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Summary Jung on Active Imagination (Encountering Jung)

Jung on Active Imagination (Encountering Jung) Read & Download ☆ 104 î [PDF / Epub] ☃ Jung on Active Imagination (Encountering Jung) By Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk All the creative art psychotherapies art dance music drama poetry can trace their roots to C G Jungs early worAll the creative art psychotherapies art dance music drama poetry can trace their roots to C G Jungs early work on active imagination Joan Chodorow here offers a collection of Jungs writings on active imagination gathered together for the first time Jung developed this concept between the years Jung on eBook #194and following his break with Freud During this time he was disoriented and experienced intense inner turmoil he suffered from lethargy and. Jung on Active Imagination 1997 is a 200 page book that is a collection of writings and speeches from Dr Jung on his techniue of active imagination Active imagination is a method for visualizing unconscious issues by letting them act themselves out Active imagination can be done by visualization which is how Jung himself did it which can be considered similar in techniue at least to shamanic journeying Active imagination can also be done by automatic writing or by artistic activities such as dance music painting sculpting ceramics crafts etc Doing active imagination permits the thought forms of the unconscious or inner 'self' and of the totality of the psyche to act out whatever messages they are trying to communicate to the conscious mindThe best part is that it is a relatively easy to understand book It is much accessible than many of Jung's other writings eg The Red Book Jung provides a good overview of his basic beliefs about the unconscious in this text However don't expect a step by step guide because some previous psychoanalytic experience is implied if you want good results don't expect instant results when you do it yourself There is essentially one page of techniue surrounded by various speeches Dr Jung made about the topic Supplementary notes results and case studies perhaps added by Jungian analysts could make the text even better nowFor an intro to Carl Jung check out Man and His Symbols Jung on Active Imagination has managed to hold its value

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D to develop an ongoing relationship with his lively creative spirit through the power of imagination and fantasies He termed this therapeutic method active imagination This method is based on the natural healing function of the imagination and its many expressions Chodorow clearly presents the texts and sets them in the proper context She also interweaves her discussion of Jungs writings and ideas with contributions from Jungian authors and artist. I discovered Jung whilst at University and this was one of his books that was only reference in our library so I had to buy it as I found it fascinating easy to ready not too wordy which is good when it comes to psychology as it can be very confusing as it is would definitely recommend

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Jung on Active Imagination Encountering JungFears and his moods threatened to overwhelm him Jung searched for a method to heal himself from within and finally decided to engage with the impulses and images of his unconscious It was through the rediscovery of the symbolic play of his childhood that Jung was able to reconnect with his creative spirit In a seminar and again in his memoirs he tells the remarkable story of his experiments during this time that led to his self healing Jung learne. Great book if you want to learn about Active Imagination from Jung himselfIf you have a complete collection of Jung's works you don't really need this book because these are excerpts from Jung's various books