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Free eBook É ePub Mama I Want to See God ã 9781939371324 Ø Vanessa Fortenberry À ❴EPUB❵ ✰ Mama I Want to See God Author Vanessa Fortenberry – Do I look like God? Where can I see Him? Wanting to connect with God a child asks his mDo I look like God? Where can I see Him? Wanting to connect with God a child asks his mother these uestions and in this rhyming verse received this book to give an honest review In this story a child wants to see God and asks a lot of uestions about visiting God talking to him being his friend and so forth uestions that kids do ask because they are curious the mother in this story has very good answers for the uestions that are asked such as God is a great listener and and he loves you God wants us to rejoice and he invites us to His table Overall a really good book to read to kids who may have uestions about God's love and what he would enjoy I think the answers are very well thought out and honest As far as pictures go they didn't see very well drawn imo though it does show the love between mother and child

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Ng the child have a true connection with God The purity of children and the spirituality of all cultures radiate in this touching stor Wow What a beautiful shining story and such an easy read I was highly impressed with this author’s presentation Being an author and reaching out to our YA audience it’s not an easy task Surely it took a lot of concentrated energy to speak a message of this magnitude And the author has mastered that skill The cover alone illuminates that there’s an exciting story behind its pages It is so true that the purity of children and its spirituality is radiated through this touching story Not only are our children precious they are very curious And that they are Yet this story is not just limited to the youth its words will spark an interest to our adults alike It wouldn’t be a surprise if this storybook was embraced on the shelves of our public school system Certainly it is well written and creatively presented Looking for that great gift? What a great gift for your next baby shower or just any occasional gift giving event This author has done a remarkable job Kudos I’m very interested in reading from this author Overall it’s a great story line with great pictures and great job – Vanessa Fortenberry and your Illustrator Leah Jennings

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Mama I Want to See GodBook In answer Mother's tender and patient responses model God's love At the story's end Mother has answered all of the uestions letti I was sent a complimentary copy of this book for review thank youI have waited until I could share it with my children several times before posting my reviewMy 4 year old loved pointing out the page numbers and loved the pictures The main concept she seemed to take away from the story was that God lives in our hearts and loves us so very much I think that the ryhming flow of the story helps captivate her attention as she listens to the words My 6 year old who I call my spiritual child really loved the story He said that he liked reading about God's love with me because we both love God and he likes to talk to me about it My 7 year old wasn't as big of a fan of the book He couldn't explain why but maybe the story is geared a little towards preschool and early school age children?? He did like how it talked about how God created EVERYTHING The artwork in the book is beautiful The style is almost drawn in color blocks which gives the drawings depth and a feeling of viewing a painting instead of just drawings The story features several different Mamas who are each diverse and uniue just like God created us all to be uniue I am fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 13914I would definitely recommend this book It reminds us even adults that we can see God in everythingfrom the birds that sing to our own image in the mirror