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read doc è James Monroe Paperback Ù ❄ [EPUB] ✼ James Monroe: A Life By Join or create book clubs ➝ – The extraordinary life of James Monroe Soldier senator diplomat and the last Founding Father to hold the presidency a man who helped transform 13 colonies into a vibrant and mighty republic“AThe extraordinary life of James Monroe Soldier senator diplomat and the last Founding Father to hold the presidency a man who helped transform 13 colonies into a vibrant and mighty republic“A first rate account of a remarkable life” Jon Meacham Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Soul of America Monroe lived a life defined by revolutions From the battlefields of the War for Independence to his ambassadorship in Paris in the days of the guillotine to his own role in the creation of Congress's partisan divide he was a man who embodied the restless spirit of the age He was never one to back dow A magnificent look at the least known member of the Virginia dynasty We all know his name and the “Monroe Doctrine” but there is much to the man that is well covered in this book He devoted almost half a century to serving his country in numerous positions of leadership nationally locally and abroad including Senator ambassadorships Secretary of State Governor and President He often served in government at great sacrifice to his personal fortune and family relationships He had abilities and talents that he knew could be used to help build our fragile Republic He knew all the main characters in the founding of our country including Washington Jefferson Madison John Adams John uincy Adams Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr John Jay and others The Louisiana Purchase and the addition of Florida to American territory are in large part due to Monroe We think that in the 21st century politics is a dirty sport It is nothing compared to the mudslinging lies and even dueling that existed in that era When he left the White House America was here to stay with bright future prospects One will finish this book with a great appreciation for James Monroe and the sacrifices he made for our country

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N from a fight whether it be with Alexander Hamilton with whom he nearly engaged in a duel prevented ironically by Aaron Burr or George Washington his hero turned political opponent  This magnificent new biography vividly recreates the epic sweep of Monroe's life His near death wounding at Trenton and a brutal winter at Valley Forge; his pivotal negotiations with France over the Louisiana Purchase; his deep complex friendships with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; his valiant leadership when the British ransacked the nation's capital and burned down the Executive Mansion; and Monroe's lifelon An avid reader of history a great deal of Presidential history This book was informative on a President that hasn't had a lot written about them but it is a long slog I would recommend that anyone that reads it to be prepared for a somewhat tedious read It is not McCullough's John Adams or Chernow's Washington or Isaacson's Franklin as has been referenced

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James Monroe A LifeG struggle to reckon with his own complicity in slavery Elected the fifth president of the United States in 1816 this fiercest of partisans sought to bridge divisions and sow unity calming turbulent political seas and inheriting Washington's mantle of placing country above party Over his two terms Monroe transformed the nation strengthening American power both at home and abroad  Critically acclaimed author Tim McGrath has consulted an extensive array of primary sources many rarely seen since Monroe's own time to conjure up this fascinating portrait of an essential American statesman and preside The title of the book is as modest and as unpretentious as its subject James Monroe was not the most brilliant President of the United States which is not to say that he was a stupid man He was not the most gifted orator which is not to say that he was incapable of getting his point across He was not a perfect human being which is not to say that he was unprincipled lacked a conscience or acted only out of expedience His star did not shine as brightly as many of the historical giants who were his contemporaries Washington Adams Jefferson Monroe Hamilton Jackson Clay or Calhoun And yet his was a life of tremendous accomplishment and achievement deserving of the meticulous attention labor research and detail that historian Tim McGrath has put into what will surely now become the definitive modern biography of its subject simply titled James Monroe A LifeIt is remarkable that James Monroe is sometimes seen as such a B team historical figure just below the top tier of Presidents given the very full and active life he lived The oldest son of a Virginia planter he was orphaned as a teenager and became responsible for the care of his younger siblings with the support of a prosperous uncle He left the College of William and Mary to join the patriot cause in the American Revolution Nearly fatally wounded at the Battle of Trenton he later rejoined the army and spent the winter of 1777 78 with George Washington at Valley Forge After the war he studied law under Thomas Jefferson and went to on an illustrious career as a Delegate to the Congress of the Confederation from Virginia a United States Senator the United States Minister similar to an Ambassador to France and later to Great Britain and as Governor of Virginia on two separate occasions He was instrumental in bringing about the Louisiana Purchase He held the two most important cabinet posts of his time under President James Madison Secretary of State for six years and at the same time Secretary of War for five months during an actual war the War of 1812 following the burning of WashingtonMonroe served two terms as President from 1817 to 1825 initially presiding over what was known as the Era of Good Feelings He inherited a nation recovering from a war that had resulted in a draw and which had left sectional and ideological divisions Rather than gloat over the decline of his defeated Federalist opposition Monroe embarked on a national tour of unity on which he was warmly received in the home of his political enemies commended for his effort to unite his nation rather than take advantage of its divisions for personal political gain He would be re elected in 1816 virtually winning every electoral vote save for that one one contrarianAs McGrath capably illustrates Monroe's presidency was not an easy one At the end of his first term and throughout his second he would be confronted with a tremendous recession known in those days as a panic the near break up of the nation over the issue of slavery and intense divisions within his own party creating difficulty in working with Congress as his political opponents put their own personal aspirations for power ahead of the national interest Like many early chief executives the presidency would leave Monroe financially crippled and political infighting would soon divide his party transforming the era of good feelings into a distant memory Monroe would also experience personal tragedy that would rob him of his vitality and rapidly age him What he would retain would be his humility his singleness of purpose in his dedication to his nation and his commitment to principleIn 586 pages McGrath is thorough both in his accounts of the events of Monroe's life and times and in his careful examination of his subject Those aspects of this biography that make Monroe look like a remarkable leader originate from Monroe's own actions and his character There are no elements of sycophancy hero worship or embellishment in McGrath's retelling of Monroe's story The author does not shy away from the complex aspects of his subject's life including the conflict between some of Monroe's expressed opinions on slavery and his practice of owning slaves and of selling them to meet his debts McGrath is also not shy about about describing those times when he believes that Monroe was either indecisive or just plain wrong and calling him on it It is the author's integrity and intellectual honesty as well as his thoroughness that make this such an outstanding biography on par with those written by other great historians such as David McCullough Doris Kearns Goodwin or Ron Chernow