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An NCSS Notable Social Fire 16 Epub #226 Studies Trade Books for Young People Martha Gellhorn jumped at the chance to fly from Hong Kong to Lashio Reporting Under ePUB #187 to report firsthand for Collier's Weekly on the conflict between China and Japan When she boarded the small tatty plane she was handed a rough Under Fire 16 Epub #217 brown blanket and a brown paper bag for throwing up The flight took hours stopping to refuel twice and was forced to dip and Under Fire 1. I came by reading this book as I often do in that the book itself or someonesomething in the book is mentioned in another one that I was readingThis is a book about women who were intelligent brave and refused to give up against all odds to do what they dreamed Excellent book a happy accident I highly recommend

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Reporting Under Fire 16 Daring Women War Correspondents and Photojournalists Women of Action6 Daring Women PDF bob through Japanese occupied airspace Reporting Under Fire tells readers about women who like Gellhorn risked their lives to bring back scoops from the front lines Margaret Bourke White rode with Patton's Third Army and brought back the first horrific photos of the Buchenwald concentration camp Marguerite Higgins typed stories while riding in the front seat of an American jeep that was fleeing the North Korean Army And during the Guatemalan civil war Ge. I bought Reporting Under Fire because I had been a sorority sister of the author in college many years ago and I was curious to see what she had writtenWOW What a fascinating and delightful read Though her target audience is teens I believe I thoroughly enjoyed the book and certainly feel it deserves a broader audience I will be encouraging my grandchildren to read it as they get older but also my adult children and friendsThe 16 profiles of independent and courageous women who reported on wars over the past 100 years are inspiring tales of risk taking initiative perseverance and action in the face of danger and tragic death on battlefields all over the world A common thread among the profiles is that the women often focused their reports on the human factors the lives of the soldiers and the civilians the children and villagers whose lives were torn apart or in too many cases ended by the wars The author brings these women to life by sharing not only their work but their lives as women as daughters wives and mothers Photos throughout the book help give immediacy to the descriptions of these journalists and their storiesFinally I found the historical overviews of each war to be very helpful The author provides an excellent concise description of how and why war in Vietnam the Middle East Bosnia Herzegovinano easy task Get this book if you are interested in women history profiles in courage careers in journalism great stories

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Reporting Under Fire: 16 Daring Women War Correspondents and Photojournalists (Women of Action) Read º 7 Ê [Download] ✤ Reporting Under Fire: 16 Daring Women War Correspondents and Photojournalists (Women of Action) Author Kerrie Logan Hollihan – EyltransferserviceOrgie Anne Geyer had to Under Fire 16 Daring Women PDF evade an assassin sent by the rightwing Mano Blanco seeking revenge for her reports of their activities These remarkable profiles illuminate not only the inherent danger in these reporters' jobs but also their struggle to have these jobs at all Without exception these war correspondents share a singular ambition to answer an inner call driving them to witness war firsthand and to share what they learn via words or imag. I liked this book because it covered women journalists from WWI WWII Korea Vietnam the Bosnian War the Middle East Conflict up to present day Ira and Afghanistan I found it fascinating that the author was actually able to interview Martha Raddatz Though the book is non fiction Hollihan writes creatively and tells a good story about each woman her life work as a journalist and contributions The book has interesting photographs also I highly recommend this book if you are looking to be inspired by women who have followed their dreams and passions and risked their lives or gone into dangerous areas doing it