe last story wraps up the arc well and lets some interesting threads dangle for future storiesThis collection has revived my interest in Known space which had felt to me like it was going Marvel multiverse with divergent story arcs and plot holes that were large enough to have their own gravity wells

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The first colonists from Earth named the planet Wunderland Generations later the felinoid alien invaders called Kzin came and turned it into a hell for humans Touched on in other accounts of the Man Kzin wars here for the first time is the decades long saga of Wunderland how the Wunderlanders first learned of the Kzin attacks on Earth by slower than light communications bare Tenth in the Man Kzin Wars series This one is subtitled “The Wunder War” and consists of four stories all written by Hal Colbatch related to the invasion occupation and liberation of the planet Wunderland by the Kzin Wunderland is a planet circling Alpha Centauri which was colonized by Earthians some 400 years ago so many of the Earth customs and governmental procedures as well as the need for a functional military have been forgotten or censored Interestingly by this time sentient dolphins have been not only recognized but given administrative functions this was also addressed in David Brin’s “Startide Rising” in which dolphins are not only members of a spaceship crew but several are officers on board The first story “One War for Wunderland” is told from the point of view of Professor Nils Rykermann a biologist who embodies the reaction of the general populace when they become aware of the approach of Kzin warcraft Initially especially because the government is keeping most of the information from them they debate about whether the visitors are friendly or hostile and if as in the attack on the “Angel’s Pencil” they were hostile was it because they were just defending themselves from the human aggressors? Indeed they don’t even know what the aliens look like until a Kzin scout is spotted and struggles to describe a giant ard catlike being are experienced And if the visitors are indeed hostile how will a military be raised and weapons manufactured? And will it take away from money better used on prosocial causes? One of the characters opines “War production helps create an illusion of prosperity but in the long run it’s money thrown away” Rykermann visits his friend Brother Peter abbot of “The Order” a group of monks who are themselves struggling with how to approach an alien race religiously this theme was also addressed in Mary Doria Russell’s “The Sparrow” and its seuel “Children of God” Another main character is Dimity Carmody a theoretical physicist who teams with Nils to help realistically educate the populace and especially the governing body of the true threat and to resist the inevitable invasion This is basically the story in a nutshell; there are a number of other aspects thrown in such as the various native animal and plant species the communication with Earth the Kzins’ mindreading abilities and the governance system on Wunderland Outstanding storyThe second “The Corporal in the Caves” takes place some sixty years after the events of the previous story and is told from the point of view of a Kzin Corporal whose unit is fighting a plucky group of humans who are holed up in a labyrinthine system of caves called the Hohe Kalkstein Caverns these were referenced in the previous story as a place to make a standoff ifwhen the invasion occurs Unbeknownst to Corporal Kzin are known merely by their rank and do not receive a “Name” until they have proved themselves heroic in battle the caverns are also home to a very large group of essentially blind but also very aggressive creatures referred to as “Morlocks” in reference to the cave dwelling predatory race from “The Time Machine” As the story progresses Corporal and the other Kzin come to realize that the Morlocks are as great a threat as the humans perhaps even so While I won’t give away the details there is a banding together to fight a common enemy The ending took me a second to “get” but it was uite satisfying“Music Box” another novella takes place 17 years after those of “Corporal in the Caves” The Kzin occupation has ended and both human and Kzin have reached an uneasy peace Factions have arisen one of which is bent upon revenge and the elimination of the Kzin on Wunderland Others who had been collaborationists with the Kzin during the invasion and occupation espouse a Kzin revolution Another faction is concerned with forging a cooperative relationship between humans and Kzin Nils Rykermann now age 93 “middle aged” because of life enhancing drugs he has developed who had been the chief architect of biological weapons for humans during the invasion is along with his wife Leonie part of this last faction Rykermann’s change of heart is largely based upon having been saved by the Kzin Raargh in the Hohe Kalkstein see previous story a relationship that continues Of course his feelings about the Kzin themselves remains conflicted because they had blown up the slowboat that had had a wounded Dimity Carmody aboard; later in the story Dimity reappears having been rescued and recovered from her wounds Roaargh has also taken on Valemar son of the murdered Chuut Ritt as his ward Roaargh teaches Valemar the ways of the Kzin as well as learning how to understand and interact with humans They both become captured by Henrietta who had been Chuut Ritt’s slave and trusted assistant Chuut Ritt had begun construction on a fortress for the Kzin to arm and train against the humans and Henrietta had taken over the project when Chuut Ritt had died A number of battles ensue with loss of many human and Kzin lives on all sides The climactic confrontations have again an uneasy but satisfying conclusion An epilogue set three years after these events is a nice icing on this cakeThe last story “Peter Robinson” is set yet another 300 years after the events of “Music Box” by which time Wunderland is settled by both humans and Kzin although there are implications that the Kzin remain basically warlike and have had to use diplomacy and cooperation as their weapons There is even an obliue reference to a Kzin being on the crew to investigate a “Ringworld” the novel that started my obsession with this whole “Man Kzin” thing in the first place The title character is a “Wunderkzin” a Kzin born on Wunderland and socialized to human values and customs though retaining somewhat of a Kzinti nature; Wunderkzinti are considered by the Kzin proper from the Patriarchy to be traitors and freaks Peter along with Charrgh Captain a Patriarchy Kzin and several humans are sent to investigate what has come to be known as a “Stasis Box” an ancient artifact stemming from the wars billions of years ago between a Slaver race and the enslaved who had rebelled and defeated their masters These artifacts could contain anything from precious artifacts to bombs to actual Slavers themselves so their investigation is considered a delicate situation reuiring both cooperation and diplomacy The plot involves the investigation of this large stasis box but the underlying theme involves the relationship between Peter Robinson and Chaargh Captain in which they develop a mutual respect and come to challenge their own prejudices about the other The action builds to a satisfying conclusion in this contextI liked the linked stories on the same theme for this book I do of course realize that almost all of the above comments will make no sense whatsoever unless the reader has a familiarity with the previous works Go read ‘em Five stars

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Man Kzin Wars X The Wunder War Man Kzin WarsZin who still saw humans as a somewhat annoying food source And how a human Kzin team was sent to investigate a mysterious asteroid and found a threat not only to both species but to the entire galaxy The humans wanted to destroy it but the Kzin wanted to exploit it and the only hope was a Kzin telepath raised by humans from a cub Which side would he choose monkey or warcat? A long running anthology series with stories set during the Man Kzin Wars in Larry Niven’s Known Space universe Niven started this thing up because while the Wars were very significant in the history of Known Space he himself was not adept at writing about conflict Niven has written some of the stories but most are by other authors The writing ranges from average to excellent Recommended if you are a fan of Known Spacehttpwwwbooksrosbochnet?p1026