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Download í Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel: Strengthening Your Mental Armor å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel: Strengthening YoEarcher as well as a former police officer and dispatcher debunks myths about weakness and offers practical strategies in plain language for police employees and their families struggling with traumatic stress and burnout Sections of each chapter also offer guidance for freuently o. Clean professional and well executed as a book Nice font and layout Butit is a textbook written for academia If I was working on my MA and needed a source good choice I read it twice and let it digest before I submitted this It is a well done book it is just not a nuts and bolts guide to doing anything about resiliency it just delineates all the opinions and general theories about PTSD and resilience that are out there I was really disappointed and was hoping for a book suited for rank and file CISM members and not a book for Administration level discussion I expect to see this book on many a college campus Excellent book on many levels I would look forward to a workbook written by this author about nuts and bolts tricks of the trade on how to actually build resilience

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Increasing Resilience in Police in Police eBook #180 and Emergency Personnel illuminates the psychological emotional behavioral and spiritual impact of police work on police officers administrators emergency communicators and their families Author Stephanie Conn a clinician and res. Dr Conn's book is one of the best I've seen regarding the physiological and behavioral responses to trauma common in law enforcement and other emergency responders She does a great job normalizing the experience and teaching tools to not only increase current levels of resilience but to heal from past exposures I lead a mental health initiative for emergency responders in Colorado and recommend this book without reservation to all of our members A career firefighterparamedic myself I found so much value personally in her content Thank you for creating this guide Dr Conn

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Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel Strengthening Your Mental ArmorVerlooked roles such Increasing Resilience PDFEPUBas police administrators and civilian police employees Using real world anecdotes and exercises this book provides strengths based guidance to help navigate the many complex and sometimes difficult effects of police and emergency wo. This book is spot on The following phrase is normally over rated but it is not here THIS IS A MUST READ FOR ALL COPS It could literally save lives if not at least careers marriages relationships friendships etcIt starts with a solid educational foundation that is an easy read for cops who like researchers to get to the point The research is impeccable but the stories told will have you nodding your head at each turn of the page It progresses into teaching folks how to manage the stressors The tips presented will provide some wellness exercises tips and life information to help folks navigate the stressors that inflict unnecessary damage to many in our professionDr Conn has seemed to have also mastered the format that will be edible for cops This is written in a conversational tone and is not overindulgent with research although you can tell that it is there It's almost like it was written by a copSpoiler Alert she was a cop and is married to one the daughter of oneI am in my 25th year in policing I've recently promoted out of the fun and now serve at an executive leadership position Having spent 20 years in SWAT I've been exposed to and have seen the effects of trauma from the street Having served in Peer Support since 2011 I've also seen the effects of multiple forms of stressors many officer face in their careerslivesStephanie's book provides outstanding examples and necessary tools that will help all first responders particularly Police We do a good job of picking up the pieces in peer support I'm proud of how far that part of our profession has come What this book does is front load some of the tools that will inform and allow our folks to navigate the troubles that they will inevitably face MY FAVORITE PART The book discusses learned helplessness and what she calls the sick role This is missing so freuently in studies and trainings AdministratorsPeer Supporters take heed don't over victimize your people after a critical incident Also Post traumatic GROWTH is a real thingGreat job Dr Conn This is now a staple up there with Officer Down Code 3 Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement Deadly Force Encounters On KillingCombat and many others Simply OutstandingTim CohoonDeputy Chief