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FREE READER ☆ DOC Journey to the Sun ¹ GREGORY ORFALEA ☆ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Journey to the Sun: Junipero Serra's Dream and the Founding of California Author Gregory Orfalea – The fascinating narrative of the remarkable life of Junpero Serra the intrepid priest whoIn the 1700s and became a key figure in the making of the American Wes “Journey to the Sun” Gregory Orfalea’s biography of Junipero Serra is a deeply researched interpretative story of one of early California’s most important historical figures It is a book that enables us to evaluate Serra from the perspective of his times without ignoring how much the world has changed This is an enlightening well written biographyJunipero Serra gave up a safe life at age 36 as a priest in Spain for the unknown dangers as a missionary on the other side of the world in the mid 1700s It was not until twenty years later that he finally arrived in what then was known as Alta California after mostly arduous years in MexicoFrom Serra’s birthplace on the island of Mallorca to Spain Mexico and California Orfalea followed his trail over the past several years without the same risks But finding documentation was not easy Orfalea’s achievement is most impressive both in terms of the research reuired and the uality of his writing Throughout Orfalea love for California comes through and no doubt is a large part of his inspiration for this undertakingThe book profiles Serra’s life in the New World from cultural anthropological and theological perspectives For the historical record Orfalea taps a variety of sources where there was little left by the man himself More than the 50 pages of notes and the ten page bibliography testify to the level of research The result is a vivid picture of Serra a man created numerous missions up and down the California coast then a largely unknown land He carried on with his work for the last years of his life despite the challenges of the Spanish military disease and the cultural diversity and often reluctance of the native peopleSome reader reviews criticize Orfalea’s use of interpretation in an effort to convey an understanding of Serra The biographer uses solid research methods to get close enough to Serra his colleagues and adversaries to paint a picture of a committed though imperfect man He explores his subject’s values and flaws both from the perspective of his times and from ours At the center of the story is an extensive portrayal the complexity of the Native American people their beliefs and the risks and appeal of the Spanish missions to them That the missionaries led by Serra battled the military leaders of New Spain on behalf of the native Californians appears not to be something all readers have acceptedEven for someone like me neither Catholic nor a Californian this is an engaging biography of an important man written by a skilled storyteller I’ve never been a big fan of missionaries working to convert people who have their own belief systems Orfalea makes it clear that the California Indians were about to be overrun by European settlers Ultimately they were better served being aligned with Junipero Serra and the new Catholic missions than with the Spanish military

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The fascinating narrative of the remarkable life of Junpero Serra the I've long been fascinated by the California missions for no reason other than I enjoy history and am a native Californian I decided to read a biography about Serra but wanted a balanced history neither hagiography nor post colonialist demonization Because the author had said he originally did not like Fr Serra but came to like him as he researched his life I chose Orfalea's book As far as the history goes the book is uite good though the author would do well to read Fernandez Morera's The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise; sadly however the author can't resist political pontification especially in the latter chapters where he randomly inserts his views on immigration and Church doctrine projecting his liberal attitudes toward women priests and sexual s onto Fr Serra who isn't alive to refute his speculations Still as I said as far as the history itself this is a well written and informative biography of Junipero Serra

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Journey to the Sun Junipero Serra's Dream and the Founding of CaliforniaIntrepid priest who led Spain and the Catholic Church into California The author in a press interview said that he had begun the book with a negative impression of Serra and was surprised to find that he came to admire and appreciate him and his work The book shows this and so it must be read as a positive interpretation as contrasted to some other current biographies that emphasize the current fashionable negative treatment based on the devastation of the Indian culture that came after Serra If one focuses on Serra his intentions and the understanding that the Indian culture would not have survived any European settlement and that European settlement was inevitable then Serra's compassionate approach stands out as a beacon of humanity though from a modern perspective it was paternalistic The author interjects a lot of his own opinions and comments in the current fashion of writing and the book is diminished by these