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James Madison Book ↠ ã Eyltransferservices ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☉ James Madison By Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Eminent historian Richard Brookhiser presents a vivid portrait of James Madison the “Father of the Constitution” and one of America's greatest statesmen Eminent historian RichStitution” and one of America's greatest statesmen Madison seemed hard for me to get to know This biography does a fine job in outlining his accomplishments and comparing him to his contemporaries yet I never felt I got to know the man It may be less a fault of the biographer and an aspect of Madison himself I am reading the Presidents in order and while this book was lighter in number of pages then some books on earlier Presidents I still found it comprehensive and interesting On to Monroe

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Eminent historian Richard Brookhiser presents a vivi This is good biography but rather short and not that detailed Of course it can't be at 250 pagesMadison was certainly very important in the making of the Constitution but his elevation above all others is a stretch for me Yes he attended the meetings at a time when delegates came and went he was there faithfully The author contends that the four great writers of the founding were Jefferson Franklin Paine and Gouvernor Morris I disagree with that statement John Dickinson was left out as he usually is because he did not sign the Declaration of Independence but prior to the revolution Dickinson with his Letters from a Farmer was widely read and he earned the title of penman of the period Then he claims that Hamilton was not a great writerwell almost anyone familiar with Hamilton knows of his tremendous capability in putting his thoughts on paper on a variety of subjectsThe best of the book is that it points out that the Republicans were able to dominate the White House for a generation With Jefferson Madison and Monroe serving two terms each in succession the Republican party controlled the national government for 24 years and effectively presided over the death of the Federalist party As Brookhiser points out Madison was important to Jefferson in developing party politics and was very good at itAs for his presidency the declaration of war against England was not popular and it even caused some in New England to consider leaving the Union and aligning with Great Britain which would have been disastrous for America Madison also went to war without a national bank to help with the financing and while there were some naval victories on the Great Lakes and even dramatic victories on the high seas which are largely absent from the book the war was not a resounding success Washington was burned by the British and Madison's selection of people in the war effort and his cabinet was disastrous His rare exception was Albert GallatinBrookhiser is a good historian but this biography of Madison is lacking

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James MadisonD portrait of James Madison the “Father of the Con I still don't feel like I knowMadison The author seems to putforward the notion that he was a mildly principled practical politicianMaybe that's what made Madison tickand maybe the thesis is what theauthor intended to convey If so theauthor did a good job I finished the book with a sense that I still really don't know Madison and I'm unsure ifIf there was to the man or as one writer posited in The Presidents we Deserved Madison was a near Zero I'm going to try to read another biography of Madison to further try tounderstand if anything made him tick besides politics