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PDF ´ BOOK Dreadnought FREE ò JOIN OR CREATE BOOK CLUBS Â [KINDLE] ✽ Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War By Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk A gripping chronicle of the personal and national rivalries that led to the twentieth centurys first great arms rA gripping chronicle of the personal and national rivalries that led to the twentieth centurys first great arms race from Pulitzer Prize winner Robert K Massie With the biographers rare genius for expressing the essence of extraordinary lives Massie brings to life a crowd of glittery figures the single minded Admiral von Tirpitz; the young ambitious Winston Churchill; the ruthless sycophantic Chancellor Bernhard von Blow; Britains greatest twentieth century foreign se The main title of Robert K Massie’s Dreadnought – Britain Germany and the Coming of the Great War is a bit deceptive the subtitle is what the book is truly about Dreadnought tells the story of the end of the British Empire’s “Splendid Isolation” and the roots of World War I It goes far beyond a military or naval history; it is really a political and foreign policy history The naval arms race between Britain and Germany is the common thread around which Massie brilliantly weaves the story of the relationship between Britain and Germany as well as the personalities involvedWhat makes this book so great is that Massie goes beyond policies and digs deep into the personalities of the naval and political leadership of both Britain and Germany He develops Kaiser Wilhelm II Massie uses the English William ueen Victoria and the Kings of England Chancellors and Prime Ministers First Lords Sea Lords and Admirals writes about they interacted and how their relationships impacted events and policy I got insight into Wilhelm II in Dreadnought than any other book I’ve read on World War I I also have a better understanding of Asuith Grey Haldane Bismarck Bulow Tirpitz and other politicians and officials of the time By getting inside their heads and helping us understand what the Admirals and politicians were thinking Massie gives us a better understanding of how and why things unfolded the way they did in the years leading to World War II imagine one complaint about Dreadnought is that it leaves you hanging at the end Having previously read Castles of Steel – Britain Germany and the Winning of the Great War at Sea I recognized that what Dreadnought does is set the reader up for Castles of Steel Having read both in the opposite order of what I should have I can strongly recommend reading them in the correct order – Dreadnought first Castles of Steel which I’m now re reading second This is an extraordinary book a very easy read that you don’t want to put down It’s a long book but one that you don’t get tired of reading because of Massie’s rich descriptive writing and the human detail he puts in Even if you’re not interested in the Naval aspect of World War I read this book simply for the insight Massie offers into the political leadership of Britain and Germany you won’t regret it This is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read recently and it’s fully deserving of five stars

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In the grand manner as most people prefer it how people shaped or were shaped by events Time A classic that covers superbly a whole eraengrossing in its glittering gallery of characters Chicago Sun Times Told on a grand scaleMassie is a master of historical portraiture and anecdotage The Wall Street Journal Brilliant on everything he writes about ships and the sea It is Massies eye for detail that makes his nautical set pieces so marvelously evocative Los Angeles Tim Was expecting an analysis of sea power and the specifics of the impact of the launching of the Dreadnought About 90% of the book dealt with the usual ideas of pre WW1 politics

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Dreadnought Britain Germany and the Coming of the Great WarCretary Sir Edward Grey; and Jacky Fisher the eccentric admiral who revolutionized the British navy and brought forth the first true battleship the HMS Dreadnought Their story and the story of the era filled with misunderstandings missed opportunities and events leading to unintended conclusions unfolds like a Greek tragedy in this powerful narrative Intimately human and dramatic Dreadnought is history at its most riveting Praise for Dreadnought Dreadnought is history True to his elouent clear and comprehensive style Mr Massie dissects the events leading to WWI slowly builds up the tempo and guides the reader into the final tragic climax without ever losing site of the big picture or getting lost in the webs of small detailsAlthough I am not a historian I felt that Mr Massie presented the facts with as much neutrality as hindsight allows and that was one of the many appeals of this book His prose was colorful enough to make reading a history book enjoyable even for the non historiansTruly a masterpiece