characters Is Reality Secular?: Testing the Assumptions of Four Global Worldviews (Veritas Books) 109

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What is the nature of reality At the Secular? Testing PDFEPUB #10003 root of our society s deepest political and cultural divisions are the conflicting principles of four global Is Reality Kindle worldviews While each of us holds to some version of one of these worldviews we are often unconscious of their differences as well as their underlying Reality Secular? Testing PDF #201 assumptions Mary Poplin argues that the ultimate tes. It s one of the few places that I didn t actually highlight underline or mark with a note or uestion mark but there is a place in her new book where Mary Poplin gives her readers the analogy of trying to explain to a fish what water is like Because of course to a fish water is what one is positively or negatively swimming in just like we maturing boomers x gens and post moderns are swimming in a pool of largely secular ideas and assumptions In such a completely pervasive environment many even well educated Christians who should know better don t usually notice or distinguish between these uncritically accepted ideas and assumptions by which we they attempt to navigate through life That this uncritical acceptance and the danger it poses leads inevitably to the destruction we and others suffer from the choices we make forms one of the larger underlying themes of this thoughtfully engaging and exciting new book the need for spiritual discernment I was led to this particular book and author because I noticed that one of my spiritual giants Dallas Willard wrote the preface So I ordered it online and while I waited for it to arrive I watched the You Tube videos of Mary Poplin s lectures for the Veritas Forum and others I highly recommend them Professor Poplin in appearance at least reminded me of Edith Schaeffer And her concern with world views and engaging the secular culture with a warm intelligence and an informed faith reminded me of Francis Schaeffer These lectures are excellent and certainly whet your appetite for what s to come in the book For those of us long out of school Is Reality Secular Testing the Assumptions of Four Global Worldviews is a welcome opportunity to return to the classroom with a superb textbook and a wonderful Professor She raises the hard uestions She challenges some of our culture s most cherished assumptions And she positively encourages us like all really good educators to think hard about what we think So yes I thoroughly enjoyed the course I am very grateful to Professor Poplin for sharing from her research her insights and observations and importantly from her life s learning For this book is about the search for truth It s about confronting and being confronted by the Truth As the author confides in one of many candid confessions personal anecdotes that flesh out the book s scholarship with humanity and heart My problem admittedly was like Huxley s I thought I was living the good life and I didn t want to disrupt it I didn t want to see the truth inside me Nevertheless the cold hard facts were laid out before me Fortunately they came with a toolkit and a carpenter pg 155 I found Professor Poplin s book to be wise and timely Now of course I want to read her first book What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service James Davidson

characters Is Reality Secular?: Testing the Assumptions of Four Global Worldviews (Veritas Books)

Is Reality Secular Testing the Assumptions of Four Global Worldviews Veritas BooksT of a worldview philosophy or ideology is whether it corresponds with reality Since different perspectives conflict with each Reality Secular? Testing the Assumptions Epubother how do we make sense of the differences And if a worldview system accurately reflects reality what implications does that have for our thinking and living In this wide ranging and perceptive study Poplin examines four major worldviews naturalism humanism pa. As an educator and researcher Professor Poplin provides a valuable perspective to students parents and the wider community influenced by these predominant views A truly fine explanation of the major worldviews which are promulgated at universities and colleges throughout North America Accessible for the non philosopher and illustrated with humorous and personal accounts to give understanding of the logical outcomes of humanist secular naturalist and pantheist belief systems A must read for all parents who want to know just what their college bound or current university student is actually acuiring along with their diploma

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characters Is Reality Secular?: Testing the Assumptions of Four Global Worldviews (Veritas Books) 109 ´ [Download] ➹ Is Reality Secular?: Testing the Assumptions of Four Global Worldviews (Veritas Books) Author Mary Poplin – What is the nature of realiNtheism and Judeo Christian theism She explores the fundamental assumptions of each pressing for limitations Ultimately she puts each perspective to the test asking what if this worldview is true If reality is secular that means something for how we orient our lives But if reality is not best explained by secular perspectives that would mean something uite different Consider for yourself what is the fundamental substance of reality. Is Reality Secular offers a clear compelling and concise description of four basic worldviews Author discusses the application of the worldviews in light of current cultural events and issues She relates her own growth and movement between the worldviews Her story is intimately personal and honestly presented Narrative style is accessible and not laden with jargon