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Inertia by A.R. Rivera Free download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë ❮PDF❯ ✯ Inertia ⚣ Author A.R. Rivera – Its Back To The Future meets Doctor Who in this this NEW epic Science Fiction Trilogy by AR RiveraGerry Springer is going to be dead in three weeks He knows exIch means he wouldn’t lose his job and the family wouldn’t lose their house G’s mom would never have that nervous breakdown and leave His little sister could grow up It seems like a solid plan but life back in good ‘ole predictable is not exactly as G remembers Was his dads nose always so big Was his distant mother ever really that attentive or happy G is doubting everything he sees as his plans to alter the future unravel When the strange man that G recognizes from the bus accident suddenly shows up and helps him out of a jam G is sure he’s found a new ally but then he’s never been a very good judge of characte. I am a big fan of AR Rivera Her writing pulls me in and keeps me engaged As expected 'Inertia' was a fantastic read The main character G is somewhat down on his luck He doesn’t have a strong sense of what’s next or what he wants to do with life He’s tethered to his aging father who tries to warn G about a dark connection to other realities At first G's father's words are lost on him Then G is thrust into an parallel reality where he will revisit past secrets and win against near impossible odds as dark forces stalk and threaten him'Inertia' takes the reader into a world of science fiction uantum physics and existential musings One of the most compelling aspects is G’s time travel was the effect of revisiting his former life given all he has come to know through the lens of time and age The story is poignant funny and suspenseful Inertia touches on what it would mean to have a chance to “re do” a tragic event in order to ease one’s own suffering and that of their loved ones AR Rivera successfully creates alternate physical and emotional realities through a combination of great writing and a fascinating story line Really great read

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U believe it Who would name their kid Gerry Springer in this day and age Well G hates his name for obvious reasons Less obvious are the reasons he hates his lifeWhen G is involved in a bus accident with a uasi dangerous stranger and wakes up in he’s sure he’s gone bonkers But then he decides maybe not And if not then why shouldn’t he try to change his crappy future The only way G knows to do that is by preventing a horrible tragedy he witnessed as a teenager The calamity that befell his family was the catalyst for most of what went wrong throughout his life and if he could stop it his dad might never start drinking wh. Gerry or ‘G’ as he is called by most has had some tragedy in his past Things that he wishes he could undo He has made some poor decisions that have led to his current present His dad has always been there in some degree but his advice is always so enigmatic And deep down G knows that he hasn’t always been honest about things He can see the secrets that lie behind his father’s eyes The book opens with G in a pretty bad state He has a rocky relationship with his girlfriend he just lost his job and he is struggling just to pay his bills His father does not berate him about his poor life choices but instead talks in riddles even claiming that he knows the date of his own death and it is irritating He also claims that when he goes there is an important box he must take G loves his father but rarely understands him when he talks like this But soon G will discover the secrets that his father has harbored for so long and the contents of the mysterious box will become important than he ever realized The central mystery behind this book really drives the story telling We start with Gerry senior G’s father’s perspective And already we can understand G’s frustration We are being exposed to same vague explanations and mysterious happenings But then we are introduced to G and already you can’t help but like the MC He is like a little lost puppy and we feel for him And then the book just takes off the pace was not always fast but I appreciated the author’s attention to detail the descriptive uality of this writing is very good Our villain is a huge scary mystery and by the end much is revealed but so much is still yet to be answered The dream Yes I am still trying to figure that one out If you enjoy mysterious intriguing sci fi this one is for you The plot is intricate and well done And I am eager to discover about this intriguing world wonderful world building particularly the origin of the mysterious stones

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Inertia by A.R. RiveIts Back To The Future meets Doctor Who in this this NEW epic Science Fiction Trilogy by AR RiveraGerry Springer is going to be dead in three weeks He knows exactly when and where–he’s trying to manipulate the ‘how’How to plan every detail of his demise to ensure that Daemon his nemesis whose acting as Gerry’s personal Angel of Death doesn’t close in on his grown son too early His boy ‘G’ will need time to understand what has happened and why time to make the choice Gerry hopes he will make The one choice that might change everything‘G’ a something slacker was named after his father Gerry Springer Can yo. “some of life’s most painful events are the ones that shape us— make us who we are destined to become— and that shaping makes those moments unavoidable If we are ever to meet our destiny they have to happen” Kindle Locations 265 266Gerry Springer is in his 30’s about to get kicked out of his apartment rides the bus every day because he can’t afford to fix his BMW and works at a convenience store His dreams of making music have been gathering dust for years and all he wants to do is get by make sure his dad can comfortably live out his days at the retirement home keep his girlfriend Abi happy and with him pay his rent on time work down his bills and debt and fix his car that has been sitting in the garage for monthsEverything goes wrong for G but then everything seems to be on an upswing and then the bus he’s riding gets hit and there is no way he would have survived Waking up in the hospital G goes through a lengthy period of disorientation where everything from the date to the lack of GPS has him reeling Is this a dream in a coma induced by the accident or has he been transported to 1996 the year his baby sister was killed in a car accidentAR Rivera has a knack for writing characters and stories about tragic and luckless individuals just struggling to get by day by day when something out of this world or unusual happens to them makes for a good story The level of detail of their day to day lives is amazing and really sets the reader into the story with the charactersAt first you think Gerry’s a jerk who can only make bad decisions but when push comes to shove he thinks of almost nothing else than others and of saving his baby sister Day to day he may be without motivation but really that’s only because of his lack of opportunity and having to be responsible or at least to try to be Gerry shines when he has purpose in his life but when he lacks direction his personality in the being a good person department is also lacking He is a fascinating character to watch bomb personal relationships and to watch making hard decisions like keep the car or the apartment and keep his girlfriend happy or follow his aging father’s final wishesWhy does Abi his girlfriend love Gerry What is her part in this relationship It somewhat bothered me how G treats his girlfriend and how he’s always putting her last even in his thoughts unless she’s being abnormally loving and doing something huge for him She gives and gives and he takes and takes and their relationship is grating even bordering on abusive