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READER ✓ DOC Kindred By Octavia E. Butler 9780807083697 À EYLTRANSFERSERVICES Ý [PDF] ✑ Kindred Author Octavia E. Butler – The first science fiction written by a black woman Kindred has become a cornerstone of black American literature This combinatiAving just celebrated her th birthday in California Dana an African American woman is suddenly and inexplicably wrenched through time into antebellum Maryland After saving a drowning white boy there she finds herself On October 5 2004 Octavia E Butler visited my graduate university to give a lecture and book signing I was really impressed by her She actually spent several hours at the university giving a public interview with one of the professors then a short lecture to a large auditorium then a book signing I even skipped class in order to attend The interview was really fascinating where Butler answered uestions about how she worked to write Kindred and how she felt about the characters and how the result all turned out The professor kind of threw Butler for a loop once when she pulled an interpretation of the book out of left field and Butler blinked and slowly said she didn't write with that interpretation at all in mind but that she was of the opinion that any interpretation the reader reaches is a valid one I thought she handled the uestion particularly well In the lecture Butler talked mostly about how she writes her writing style her relationship with her fans and the book she was currently writing Fledgling The signing afterwards was very informal but I didn’t try to stay and chat Butler had lots of professors and awestruck students who were all trying to catch her attention I got my book signed said a polite thank you and left happy Fledgling turned out to be the last book Butler wrote She died unexpectedly in early 2006 I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the chance to meet her The book Was good A time traveling story dealing with love gender race racism and responsibility It was beautifully and rather painfully done I never would have found it if it hadn’t been for the author visit and I’m rather sad about that

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Staring into the barrel of a shotgun and is transported back to the present just in time to save her life During numerous such time defying episodes with the same young man she realizes the challenge she’s been give A uniue look at slave era America thanks to a time traveling twist Should be shelved with the classics Riveting from the first page and doesn’t let upI’m always a fan of throwing in a little sci fi but here it really really works Most novels on this subject tend to look at race relations from one time period Nothing wrong with that but there was something wholly shocking and eye opening about having these characters hop from a modern 1970s lens to pre Civil War societyThis is my first Octavia E Butler novel but I’m already a huge fan Which of her books should I read next

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Kindred By Octavia E. ButlThe first science fiction written by a black woman Kindred has become a cornerstone of black American literature This combination of slave memoir fantasy and historical fiction is a novel of rich literary complexity H After reading Parable of the Sower I had to go right out and buy Butler’s most famous novel Kindred I was not disappointed It is amazing that this book was written in 1976 and feels just as fresh and timely in 2016 Dana a young African American woman who has just started a career as a writer in California is suddenly and inexplicably yanked back in time to Maryland in 1815 where she must save a white boy named Rufus from drowningThis becomes only the first of many time traveling episodes for Dana She uickly realizes that Rufus is one of her own ancestors mentioned in the family Bible Somehow they are connected across time because they are kindred To assure her own future Dana must keep Rufus alive until he has children who will some day be Dana’s family line Unfortunately Rufus gets in a lot of troubleOnly moments pass in the modern world each time Dana is called away but months or even years pass in the world of 1815 Dana watches Rufus grow from a little boy into an adult slave owner who inherits his father’s plantation She tries her best to influence Rufus’ development but can she overcome the poisonous institution of slavery that infects everyone it touchesThe novel is a potent metaphor for the modern African American experience and the American experience in general We may be lulled into the feeling that we have advanced that we have made progress as a society But at any moment we may be yanked back into the past and reminded of where we came from That heritage of slavery exploitation and racism is an integral part of our national identity and it is never far below the surface It can overcome us in an instant Like Dana we must be constantly on guard well euipped and ready to be yanked out of our supposedly modern and enlightened existence to deal with the ugliest parts of our nature We are kindred with the Americans of 1815 whether we like it or not