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Illustrated Building Pocket Book Book µ Second Edition ´ roxanna mcdonald ´ ✵ [BOOKS] ⚦ Illustrated Building Pocket Book, Second Edition (Routledge Pocket Books) By Roxanna Mcdonald ✿ – Building and architecture has developed a language of Building and architecture has developed a language of its own with terms and jargon that can confuse an expert let alone an outsider Misunderstandings over what a word means can be irritating but unimportant but could in the worst cases be costly or even dangerousTraditional building dictionaries rely on the reader to already know what the I have worked in property for over 10 years I did a degree in the Construction Engineering of Property but I still forget the official terms to property This is a great little reference book from someone starting out in construction to even people with the experience but not the memoryOne of the best uses I have found was giving the book to my staff who work on the property lettingsmanagement side that may not have the construction and hands on experience but can at least decipher what contracts are talking about when dealing with issues

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Correct word is and that's not always the case Roxanna McDonald's techniue is radically different and makes full use of the power of visual communication to convey information Each stage of the building and design process is illustrated and each hand drawn illustration is carefully labelled with the relevant technical terms to ensure that very helpful book to show clients when they do not understand you

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Illustrated Building Pocket Book Second Edition Routledge Pocket BooksEach term is used correctly and consistently by everyone working on a projectThe 'Illustrated Building Pocket Book' is a radical approach to the age old problem of the ambiguous use of technical language in building and architecture By using drawings – which leave little room for ambiguity – clarity safety and certainty can be achieve I purchased a copy of the above book about a year ago as a present for my mother an Architect but was disappointed to find that she had hardly referred to it a year on the reason I discovered is the indexing or rather its totally wayward referencingWith this type of reference book in my opinion having an index that is thorough and well compiled is pretty essentialThis isn't a cheap book I have written to the publisher and they say there will be a reprint 'at some stage' somewhat vague but hopefully that might have a useable indexBelow for example from the current version some consecutive A'sArcade brick 77 NO no reference to brick arcades actually on P83Arch semicircular 83 NO not thereArch Gothic 19 NO not thereArchitect 4647 NO 46 is Building control in London with no mention of Architect P 47 is totally blankArchitrave 11 104 NO mention on either pageArris 78 NO not thereAshlar 81 83 NO not thereA sizes 7 YES finally a correct entry