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England 1813 Lady Arianna Hadley’s desire to discover her father’s murderer has found her acting the part of a French chef in one of London’s aristocratic households But when the Prince Regent is taken ill after consuming Arianna’s special chocolate dessert she fin I was happily surprised how much I adore Lady Arianna's mystery Sweet Revenge With a mix of cozy and hard political mystery and a dash of romance the book was a great mix that was hard to put down Unlike other cozies and mysteries it's told in third person then the popular first person This gives you a better understanding of all the players in the game From the main characters Arianna and Saybrook to the villains I found the characters to very appealing almost at times putting the mystery to shame Arianna is out to get revenge for the death of her father by the hands of his so called friends Hard shelled and at times hard headed Arianna at times is a hard character to truly like due to her actions and keeping clues back from the case Arianna grew up knowing and seeing others make pawns of people playing with their lives and trust very hard to her but Arianna has the grace to know when she's been acting dumb and childish and when to finally let the barriers down I loved Saybrook a mix of gentleman and crafty fox He holds to his own morals that are true and knows how to play the game without being an asshat but willing to get his hands dirty if need be He tries to help Arianna out and at times wants to lock her up and throw away the key just to keep her safe he understands her way of thinking better then she does He goes out to prove there are good people out to Arianna and slowly breaks down the barriers that Arianna has around her while having her drag him out of his own personal hell he put himself in Everything between them is a believable with a slow build in their relationship While the crime and mystery bring these two together it's their love of cooking and chocolate that bind them even closer Penrose added the cozy element at the beginning of each chapter with a delicious chocolate recipe and a little snippet from Saybrook's grandmother's diary These sometimes have a small clue or a foreshadowing The rich history had me reading of the financial swindle that played a big part of the story the author did an amazing job of interweaving everything so nicely that the book was a perfect balance Plus had my sweet tooth crying to try one or two of the recipes History Mystery Chocolate and Romance Sweet Revenge had everything that made this a very sweet keeper

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Sweet Revenge A Lady Arianna Regency MysteryDs herself at the center of a dangerous scandal Because of his expertise in chocolate the Earl of Saybrook Alessandro De uincy is the ideal candidate to investigate this crime When the Earl’s intuition leads to Arianna’s exposure she convinces Saybrook to keep her secr Pros Arianna had a strong personality I find that readers are often told that a historical fiction heroine is strong when they don't act that way uite a few of the standard regency novel tropes are avoided or subverted Chocolate appreciation The mystery had intriguing elements which I didn't guessCons Purple prose Every dialogue was a witty repartee and after awhile it became exhausting to read You can have too much of a good thing Real people don't always have time to come up with a clever answer especially in the heat of an argument Too much chocolate appreciation I love chocolate but once again you can have too much of a good thing Although I like cooking I found the recipes boring not to my taste Romance for the sake of romance without much chemistryI recommend Sorcery Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot Cecelia and Kate #1 by Patricia C Wrede and Caroline Stevermer

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PDF Î BOOK Sweet Revenge A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery ☆ ANDREA PENROSE ☆ [Read] ➲ Sweet Revenge A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery By Andrea Penrose – Eyltransferservices.co.uk England 1813 Lady Arianna Hadley’s desire to discover her father’s murderer has found her acting the partEt in exchange for help in tracking down the real culprit As their search takes them from the glittering ballrooms of Mayfair to the slums of St Giles it becomes clear that someone is looking to plunge England into chaos and Arianna and Saybrook to the bottom of the Thames Lady Arianna Hadley has been exiled in the Caribbean for years due to her father's disgrace When he father is murdered Arianna vows to get revenge Years later Arianna is finally in the position to exact her revenge and disguises herself as a male chef in an English household However when the Prince Regent falls ill after eating from her table Arianna finds herself under suspicion bringing her plans for revenge to a haltThe half Spanish Earl of Saybrook Alessandro De uincy is called in to investigate the apparent poisoning by chocolate of the Prince Regent due to Saybrook's his eccentric interest in all things chocolate Saybrook not only discovers that the accused chef is a woman but also that she has a target on her back These reluctant partners have to work together if they hope to discover who truly has it out for the Prince Regent and it just might coincide with Arianna's revenge Sweet Revenge was not as cozy as I was expecting it to be When I first saw the cover I labeled this as your typical cozy mystery it's mystery centers around food after all how complex could it be? uite complex as it turns out I was uite surprised by the level of historical detail about both the time period and chocolate as a new substance for consumption in England While all of these detail created an authentic mystery I personally found that it came at the expense of fully developed charactersThe novel focuses mainly on the mystery element both Arianna's investigation into her father's murder and Saybrook's into the poisoning of the Prince Regent At first the dynamic between Arianna and Saybrook was great They were both interesting and enigmatic characters; I wanted to know about both of them The initial interactions between them were entertaining and fraught with tensionHow do you intend to stop me? Chain me up in some remote castle dungeon like the dastardly Spanish villain in that silly horrid novel by Mrs Radcliffe? Actually Arianna had found the book uite entertaining but that was beside the point Ye mean The Mysteries of Udolpho? asked Henning helpfully Yes that's the one she said Montoni was Italian murmured Saybrook Mea culpa retorted Arianna And that is Latin he pointed out You she said slowly are an overeducated aristocratic ass Hemming stifled a snort And you countered Saybrook are a bloody thorn in my lordly posterior p 166While the initial tension between the characters was good it never really went anywhere The romance or attraction between the characters came second to the mystery plot and because of that I never really got the sense of a real relationship between the two Now you may say But this is only the first book Surely this will change as the series progresses? At this point I have read all three books in the series and there is never any real development in Arianna and Saybrook's relationship Readers are simply told that a relationship has developed but I never got any evidence of this So if you're going into this one intrigued by the romantic element to the books expect a very toned down romance that is tell than showAnother thing to note is that the author intersperses chocolate recipes at the beginning of each chapter in all three books of the series While these recipes are tempting I really felt that they serve to bring the reader out of the historical setting at least if you bother reading them which I eventually stopped doing The references to modern conveniences in the recipes served to jar the reader right out of the historical atmosphere that the author did such a good job of creating Further I didn't really feel that the recipes really added anything important to the story they were simply a distraction for meWhile I like the historical setting of Sweet Revenge and the next two books in the series I couldn't get past the rather flat characters Further I thought the mystery plot came at the expense of character development Anything related to the characters seemed to be simply tossed into the book so that the plot could return to the mystery which ultimately let to a disjointed reading experienceReview originally published at The Book Adventures