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doc ☆ Invasion ✓ õ eyltransferservices ¶ [Ebook] ➩ Invasion By Robin Cook – Num dos seus mais emocionantes romances Robin Cook relata uma súbita epidemia de uma doença ue apresenta sintomas absolutamente inéditos ue desafiam ualuer diagnóstico A causa é desconhecida pois Astrar por todo o universoMas fica um frupo de resistentes alguns dos uais são cientistas ue não tocaram na pedra e por isso estão imunes aos seus efeitos ue num laboratório clandestino conseguem inventar o antídoto para os efeitos desta alteração de personalidade voltando assim tudo à normalida Although Robin Cook has written many books this is the first I have ever readThe cover says it was made into a TV movie and somehow I missed the movie as well but after reading the book I would like to see the movieA meteor falls to the earth landing in a plume of dust and debris This smooth black disk like meteor suddenly extends an arm and collects samples of the earth to verify that it has indeed landed on the right planet Once this is confirmed the plan is put into actionAs an unsuspecting Beau spots an unusual small round black disk and picks it up to further inspect it he suddenly drops it and proclaims it stung him Within hours a virus is turned loose one the inhabitants of eartha virus that is destined to change earth life as we know itI liked this book although there were enough medicaltechnical terms to irratate me but also convince me that Robin Cook know medicine enough to make the story plausible

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Has negras lisas e brilhantes ue uando são manuseadas ueimam a mão de uem lhes pega Aí as pessoas começam a mostrar alterações de personalidade após uma peuena gripe Claro ue se trata de uma intervenção extraterrestre ue pretende dominar o planeta e pouco tempo depois esta epidemia começa a al I have not read anything by Robin Cook before and I can honestly say that I will likely never read anything by him in the future There is so much I would love to say about this book over a glass of whiskey if we had the time but alas we do not Instead I'll try to be succinct and not revel in the utter misuse of my time spent in reading this bookFirst I found this book on the staff room table at work I picked it up because the ideas it purports to explore environmentalism extraterrestrial viruses the nature of personality the human condition the very nature of reality are right up my alley This is a book I could get into I thought I thought wrong these ideas are given such short treatment that they end up being window dressing only Nothing ever develops there are no deep discussions about any of this There is no to uote Sporkful's Dan Pashman Tooth sinkabiltySecond the list of best sellers and previously published works was impressive enough that I thought this might be a worthy read The book spine was even stamped with #1 New York Times Best Selling Author I hazard a guess that it wasn't for this book Again I thought wrong Without having known something of the author that he is a doctor that he has published numerous works I would have assumed this was just yet another self published unedited wanna be author out for an ego joyride The technical flaws in his writing be it word choice sentence structure plot and character development are too numerous to begin to discuss Finally and perhaps a bit pedantically I was continually incensed that every time a character developed a fever they were offered an aspirin or discussion of aspirin occurred At one point I felt I ought to count up the number of aspirin comments just to have it on hand for the review Look the book deals with a virus one of which symptoms of infection is fever Just imagine how many times fever and aspirin appeared in the book Every time someone mentioned fever aspirin was mentioned shortly thereafter This book was 1997 when this book was published I've been a trauma nurse since 2006 The author is a doctor Much in medicine changed between 1997 and 2006 I'm sure but I'm also damn sure that no one was giving aspirin for fevers as a rule in 1997 In all my years as a nurse I have not once read never given aspirin for a fever We give acetaminophen Aspirin is saved for cardiac emergencies or chronic blood thinning uses The author is a doctor and should know thisThat said if in his world he wants to use aspirin for fever great But you don't have to tell me every single time someone has a fever that someone else is reaching for the aspirin Every single time There is so much that could be said about this book the wooden characters the awkward interactions the hamfisted attempt to make Cassy a love interest desirable etc Just so much bad with this bookHe jumped around in various peoples heads which would be fine if anyone ANYONE had a thought deeper than a puddle but we get only the most superficial treatment of these characters There is nothing thereThe author does geek out a little on virology and that's fine if tiresome because of the generally poor writing but we never get into the meat of the what and why Even the ending is terribleRemember the ending of Revenge of the Sith when Anakin puts on Vader's suit and embarrasses himself and ruins everything about being a Sith Lord by screaming and crying like a baby? Noooooooo he screamed clenching his fists and woodenly acting out his character's impotence? Well the main bad guy has the exact same scene and doesn't play it out any better Feh I say Glad I'm done Only finished it because I need to keep up with my 2017 reading goals On to something better There were so many promising ideas to explore the uestion if you could be infected with a virus that made you happy energetic socially concerned intelligent and yet would make fundamental changes to who you are would you take it? That there is a darn interesting uestion And there are many uestions along that line this book promised to address and did nothing I've rarely read something from a professional that abused a reader soI guess I ended up failing in my attempt to be succinct and not reveling in the absurdity of this book Apologies

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InvasionNum dos seus mais emocionantes romances Robin Cook relata uma súbita epidemia de uma doença ue apresenta sintomas absolutamente inéditos ue desafiam ualuer diagnóstico A causa é desconhecida pois nunca nenhum ser humano viu coisa igualNuma peuena cidade americana começam a aparecer uma peuenas roc Not too believable but readable I will give it 2 star