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EBOOK Å EPUB Cicero The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician ä The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician ´ ANTHONY EVERITT ´ [BOOKS] ⚡ Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician ✯ APertise He writes fluidly The New York TimesIn the half century before the assassination of Julius CaesarRome endured a series of crises assassinations factional bloodletting civil wars and civil strife including at one point government by gang war This period when republican government slid into dictatorship is one of historys most fascinating and one learns a great deal about it in this excellent and very readable biography The Plain DealerRivetinga clear eyed biographyCiceros timesoffer vivid lessons about the viciousness that can pervade elected government Chicago TribuneLively and dramaticBy the books end hes managed to put enough flesh on Ciceros old bones that you care when the agents of his implacable enemy Mark Antony kill him Los Angeles Time Great condition and delivered on time I've really enjoyed this book which is a very accessible biography of one of the greatest and interesting of Rome's history

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N this dynamic and engaging biography Anthony Everitt plunges us into the fascinating scandal ridden world of ancient Rome in its most glorious heydaywhen senators were endlessly filibustering legislation and exposing one anothers sexual escapades to discredit the opposition Accessible to us through his legendary speeches but also through an unrivaled collection of unguarded letters to his close friend Atticus Cicero comes to life as a witty and cunning political operator the most elouent and astute witness to the last days of Republican RomePraise for Cicero Everitt makes his subjectbrilliant vain principled opportunistic and courageouscome to life after two millennia The Washington Post GrippingEveritt combines a classical education with practical ex Anthony Everitt writes very accessible Roman history; his book on Augustus was very readable and offers many opportunities for further study by anyone interested in following through on the themes raised in the book Cicero is a fascinating character by anyone's standards; he pops up in all the Roman historical novels set in the late Republic and everyone seems to have their own take on what he would have been like So it is good to be able to get some historical non fiction perspective on this intriguing man Extricating Cicero's life and his personal politics from the broader unresolved discussion on the end of the Roman Republic is uite a challenge in itself so I was eager to see how the author approached the life and times of CiceroBeginning with a prologue word picture of Caesar's assassination in 44 BC the first chapter then outlines briefly and very clearly the political status of Rome at the time of Cicero's youth The burgeoning political class struggles the growing problem of land and wealth distribution the unwieldy and increasingly violent political differences and the external threats that built up towards the end of the Republic are well though uickly reviewed here And then we are in to Cicero's life itself Around and through Cicero's life move many other well known figures of Roman history Sulla Crassus Pompey Caesar Catilina Cicero also seems to have retained close ties with his family and friends and we are lucky to have so much of his correspondence including letters with his friend Atticus and his writings on his cases and Senatorial involvementCicero seems to have firmly believed in the Republic and that the glory of the past years of that institution could be recovered and reclaimed if only the optimates and the populares would find common ground without really taking much notice of the new class of men rising from the euites He dedicated much of his public life to that end or so he felt He does not seem realistically to have taken into account some of the `new' men who moved into the political and military arena particularly those who banded together to thwart him in many of his endeavours Caesar Pompey Crassus even Clodius Perhaps in that respect at least Cicero's `glory days' lay firmly in the past of Rome a past that was uickly being lost foreverThe continual ebbing and flowing in late Republican Rome of political groupings cemented by familial alliances makes for fascinating and engrossing reading Cicero's strength and his ultimate and final weakness was his inability to accept that the Republic as he believed in it could be gone; his ultimate aim was always to restore traditional political values and for this he lived and diedA wonderful book beautifully written and so readable that I found it hard to put it down; Cicero's life and times are treated empathetically and compassionately To finish the book is to feel that you have come to the end of a great story told of a great man Totally recommended

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Cicero The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest PoliticianNATIONAL BESTSELLER An excellent introduction to a critical period in the history of Rome Cicero comes across much as he must have lived reflective charming and rather vain The Wall Street JournalAll ages of the world have not produced a greater statesman and philosopher combinedJohn Adams He suared off against Caesar and was friends with young Brutus He advised the legendary Pompey on his botched transition from military hero to politician He lambasted Mark Antony and was master of the smear campaign as feared for his wit as he was for his ruthless disputations Brilliant voluble cranky a genius of political manipulation but also a true patriot and idealist Cicero was Romes most feared politician one of the greatest lawyers and statesmen of all times I This book combines clear and lucid writing with a fascinating subject the life of Marcus Tullius Cicero probably the greatest of all Roman Senators Cicero lived through the end of the Republican stage of Rome and died just as Augustus would transform Rome into an authoritarian Empire Cicero has been portrayed by different authors in different ways as a vain and somewhat childish man or as here as an imperfect human being but essentially a ruthlessly intelligent and tough minded man harsh in judgment of folly and dedicated to Rome's Republican principles In this book the author captures the various famous nuances of Cicero's career including his vanity after the Catiline affair and his intelligence and ruthlessness during and after the reign of Julius CaesarI have only read a few biographies of Cicero but I found this one to easily be the most readable of them The author does an excellent job of explaining how Rome's system of government worked its essential nature as an oligarchy dominated by a few noble families which goes to the extraordinary ability of Cicero that was reuired to enable him a New Man to ascend to Rome's highest office Consul through sheer ability This singular fact about Cicero should erase any doubt about the superlative ability as a lawyer a politician and a scholar that enabled Cicero to do what very few Romans ever did advance above his class by ability aloneReaders who are looking for a highly readable but still scholarly work dealing with Cicero and his times will enjoy this excellent book RJB