Jung’s Studies in Astrology: Prophecy Magic and the ualities of Time Summary Í PDF DOC TXT eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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Jung’s Studies in Astrology: Prophecy, Magic, and the Qualities of Time Summary Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free æ [Download] ➶ Jung’s Studies in Astrology: Prophecy, Magic, and the Qualities of Time ✤ Liz Greene – EyltransfAs in his own self understanding Greene clearly demonstrates that any serious effort to understand the development of Jung’s psychological theories as well as the nature of his world view needs to involve a thorough exploration of his astrological work This thorough investigation of a central theme in Jung’s work will appeal to analytical psychologists and Jungian psychotherapists students and academics of Jungian and post Jungian theory the history of psychology archetypal thought mythology and folklore the history of New Age movements esotericism and psychological astrology. Neither Jung nor Greene write particularly well In Greene's case I suspect it's because she is having to defer and refer to Jung I found the work both terse and hard work in placesOn the other hand there is much to be gained through reading it I learned lots about Jung and I have read his collected works in full as a result of Greene's diligent sorting of uotes and facts She was given access to Jung's private papers and this mattersEssential for researchers in astrology but too expensive for general interest

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Y on his published writings but also on the correspondence and documents found in his private archives many of which have never previously seen the light of day Liz Greene addresses with Studies in Astrology Prophecy Magic PDF thoroughness and detailed scholarship the nature of Jung’s involvement with astrology the ancient medieval and modern sources he drew on the individuals from whom he learned his ideas about how and why it worked its religious and philosophical implications and its applications Studies in Astrology Prophecy Magic PDF in the treatment of his patients as well. I am having a very hard time reading this book as the type is so TINY It must be 9 pt type which is unheard of for a book I will add to my review of the book when I get through it but as of now I am having a difficult time even reading one page nightly My eyes hurt

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Jung’s Studies in Astrology Prophecy Magic and the Qualities of TimeWinner of the IAJS in Astrology PDF #8608 award for best authored book of C G Jung had a profound interest in and involvement with astrology which he made clear in virtually every volume of the Collected Works as well as in many Jung’s Studies MOBI #190 of his letters This ancient symbolic system was of primary importance in his understanding of the nature of time the archetypes synchronicity and human fate Jung’s Studies in Astrology is an historical survey of his astrological work from the time he Studies in Astrology PDF #10003 began to study the subject It is based not onl. Yes the font is small but the content is outstanding Fuller review to followUPDATEEleven years ago after reading a short book by Richard Tarnas Prometheus the Awakener I chided Liz Greene and Robert Hand towards the end of my book review for what I perceived was their cookbook approach to Astrology Tarnas had captured something seminal Uranus as named by astronomers didn’t fit the mythology of Uranus the god but instead reflected the Prometheus myth This was attributable in large part to the loss of mythic perspective in Western Culture by the time Uranus was discovered on March 13 1781Turns out I was not aware of everything that was going on the background for Greene and Hand Fast forward 11 years and I can now see the evolution of the events much clearlyTarnas who already had a rich history at the Esalen Institute has helped create a new interdisciplinary curriculum of study at CIIS in San Francisco PHILOSOPHY COSMOLOGY AND CONSCIOUSNESS and will soon co host a new Ascona program for scholars taking the Eranos lecture legacy instituted by Jung and others to the next levelFortunate for us it turns out that Robert Hand and Liz Greene also had both been assiduously working towards deepening their and our understanding of astrology already by the time I had read Tarnas’ PrometheusRobert Hand along with Robert Schmidt Ellen Black and Robert Zoller had begun Project Hindsight in 1992 93 the purpose of which was to translate old astrological works into English Hand in fact “re discovered’ the concept of Sect as a result of that work Ie the importance of night versus days births in determining the ualitative aspects of Benefic and Malefic planets in the natal horoscope chart He also helped to found Kepler College the only college in the US currently to focus on astrologyNowadays the discipline of Traditional Astrology is pretty well established and promises to grow further as additional astrological texts are translated helping to bring astrology back into the philosophic conversation after being neglectedrejected by the Western Academy for centuries along with it’s sister disciplines of Alchemy and MagicMeanwhile Liz Greene seemed to have gone “underground” and I hadn’t found any new written astrology material in popular or esoteric‘occult’ bookstores for uite some time now There were occasional interviews I found but not much else Fortunately it turns out that she has been uite busy pursuing further academic studies on esotericism I recently scooped up a copy of Magi & Maggidim Apart from being a Jungian analyst I believe she now has TWO PhDs none of which are mentioned with her name in this Routledge work Interesting titles aren’t important Knowledge is And that’s what she provides here in spades Having unprecedented access to Jung’s library following Sonu Shamdasani’s publication of Jung’s Red Book in 2009 she provides us with the first look into Jung’s influences on his work based on his personal notes and libraryThe text is academic which is fine with me but will not appeal to everyone— nonetheless this is where the battle needs to take place and I would have preferred larger font with footnotes on the bottom of each page rather than at the end of each chapter but this is no fault of Dr Greene The same thing is apparent on the recently published Jung on Astrology also by Routledge and edited by Safron Rossi and Kieron Le Grice It is uite hopeful to see these works under an academic publisher as it heralds the beginning of a real conversation within the Academy about exactly what went on as a result of the schism which gradually occurred between the general areas of Science“Physics” Philosophy and Magic beginning in late antiuity and into the Common Era A conversation about all those “wretched subjects” which have been cast aside by The Academy for far too longThat there is persistent derision of these subjects is currently well exemplified IMO by the perspective of the scholar Wouter Hanegraaff In one of his recent articles he uestions the veracity of one of Jung’s visions about the impending outbreak of the World War In his opinion Jung like anyone else at the time must have read the papers and been informed as to the imminent risk of war“Of course in the autumn of 1913 one hardly needed powers of precognition to see the risk of a major European conflict – reading the newspapers would have been than sufficient Nevertheless Jung would later insist that the thought of war never occurred to him” From The Great War of the Soul Divine and Human Madness in Carl Gustav Jung’s Liber Novus 2017 It remains to be seen whether Hanegraaff will help to elucidate “ what implications the forgotten history of exclusion has for established textbook narratives of religion philosophy and science’ uoted from the back of his ESOTERICISM AND THE ACADEMY It seems to me at this point anyway that he has just found the material to cover himself and stay relevant in the publish or perish environment of academia Let’s join the Spirit of the Time shall we and continue to deride the rest of us who look beyond the purely bipolar view of reality Time will tell The Spirit of the Depths will undoubtedly catch up with him as it does for all of usBut I digress ApologiesAbout the bookIn this first volume the foundational materials which Jung utilized in the creation of his black books and Liber Novus are evaluated within the context of Jung’s worldviewIn dealing with the influence of Astrology we see how Jung fused his understanding of Traditional authors of astrology like Ptolemy Firmicus Maternus and Abu Ma’shar with late 19th and early 20th century astrologers such Alan Leo and Max Heindel who had a decidedly Theosophical ie “spiritual” bent The important influence and friendship with GRS Mead is mentioned as well That alone would be a great topic for a separate book given that Mead has been marginalized to a great extent due to his Theosophical connections no doubt See Goodrick Clarke’s GRS Mead and The Gnostic uest There’s a lot here that is relevant to the current climate of Astrology The complexity and richness of the foundational texts are extremely important but so is the uestion of how to keep our spirits alive For all those new astrologers out there fired up about on Traditional Astrology let’s take a page from Jung here and he had his own views on the spiritualist movements during his time and not treat all those Spiritual astrologers like crap just yet OK Everyone has a lot to learn from each other going forwardAs far as Alchemy is concerned there is some material discussed in this first volume but it is the area of Magic which is most deeply addressed Jung’s concepts of Active Imagination and Synchronicity are thoroughly discussed as they evolved from his understanding of Gnostic Neoplatonic and Hermetic writings and Greene shows how they are directly related to Theurgy and Cosmic Sympathy just presented in new clothes watered down by Jung for academic presentation Dr Greene does an outstanding job of demonstrating how Jung was primarily concerned with fusing those elements of Philosophy Religion and ScienceMagic back together again as they had been for the ancients In this sense he was truly a prophet And like so many prophets not everyone has heard the news For those interested Peter Kingsley’s ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY MYSTERY AND MAGIC is highly recommended We’ve become too specialized and it’s being recognized and I see it in the varied multidisciplinary approaches that are being instituted in medicine religion and history over the past decade What was torn asunder needs to be put back again and integrated with what we know now if we as a collective are to have any legacy for the futureIt’s like Major Kusanagi says in the anime Ghost In The Shell “If we all reacted the same way we’d be predictable and there’s always than one way to view a situation What’s true for the group is also true for the individual It’s simple Overspecialize and you breed in weakness It’s slow death”I’ll post a review of Volume 2 when I’m done Focuses on Jung’s use of symbols using active imagination So far it’s eually outstanding