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Chosen But Free A Balanced View Of God's Sovereignty And Free WillPersonal issues involved in the debate For example how do our beliefs about free will affect us when it comes to perceptions of love personal responsibility and purpose? And how does it affect our ability to worship God? I've read a multitude of books and blogs from every view point on all sides of this issue over the last 2 3 years This book is the best and makes the most sense of all the positions I've ever read This was the most scriptural and intellectually satisfying answer I’ve come across I finally have peace of mind about this issue and what scripture teaches Many people coming from a deeply entrenched Calvinist position have attacked this book as they do anything that threatens that view But don’t let that keep you from this book and the peace that comes from a balanced scriptural understanding of God and view of this subject

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Re in constant debate over these issues wondering what is true and how it might affect their lives People on both sides of the debate will want to read a middle ground book In addition this revision dealsdirectly with the “Chosen But Free A Balanced View of God’s Sovereignty and Free Will” by Norman Geisler is a book that frames the debate on the role of the sovereignty of God in salvation Professor Geisler sets forth the Reformed view which he pejoratively labels “Extreme Calvinism” He contracts this view with Arminian theology and the extreme form of Arminianism know as “Open Theism” Dr Geisler then sets forth his view on sovereignty by arguing for his personal view which he labels the “Balanced View” Yes Dr Geisler knows how to frame a debate indeedI found Geisler’s taxonomy of positions helpful However I do not think that Dr Geisler always fully reflected the competing views Instead Dr Geisler set up a series of straw men that were easily defeated This book would have been academically impressive and theologically helpful if Geisler would have opened this book to allow scholars with competing views to present their position in a debate style format This approach would have produced a much rigorous handling of this important area of theologyWhile I vigorously disagree with Dr Geisler’s conclusions on the ordo salutis ie the order of salvation—regeneration preceding faith in a monergistic act of a sovereign God I appreciate Dr Geisler’s desire to know and to communicate the truth of Scripture And even though Dr Geisler and I would set forth a different timeline on the ordo salutis we both agree that faith in the work of Christ on our behalf on the cross in concert with repentance of sin is a necessary reuirement for salvation In short Dr Geisler is not advocating for another Gospel; rather Geisler is simply setting forth what he believes to be the biblical ahem the “balanced view” on the work of God in salvationI certainly did appreciate Dr Geisler’s exhaustive approach Indeed the references to Scripture are abundant and daunting However this abundance in citation led to an under treatment in exegesis There was no doubt uite a wrestling match between Dr Geisler and his editor Yet to his credit Professor Geisler provided an extremely helpful overview of the subject He certainly raised arguments with which I will now need to wrestle—and that is what a good professor does he causes his students to think Sothank you Dr Geisler for your scholarship and for making me think Happy reading

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Download Chosen But Free kindle µ 348pages ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➸ Chosen But Free: A Balanced View Of God's Sovereignty And Free Will Author Norman L. Geisler – The Reformed movement has gotten younger andoutspoken since Chosen But Free was publishedthan ten years ago making the topic of diThe Reformed movement has gotten younger andoutspoken since Chosen But Free was publishedthan ten years ago making the topic of divine election one of utmost importance to the church today Young Christians in particular a I really wanted to stay out of this debate But it's something that keeps coming up I've found that Calvinists are very aggressive in propounding their ideology and so I've finally succumb to researching it beyond what the Bible itself saysI still think no book is necessary to understand this topic other than the Bible and the moment someone starts recommending me a book that I have to read to understand their doctrine I proceed with caution There is a severe lack of independent critical thinking amongst people these days Christians included We are all too prone to simply make a conclusory statement and refer someone to some book as the proofWe need to get away from that and be able to explain in our own words what the Bible saysBut a book like this one can be helpful in coming to that place in our walk So far I've found this one to be well thought out and persuasive I will update my review when I've finished it with pros and consIn the mean time don't forget to consult your Bible and God Himself in prayer on all this