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mobi ð Comanche Moon ð Mass Market Paperback read Ï [EPUB] ✹ Comanche Moon By Catherine Anderson – Orphaned after her parents were killed by Comanches Loretta Simpson still lives in terror that the warriors will return her fear so powerful she is no longer able to speak a wordHunteHe hatred between their peoples Loretta and Hunter gradually find their enmity changing to respect and care In the midst of such conflict it will take all the force of their love to find a safe have This book is incredible Wonderful Thought provoking Heartbreaking I couldn’t keep my nose out of it for the past two days At one point I misplaced it and all hell broke lose I was SO ticked off and everyone in the house paid for it Turns out a dog had shoved it under my bed but anyway back to the review – I’ve read a few frontier historicals and I’m realizing they are becoming one of my favorites The harsh lives these people lived are incredible The conflict between the whites and Indians was so awful In this story you are thrown into the struggle between them and how tragic it was on both sidesLoretta’s parents were murdered during an Indian raid 7 years earlier and she witnessed the brutal rape and slayings Now she is 20 years old and mute Since the attack she cannot speak She lives with her aunt and uncle and young niece on their farmHunter of the Wolf‘s wife was raped and murdered by white men while she was pregnant wit his child years ago Now he must live a song that tells of him falling in love with a white woman who cannot speakTheir story is worth every minute it takes to read it I did like the end but I would have liked a little bit of an epilogue I’m looking forward to her niece Amy and Swift Antelope’s story next

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Elieves that Loretta is a woman of ancient prophecy whom he must honor But Loretta can only see him as the enemy who has kidnapped her and she refuses to succumb to his control or his touchDespite t A wonderful story about two worlds colliding Native American heroes are some of my favorites although they are sometimes tough to read due to the tragic nature of their lives This was most definitely a brutal story and I feel that I must add disclaimer about one aspect There is a scene that is NOT explicit but that alludes to the repeated rape of a twelve year old and gives some visuals of the aftermath I was a little floored because I really didn't expect that to happen and it colored my perception of the rest of the book Just put a downer on my feelings and I kept getting little flashbacks Maybe I could have moved past it if I didn't have daughters that age but for me I really don't like rape in my romance It pulls me away from the happy ever after and all I can think about is violation a sadnessHowever the rest of the story was just what I wanted and expectedthe language barrier wasn't there because Hunter is half white and understands a lot of English I love the CLAIMING part of this romance Hunter very uickly realizes that he wants this white woman for reasons than that she fills the prophesy of his Comanche people She is brave and beautiful and fierce albeit a pain in his ass most of the time Loretta is understandably scared half to death for most of the book She's a pretty strong willed girl and her past is just as tragic as Hunter's The Comanche warriors brutally raped and tortured her mother and killed her father when she was young so she has a very solid and well deserved prejudice against them However there was something about her character that annoyed me Her repeated attempts at escape were so juvenile and spur of the moment and I started rolling my eyes at some of her antic Girl needed to use her brain a little at timesDespite a few minor uibbles I will most definitely be moving on The next story is about the girl who was violated in this book and the young Native American boy who brought her back from her despair

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Comanche MoonOrphaned after her parents were killed by Comanches Loretta Simpson still lives in terror that the warriors will return her fear so powerful she is no longer able to speak a wordHunter of the Wolf b After surviving an attack by Comanches that killed her parents Loretta Simpson has been left emotionally scarred unable to talk Now living with her aunt uncle and young cousin she helps out on their farm A prophecy given to Hunter of the Wolf a Comanche warrior foretells of his destiny with a golden haired woman But Hunter has no love for whites after they killed his wife and many of his people Originally released in 1991 this romance holds up surprisingly well after twenty plus years This is probably my third read maybe and unlike many older Native American romances Comanche Moon is well written without the ubiuitous purple prose that seemingly defined the historicals of this era Ms Anderson's research into Comanche culture along with the use of many Comanche words adds a realistic touchIt’s not without its faults though The story is somewhat long winded and the back and forth between Hunter and Loretta dragged on for too long There are some inconsistencies in characterisation As much as I'm all for authenticity and knowing these were often very violent times the rape of a 12 year old girl by a group of men continually over days was despite there being little descriptive details unnecessary and excessive The dialogue and story tend at times to lean towards the cheesy And some phrases were repeated a lot forever with no horizonmy heart is laid upon the ground and my personal favourite this Comanche eh?Nevertheless Comanche Moon is still a good read with the strength here being Catherine Anderson's strong story telling and writing It’s not in the same class as my favourite and in my opinion the best Native American historical romance ever Dancing on Coals by Ellen O’Connell But after three reads and over twenty years this remains one of my top picks in Native American historical romances despite its faults Steam 25