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Introduction to Islam Doc ✓ ✓ Tari ramadan ✓ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Introduction to Islam By Tari Ramadan ➲ – From one of the most prominent intellectuals in the Muslim world comes a timely new introduction to one of the world's most practiced and most misunderstood religEives an entire chapter of attention Ramadan explains the ways in which shariah has been reduced by fundamentalism to a mere criminal code and expands upon its place in the larger Islamic worldview He then confronts some of the most pressing issues facing Muslims today including gender euality religious diversity and violence Both sensitive and accessible Introduction to Islam is a much needed guide to understanding the role of Islam in the modern world Dr Tari Ramadan takes the reader on a clairvoyant journey in understanding the basic tenets of Islam While on this journey Dr Ramadan manages to leave a deep impression of the beauty of Islam characterized by love love for the Divine Being and humanity as a whole By the end of this journey the reader is left with a clarification of terms such as jihad shahada and shariah This book is a short but profound approach to defining Islam

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Islam for readers who have no previous experience with the religion The book is therefore focused on defining the basic principles of Islam and offering an overview of the faith's history from its beginnings in prophetic mission to the Sunni Shi'a schism to the formation of distinct schools of law theology philosophy and mysticism Perhaps the most misinterpreted aspect of Islam shariah literally translated as the way that leads to a source of water rec First of all you should know I’m an Irish Catholic so I was very grateful for the opportunity to read this to learn about Islam from a pre eminent sourceI was raised by a father who was insistent we learn and respect other faiths because our own family had suffered severe losses for the crime of being Catholic in Ireland He taught us about the Tanakh uran and other sacred scriptures to find balance with the Catholic Bible used in our own cultureIn the States I often see and hear about those in the Muslim faith being treated very similarly to the way my own family was and do not want to be counted among the ignorant I feel those who are of a similar mind in wanting to enrich their understanding would do well to pick this upThis text was written so that you could have absolutely no familiarity or a media educated familiarity to Islam and be able to easily grasp the tenets of the faith There is no reason a person who thoroughly reads this work and takes time to understand what the author is teaching can walk away still feigning ignorance of this beautiful faithHis writing style is so easy to follow that this is less like those boring texts you feel forced to read for class and like a journey to something deeper and meaningful You can’t help but get caught up in the passion whispering through his words and become enthralled with the truth of what Muslims seekEven a Non Muslim such as myself can appreciate and enjoy what is being taught on these pages I ended feeling like not only had I learned about something far greater than myself but felt like I finally understood why my father pushed us to explore beyond the mass and rosaries we use in our culture I have come away with believing not only is it possible to believe in different things but to understand and accept another’s position without feeling like my own is threatenedI hope others take the time to study this book and find a mesmerizing experience as well

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Introduction to IslamFrom one of the most prominent intellectuals in the Muslim world comes a timely new introduction to one of the world's most practiced and most misunderstood religions In frank unapologetic language Tari Ramadan walks readers through Islam and its principles rituals diversity and evolution Ramadan known for his efforts to reform and change the understanding of Islam in the West avoids ideology and idealism instead attempting to depict the true meaning of Good