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King Solomon's CarpetKing Solomon's magic carpet is the London Underground running past the disused old school building that houses the most ill assorted covey that Vine Ruth Rendell has brought together since A Fatal Inversion for this updating of Conrad's novel of terrorist conspiracy King Solomon's PDFEPUB or The Secret Agent Tom Murray is a promising musician reduced to illegal busking in Underground stations and a sad little love affair with his accompanist Alice who left her husband and newborn baby taking only her violin Together with Jasper Darne another dropout from his family who likes to ride on the tops of Underground carriages and Jed Lowrie a Safeguard volunteer who's lef. I should have trusted my instinct which was that I wouldn't like another Barbara Vine book but I was fooled by the blurb saying it was a modern day take on Conrad's Secret Agent which I enjoyed immensely Now that I have finished I can somewhat comprehend that description but while Conrad's story thrilled fascinated me this one mostly bored me It is a psychological thriller; apparently that means it is about people's thoughts emotions with very little action and most of that occurring off stage The one person whose thoughts I would have been interested in was of course the one whose thoughts and motivations are not given And that is one of my biggest complaints of all in the end there is no resolution or explanation I could have put up with all the character driven stuff if the plot had had some point view spoilerWhy did Axel want to bomb the tube Did it have something to do with his sister or was he driven by some anarchist philosophy or what hide spoiler

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DOWNLOAD ✓ King Solomon's Carpet É ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ King Solomon's Carpet Author Barbara Vine – King Solomon's magic carpet is the London Underground running past the disused old school building that houses the most ill assorted covey that Vine Ruth Rendell has brought together since A Fatal InvT behind his own family to live for his hunting hawk Abelard they live in a failed schoolhouse whose bell tolled for the only time in memory when the headmaster hanged himself from its rope The school's owned by the old man's grandson Jarv Stringer who now passes the time by writing a book on the Underground and taking in waifs and strays while his aunt Cecilia Darne Jasper's grandmother uietly declines around the corner under the variously watchful eyes of her relatives and her longtime companion Daphne Bleech Palmer The apple of discord in this extended dysfunctional family is sinister Axel Jonas who rides the trains with a dancing bear actually a man named Ivan. The closest author out there to come close to matching Donna Tartt This book reminded me a lot of The Secret History though it's not uite as long Beautifully written and superbly done The characters stay with you long after reading

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Until Jasper one day leads him to Jarvis's where he takes up residence seduces Alice and begins to gather details about the operation of the Underground in preparation for a cataclysmic bombing It's no shame for VineRendell to fall short of her peerless model the air of foreboding is as expertly invoked as ever but the story following one misfit after another but never bringing them very much closer together even at the inevitable tolling of the schoolhouse bell lacks the momentum of Conrad or of such earlier triumphs as A Judgment in Stone Richly textured but slow moving a thriller for readers who think it's better to travel hopelessly than to arrive Kirkus Review. This book takes the reader on a weird meandering nightmare of a journey through the eyes of a group of misfits living in a decrepit former school house in North London Far creepier than the characters in A Fatal Inversion here Vine gives us a loner who smells of rotting meat due to the hawk he dotes on a violinist who has abandoned her husband and baby daughter a narcissistic musician potentially brain damaged following a road accident and the sinister Axel Jonas who travels the tube leading a disfigured companion dressed as a bear terrorising commuters The common thread between them is Jarvis the owner of the house who is obsessed with and writing a book about the London Underground excerpts of which are included in the novel And that's it really There's no plot to speak of There is a dramatic denouement but it took me two thirds of the book to figure out the connections that lead to it Still I enjoyed the characters and Vine's beautiful prose It's a mystery to me that she was considered a genre writer this book particularly along with a Fatal Inversion seem to me to be literary fiction which just happen to include elements of suspense