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Living Toward a Vision Biblical Reflections on Shalom Shalom ResourceIons on peace and on the church's Prof Brueggemann has an big emblem of Shalom in Hebrew letters pictured in plain view on the largest wall in his double sized office In his Author's Preface to the Second Edition from 1982 he points to being convinced that the argument made here is still pertinent to the relentlessly contemporary agenda of peace Then he identifies three things which have changed The shape of the peace agenda in our society has become urgent and pervasive Secondly The way we interpret scripture has changed a great deal in the past several years Third this interpreter as author of the essays has changed in various waysWhile our professor readily admits to change within one of his longest paragraphs in my memory of recent writings he admits to becoming cynical about the prospects of peace and buoyantly confessional about what what is promised by God Adding his usual four adverbs We are profoundly enmeshed in a war system enmeshed economically psychologically hermeneutically and in every other way What looks like uniue simplicity at first glance becomes abundant Old New Testament passages to enhance his Reflections from Biblical authority He is writing as One who has become mellow in his inclusive piling up on top of scholarly pastorally psychologically passion about his insistence for Shalom But always contained in his alternative world of social justice This he thoughtfully expressed in a recent sermon on Children of the Power Bestowing God in the Ebenezer Baptist Church next to the Martin Luther King Memorial CenterThis has been my easiest of 14 reviews for Sir Walter's PoemsWell worth anyone's time or thought for reading I recommend this to Prison Inmates next Sunday Eve Chaplain Fred W Hood

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Living Toward a Vision reader ´ doc Shalom Resource Free Ø eyltransferservices Ø ❰Reading❯ ➸ Living Toward a Vision: Biblical Reflections on Shalom (Shalom Resource) Author Walter Brueggemann – A classic set of biblical reflections on peaceRole to foster peace in the worl if we are to do God's word as well as talk about it we need a vision to guide our doing and acting Shalom can hardly be defined or reduced to formula And that is its power Our faith comes to fullness as we are teased to think new thoughts as our imagination is lured beyond 'business as usual' This book is a collection of reflections by a person uniuely ualified to give them The author combines some rare ualities that make these reflections especially useful to pastors and to lay persons He is a recognized biblical authority but also a warm even earthy communicator He is a seminary dean but also a tireless worker in the church He is a scholar but also a passionate seeker after social justice He is an author of many books on the Bible but also an educator He holds doctorates in both fields

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