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CHARACTERS ¹ Amexica by Ed Vulliamy ☆ ★ Amexica PDF / Epub ✪ Author Ed Vulliamy – Amexica is the harrowing story of the extraordinary terror unfolding along the US Mexico border—a country in its own right which belongs to both the United States and Mexico yet neither—as the nar Amexica is the harOf young women in Ciudad Juarez Heroes villains and victims the brave and rogue police priests women and journalists fighting the violence the gangs and their freelance killers the dead and the devastated all come to life in this singular book Amexica takes us far beyond today's headlines It is a street level portrait by turns horrific and sublime of a place and people in a time of war as much as of the war itself. An excellent read Sometimes these kind of books can be a bit on the dry side but Vulliamy does a great job of bringing to raw desperate life the people he talks to and the places he describes My interest in the whole War on Drugs subject had been sparked initially by reading Sam Hawken's 'The Dead Women of Juarez' and then the magnificent 'The Power of the Dog' by Don Winslow; but this book shows that nothing in fiction is as shocking as the events that now pass for daily life in the north of Mexico Highly recommended

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Amexica is the harrowing story of the extraordinary terror unfolding along the US Mexico border a country in its own right which belongs to both the United States and Mexico yet neither as the narco war escalates to a fever pitch thereIn after reporting from the border for many years Ed Vulliamy traveled the frontier from the Pacific coast to the Gulf of Mexico from Tijuana to Matamoros a journey through a kaleidos. Picking up Amexica War Along the Borderline by journalist Ed Vulliamy I was initially excited thinking here might be an accessible book by a veteran journalist capable of explaining to the English speaking public just what is going on in Mexico and why Naïve I know My suspicions were raised as early as the second paragraph when the author mistranslated the extremely common Spanish language sign off Atte as Look out Atte is actually an abbreviation of Atentamente simply meaning Sincerely Get something that basic that wrong that early in the book and I knew I was in for a ride downhillIn short Amexica is part travelogue part sympathetic recounting of the devastation of the militarization of the war on drugs and part “look at what daring stuff this white guy did” Vulliamy gets some things right pointing out the fact that the drug trade is just another form of transnational capitalism; examining the US role in arming the cartels and laundering their money; describing the toll neoliberalism has taken on Mexico in terms of migration and mauiladoras; and putting names and faces on some the 35000 dead in Felipe Calderón’s disastrous so called fight against organized crime The main problem is that all of this is carried out superficially and with a lack of historical context and political analysis along with omissions and errors As such if you want to know how things are right now in the borderlands reading this book might be somewhat useful If you want to know why things are they way they are right now this book will not help youIn glossing over the past to get to the juicy bloody present Vulliamy does his readers a disservice There is no discussion of how the war on drugs as a concept emerged in the Nixon era and developed as a strategy of population containment and oppression a politically expedient and enormously profitable endeavor that since 2001 has coalesced well with the rhetoric of the war on terror and Bush and Obama’s war on migrants The end of 70 years of PRI rule in Mexico on the federal level dismantling the pre existing arrangements with the drug cartels just as they were getting powerful due to the collapse of the Colombian cartels goes nearly unexamined Similarly ignored is the role that Calderón’s legitimacy played in the launching of a military offensive inside of Mexico As he fraudulently arrived at the presidency the drug war was a means of instilling his regime with legitimacy Scant attention is paid to the Mérida Initiative the US’s billion dollar military aid package to Mexico nor to how the same police and military forces receiving the aid and executing the “drug war” are also involved in large scale human rights violations massive corruption and the severe repression of Mexico’s social movements all with impunity Linking these factors to the current events that this book covers is essential for any understanding of the situationAdding to the contextual shortcomings of the book are the various errors and poor translations It’s stunning his editors either in the UK or US did not hire a translator to verify his Spanish or at least open a Spanish English dictionary Some of the humorous examples He translates gabacho as someone from Europe and gringo as someone from the US Both mean someone from the US Vulliamy would simply be a güero; and translating fresa in reference to someone who dresses or acts bourgeois literally as strawberry Regarding the facts some examples of errors The claim that Carlos Salinas privatized communally held land in the 1980s He only arrived at the presidency in December of 1988 privatization did not begin until a

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Amexica by Ed VulliaCopic landscape of corruption and all out civil war but also of beauty and joy and resilience He describes in revelatory detail how the narco gangs work the smuggling of people weapons and drugs back and forth across the border middle class flight from Mexico and an American celebrity culture that is feeding the violence the interrelated economies of drugs and the mauiladora factories the ruthless systematic murder. Fantastic read and a really important book everybody should read it and be aware of the atrocities happening everyday in MexicoLove the very poignant closing line by Munoz the Tijuana pathologist I live like a man who sits eating a delicious taco on the street there aware that every moment could be his last One bullet and he is dead