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Living Between Worlds Finding Personal Resilience in Changing TimesEr insolubles we grow large enough to contain what threatened to destroy us” Hollis’ students know him as a penetrating thinker who brings profound insight and sophistication to the inner journey In Living Between Worlds Between Worlds Finding Personal Resilience PDF he broadens his lens to encompass the relationship between our inner struggles and the rapidly shifting realities of modern human existence You will learn to invoke the tools of depth psychology classical literature philosophy dreamwork and myth to gain access to the resources that supported our ancestors through their darkest hours Through these paths of inner exploration you will access your “locus. Another instant classic from James Hollis He mentions in this book how he has made it part of his purpose to make the teachings and insights of Carl Jung accessible and available to a wider audience And he does that beautifully Reading this book is like taking a masterclass on how to live a good life to focus on meaning rather than the illusory search for 'happiness' Hollis has just turned 80 I hope he graces us with much of his wisdom in the years ahead In these times we sorely need it

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Living Between Worlds: Finding Personal Resilience in Changing Times Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ð ➹ [Download] ➵ Living Between Worlds: Finding Personal Resilience in Changing Times By Join or create book clubs Of knowing” an inner wellspring of deep resilience beyond the ego always available to guide you back to the imperatives of your soul Though many of the challenges of our times are uniue the path through for us personally and collectively will always rely on our measureless capacity for creativity wisdom and connection to a reality larger than ourselves Here you will find no easy answers or pat reassurances Yet as you listen to Living Between Worlds you will encounter causes for hope “We can find what supports us when nothing supports us” Hollis teaches “By bearing the unbearable we go through the desert to arrive at a nurturing oasis we did not know was there”. What is needed for these times and hope thrown in as well

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What guides us Worlds Finding Epub #221 when our world is changing Discover the path to deeper meaning and purpose through depth psychology and classical thought How did we get to this crossroads Living Between PDF in history And will we make it through individually and as a species “We all assumed that learning rationality and good intentions would prove enough to bring us Between Worlds Finding Kindle #208 to the promised land” says Dr James Hollis “But they haven’t and won’t Yet what we also do not recognize sufficiently is that this human animal is euipped Between Worlds Finding Personal Resilience PDF for survival In time as we have seen of life’s oth. After James Hollis' previous book LIVING AN EXAMINED LIFE which was a sort of summing up that got to the core & essence of a lifetime of Jungian practice & writing I hadn't really expected to see a new book from this wise & gifted author Yet here it is addressing the specific & pressing problem of what he calls in between times—that sense of the world no longer making sense of formerly firm ground turning to uicksand under our feet both individually & universally And no uestion but that these are particularly such timesYes it was ever thus but so many of us are feeling it that much strongly today feeling it overwhelmingly at times Where do we find purpose meaning direction As always we find it within if anywhere at all And this means becoming as clear eyed & self aware as possible recognizing what we use to give ourselves a sense of security even as we know that it's of a comforting illusion than anything else—in my case it's nostalgia for a golden past that only really exists as an ideal in my mind a sort of personal Dreamtime—something I love dearly but dare not allow to ensnare & trap me as I grow older For me that means striving to bring the best of it forward into the present rather than losing myself in the pastBut is that approach just one comforting illusion in itself Hollis invites us to examine such beliefs closely and to strive for honesty in assessing them He asks us to take the often painful unsettling path of going into ourselves without those protections in order to learn what they're ostensibly protecting us from—and this is no easy task I balk at it as it frightens me but there's no other path to greater self understanding & personal growthWhile I'm two decades younger than Hollis I'm now old enough to see not only the last of my parents' generation disappearing but many of my own as well That protective wall against the inevitable truth of mortality reveals itself to be a threadbare film of gossamer easily torn & blown away by the merest sigh So many personal dreams & goals are fallen by the wayside What does that leave me—or anyone else in the same situationAs Hollis sees it it leaves us with the possibility of facing those losses & fears suarely and of finding meaning in the autumn of life This reuires both courage & humility—and if they often seem in short supply we may still be surprised to find them if we persevere on this inward path Yes we are each of us fleeting specks of life but we are also uniue individuals each with a uniue destiny to seek & create for ourselves if we can meet its challenge to our understandable hesitancy & fearsMost highly recommended