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review Brothers of Iron Building the Weider Empire Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ã [Read] ➳ Brothers of Iron Building the Weider Empire ➻ Joe Weider – In the depths of the Great Depression a scrawny dirt poor Jewish kid with a seventh grade education picked up a barbellA backyard barbell business Joe and Ben built euipment and food supplement companies each as big as Weider Publishing And they transformed bodybuilding into a hugely successful sport organized under one of the largest and best run athletic federations in the world The Weider brothers are heroes to bodybuilders and fans all over the world. Having been a bodybuilder for 20 years I found the subject material and Weider history fascinating The almost constant back patting got a little tiring even though back patting is due to these two gentlemen What made it even better was that it was a Canadian rags to riches story whereby the Weider brother worked very hard to succeed

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And to give bodybuilding all the glory it deserved The kid Joe Weider enlisted his younger brother Ben in his uest and together the Weider brothers accomplished things much bigger than Joe's boyhood dreams The little muscle Brothers of Epubmagazine Joe started working at his family's dining room table grew into a publishing empire From. Wary of the Weider ego I hoped to at least get a bit of insight to the beginning and rise of bodybuilding Instead I learned how the world owes Joe Weider At least that is the message I got Most chapters are by Joe with a couple written by Ben whose input is on his goal to get bodybuilding recognized by the International Olympic Committee I may be a cynic but I don't believe Joe did not know his first Mr Olympia took steroids and that Ben really convinced the IOC to believe amateur bodybuilding is clean They take a good stab at it though

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Brothers of Iron Building the Weider EmpireIn the depths of the Iron Building PDFEPUB #235 Great Depression a scrawny dirt poor Jewish kid with a seventh grade education picked up a barbell and got hooked on weight training Building his muscles gave him confidence and hope for a better life He pledged to make the great transforming power of strength training available to everyone. This book is about the story of two brothers who made a successful business selling barbells and muscle magazines Along the way they promoted bodybuilding as an international sport and helped Arnold Schwarzenegger get started in AmericaThe book like a lot of books of this type starts out pretty strong and tells a linear story but then kind of fades out Weider understands that people primarily read the first few pages of a book before buying so half of this book is disjointed filler the second half mainlyThe book offends the sensibilities at times In one sentence Joe will allude to his humble nature but in the next he will compare himself to Alexander The Great There doesn't seem to be any sense of how inappropriate this isMy theory is Joe Weider's early magazines were a hit because at that time closeted homosexual men had little recourse to pornography He tapped into a niche market left neglectedJoe protests too much about the reality that bodybuilding was in many ways a homosexual thing in its early endeavor and probably still is especially women's bodybuilding I found this to be disingenuous since he was disassociating himself from the people who supported him in the early daysI bought Arnold's book TOTAL RECALL in a bargain bin while shopping and made the mistake of mentioning it favorably to a relative at a Christmas Party The next thing you know I am lent a copy of Joe Weider's book as I am now branded as a fan of this genre Arnold's book does fascinate and Weider's book relates the Arnold story from a different perspectiveI don't recall ever seeing the word steroids in this book though I'm sure it must be in there somewhere Joe also cheapens himself by waxing petulant over Arnold's supposed lack of gratitude to him Arnold apparently threw Joe under the bus at one point in the interest of myth making Arnold style on the Johnny Carson show This wasn't personal I don't think just businessStill you have to give it up for a couple of crazy mixed up kids who made it on the thunder road of selling a dream the dream of becoming like Arnold Even Arnold admits he read Joe's magazines and invented Arnold in his mind and then became that Arnold The whole story is pretty cool actually and in some sense inspirational One just wishes Joe had not been so into myth making in his own right