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FREE EBOOK ☆ EPUB Fearless King Kings of Rittenhouse #4 ¶ È [Read] ➪ Fearless King Kings of Rittenhouse #4 By Maya Hughes – My first crush My first heartbreak My brother’s best friendThe butterflies in my stomach turned into full blown eagles the second our lips touchRed up into Ford’s eyes with his fingers caressing my cheek and my heart racingThe evening ended with my heart bleeding on the ballroom floor He destroyed my heart two years agobut now he wants back in my life This time I won’t fall under 35 STARS Olivia was everything I wanted and everything I should’ve never dared to hope I’d have I'm a sucker for a good older brother's best friend trope Add into this a sexy hockey player that you can't help but love and a strong heroine that you can't help but relate to and you've got yourself one delicious recipe for an enjoyable romanceFearless King is the story of Ford the King's goalie and Olivia his best friend's younger sister It's very much a character driven story with plenty of angst and a touch of a forbidden romance to bootWhile this book is technically a standalone I still feel like I came in with a big disadvantage having only read the previous book in this series There's a lot of character driven story arcs that seems to cross over throughout the series that I felt may have helped to tether me a little to the story As it was I couldn't help but feel like I was coming into this story halfway through The true enormity of the stinted relationship he now has with Olivia's older brother and his best friend unravels in pieces throughout the bookThe romance is very much a slow burn and while I normally love that it was a little too slow for me here I wanted romance I felt like all the elements keeping Olivia and Ford apart began to almost overshadow the romance of the story Now don't get me wrong I still very much enjoyed the story But I also couldn't help but feel immensely frustrated by some of the things revolving around both Olivia and Ford's siblings I really hated Colm Olivia's brother and his antagonistic behavior throughout the entire book I wanted to shake him he made me so mad at times But it also made me that much rabid for his book which we're getting next This was a wonderful read even though it wasn't my favorite book of Maya's but considering I've loved the others I've read of hers that's not exactly a criticism This is entirely subjective and definitely of me than the book since it played against a few of my personal biases I still really enjoyed the story of Ford and Olivia and I definitely can't wait for the last book in this series ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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My first crush My first heartbreak My brother’s best friendThe butterflies in my stomach turned into full blown eagles the second our lips touched A kiss under the stars that changed our relationship forever After a lifetime of wishing I sta Fearless King is book four in the Kings of Rittenhouse series by Maya Hughes For all of you Ford fans you are finally getting his story You can definitely read this as a stand alone The characters do recur though in each book so you would just be lacking the emotional connection to the rest of the group In my case I have read the preuel and book three before this one Ford Atherton has been best friends with Colm since they were kids They played hockey together in high school and college They are now professional hockey players playing for Philly Colm has been sent to Los Angeles to rehab an injured knee while Ford and the rest of the group are in the middle of their seasonFord has watched Colm’s younger sister who is about six years younger than he is grow up She and Colm lost their parents in a tragic accident years ago so they are all each other has now Ford always thought of her as a sort of little sister as well until one day he realized she wasn’t a kid any and he definitely wasn’t thinking about her as a sister Olivia Liv Frost has had a crush on Ford since she was a kid She followed her brother and his friends around just to get closer to him Unfortunately as she got older Ford’s younger brother Grant developed a crush on her one she never returned But it just complicated matters Then about eighteen months ago the kiss happened The kiss that would make any other kiss pale in comparison For about an hour both she and Ford had stars in their eyes allowing them both to dream about a future together Then the night took a drastic turn and all hopes were ground into the dirt “Anything to do with Ford was a one way trip to heartache Been there done that got the jersey” Now Liv is nearly twenty one and Ford is twenty six Liv is in her junior year of college planning to be a doctor She spends her days in classes or studying endless hours upon hours studying trying to beat the information into her brain Her parents were doctors and it was their dream that she follow in their footsteps It’s also her brother’s dream for her Colm is than over protective of her He follows every grade every detail of her life Liv isn’t sure any who she is living her life for herself or her brother The only break she allows herself is dancing She teaches a few classes a week at a local studio When she is dancing she is free She and Ford haven’t talked since that night a year and a half ago But now all of a sudden he is trying to initiate himself back into her life She tried to leave him behind to shut off her feelings for him after that awful night But one touch and she’s right back where she started He says he just wants to be friends again Can she do that be friends with him while still secretly craving him? Is it better to have him back in her life any way she can than not at all? At the same time his younger brother Grant is still trying to ask her out She has no interest in him except as a friend But if he knew how she felt about Ford he would be devastatedI really enjoyed watching these two slowly build a relationship With Ford’s busy travel schedule with the team texts and phone calls were often all they had But it gave them a safe way to communicate to reconnect Soon though it’s not enough They need It does seem that the universe is against them though With Liv’s busy schedule Ford’s practice and game schedule and their friends something is always getting in the way When they finally do come together it was everything “Hiding from your proble

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Fearless King Kings of Rittenhouse #4His spell I’ll resist his sexy scruffy beard and panty melting smirk I thought I was over him Hell I fully planned to wave to him through my rearview mirrorbut with one text in the middle of the night I know I'm in over my headFord I need yo This one turned out to be a bit of a disappointment especially after all the build up 25 starsUsually brother's best friendbest friend's sisterbest friend's brother any variation of this setup pretty much xD is one of my favourite tropes but this story didn't really move meFirst of all it felt like the author overdid it on the angst front I'm all for star crossed together against all odds lovers but the dynamic between Ford Liv Colm and Grant was just too muchsome spoilers ahead view spoilerFord unknowingly sleeping with Colm's fiance and then keeping uiet about it? Grant Ford's younger brother always having a crush on Liv and struggling with living in Ford's shadow since childhood? Colm being an overprotective controlling ass to Liv and alternatively smothering her with either excessive unrealistic expectations and support but only when it fit him? It's just TOO MUCHAs readers we were basically told throughout the series that Ford and Colm were inseparable and the bestest of friends but only got a few real glimpses of it So seeing how obviously Colm still hasn't forgiven Ford and how he lords that past mistake over him any chance he gets is at first painful and then just annoying And then we have Liv in the middle together with bunch of sibling drama Add Ford's baby brother Grant in package with another bunch of brotherly resentment and it's all one huge mess that kind of takes away from the romance if I'm being honestSeriously instead of rooting for Ford and Liv to make it I was interested in Liv's roommate Marisa and her football player friend LJ going for it and making it as a couplePS Is there by any chance a book about them???As for the dysfunctional uartet I was rather rooting for them to go their separate ways and stop the vicious circle of toxicity and resentment Thatdidn't happen exactly but I guess that's material for Colm's book I guessed who his LI would be back in Heath's book logic and power of elimination bless you xD and I was excited but I'm just a little bit anxious to see how it's written hide spoiler