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reader õ Kids Who Kill ´ 103 pages Download ☆ Kathryn McMaster ñ [Epub] ➞ Kids Who Kill By Kathryn McMaster – The tragic story of Cristian Fernandez The youngest person in Jacksonville's history to be charged with first degree murder with no possibility oFernandez's admission of guilt because he is guilty or because is he covering for a crime his mother has committed?This true crime story will suit readers who enjoy books by Ann Rule Jack Rosewood or Kathryn Casey Kathryn McMaster is an accomplished author who specializes in true crime and unsolved cases and explores the darkest side of the human mind A good ending to this seriesThis tragic case ends this series with hope Community involvement in the juvenile justice system enabled Cristian Fernandez to have a future unlike the young killers in the two previous cases America's juvenile system needs dedicated trained professionals to help these kids and make wise decisions based on individual needs so children don't fall through the cracks I look forward to series by Ms McMaster; she's skilled at letting the story unfold through the participant's own words the reader feels like they are in the room watching things take place

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Trial his mother Bianella Susana is being held in the same jail for aggravated manslaughter for withholding medical help for the toddler for than eight hoursAs the trial plays out and information comes to light one starts to wonder who really is responsible for killing David Garlarraga Blanco Is it Christian Fernandez or is it his mother? Is Cristian Kathryn does it again She masterfully pieces together the story of a family living on the edge of society; under educated low I poor and seeing abuse as a normal part of growing up It also highlights how investigations can be conducted in a way which impacts on justice and the outcome of a trial This boy would never have been uestioned in the way in Europe and I found the conduct of the officers gobsmackingly unprofessional I found the book truly compelling and felt for the victim the accused boy and for the mother who never had a chance of knowing how to do things any better None of those feelings excuse the treatment of the weakest members of the family and the terrible child neglect of the mother If a family ever needed intervention from the state this was it I can only hope that they manage make life better from here and that the other siblings have a better chance at life To me this book puts the way the USA treats children in the legal system firmly in the dock And that's where it should be A corker of a book for fans of true crime

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Kids Who KillThe tragic story of Cristian Fernandez The youngest person in Jacksonville's history to be charged with first degree murder with no possibility of paroleChristian Fernandez is just 12 when he is arrested; the same age his mother was when he was born Christian is accused of murdering his half brother two year old David Galarraga Blanco While he awaits I've read all 3 books in the series and each one has left me with different emotions The author manages to present all the facts in a neutral manner leaving the reader to make up their own mind Not as to whether the crime has been committed but if these children have been given a fair trial and the possibility to build a future for themselves The author also shows how both the victim's and the perpetrator's families are affected in these terrible situationsThis book is slightly different and kept me gripped right from the beginning McMaster describes the family the abuse Cristian's mother grew up with and the abuse Cristian himself suffered at the hands of his step father But it is the part with the police interrogation that affected me the most I could feel for Cristian being uestioned late into the night with no lawyer present unaware of his rights having to answer uestions that no child should have to answer At this point I almost forgot the crime he has committed I was so angry for the way he was being treatedThis book also proves that there are a lot of good people out there who regardless of the crime someone has committed go above and beyond to ensure their right to a fair trial Whereas the two children in the previous books were treated unfairly Cristian eventually after a long battle gets the correct treatmentI was so engrossed in the book that the ending came as a complete surprise to me it actually shocked me So well done Kathryn McMaster for a truly interesting story presented in such a well written engaging way Highly recommend