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The Making of the President 1972 kindle » Hardcover read à eyltransferservices ↠ [Read] ➱ The Making of the President 1972 Author Theodore H. White – End of the Postwar WorldSolitary ManRoad to Cedar PointFrom the Liberal Idea to the Liberal TheologyViEnd of the Postwar WorldSolitary ManRoad to Cedar PointFrom the Liberal Idea to the Liberal TheologyView from Key BiscayneBlue Collars and Bread and ButterDemocratic Primari The politics of the presidential candidates the incumbent and George McGovern are described in great detail I have had little information about presidential races other than what I see on the TV news Since watching the news is a relatively new activity for me I am ill informed All I recall about this race is that Thomas Eagleton his vice presidential pick was dropped because he had a history of mental health issues I thought this most unfair at the time Now considering the current presidency I understand their concern Anyhow I digress This book relates the candidates races in great detail At times this was difficult for me to digest as I know so little about politics I must say that I was given a good education Maybe than I ever wanted Who is to say what would have happened if the election had played out differently The peoples overwhelmingly voted for Richard Nixon but did he win fair and suare? Evidently not He left office after Agnew had resigned as VP Nixon replaced him with Gerald Ford So when Nixon resigned Ford became President without ever having been elected to either office of VP or the presidency

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Ower Struggle President versus PressWatergate AffairShaping of the MandateMen and MachineryAppeal to the People Verdict in NovemberTemptation of PowerAppendix AAppendix BInd Writing the book when two Nixon aide's were on trial and executive office was stained from Richard Nixon's abdication White's account of Nixon's shattering success in 1972 is remarkable The book takes us from through the post war world The American ideas about the Great Society the involvment in Vietnam and the social issues of identity and civil rights With the exception of Roosevelt no other president had a larger footprint in politics than Nixon in the last hundred years Privacy and suspicision infected his thought and the rising tide of liberal press and college campus protests would increae the guardedness As White articulates scar tissue had grown thick by the time of re election rigid self discipline p16And the democratic primary of 1972 was as entertaining as the most recent Republician circus of 2016 The McGovern strategy leapfrog Illinois and roll up the party from the left p95 successfully thwarted the attempts of former vice president Hubert Humphrey the stiff old school morality of Governor Muskie and the dog whistling inflammtory language of Governor Wallace McGovern's identification with the far left embrace of draft dodgers and uneuivocable call to end the war in Vietnam left him continuially behind Nixon Even in attempts to add Kennedy to the ticket and attack the establishmnet his foothold as a leader to the country never occurredThere are multiple stores here that are really fascinating the chapter on Tom Eddington as a vice president selection selected by the campaign committee on a tiring all nighter is insightful into mental health as a campaign story John Dickerson's Whistlestop episode on this is just fascinating in particular and shows how McGovern's decision on his VP destroyed his credibility with voters Also Nixon's attacks on the Washington Post and New York Times and the beginning of a fractured worldview in the country forcasts the media landscape today And of course the Watergate affair likened to a mystery novel with less clever intrudersWhite uses numbers to discuss his story effectively Commenting on how the daily death reports in Vietnam would effect the nation or how the beginning of sophisicated polling data was used in campaigns all of which shows the beginning of a data heavy way to take in the world Compare to today's rigorous pollings of every issue and Twitter spectacles it's uaint but as White points out it's a sign of the country's beginning into a few decadeWhite points out that the 1972 is often compared to the campaign of 1964 Ideas of the Great Society and big government initiatives vs state initiatives were central to voters Attacks on the establishment or by the establishment are as fresh as the latest 2016 campaign The electorate has just voted again and there are shades of 1972 in the mirror Like that fractured tulberant time the dice have been cast and America has accepted a leader and time will test our prudence

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The Making of the President 1972EsA Party In Search of IdentityMcGovern's ArmyWeb of Numbers A Message from the Census to Politics Confrontation at MiamiEagleton AffairRichard Nixon's Campaign 'Out There'P White is often too comfortable in rambling narrative and therefore never really nails his colours to the mast in terms of how rather than when the election was won A reflective dimension is missing but it provides an adeuate and enjoyable overview of the 1972 election